reminded of the face that blinked and grinned.

“Wash your hands and eat quickly alright? I’m starving.” With that, Su Yuan pulled Aunt Du toward the dining room.

But, just as she reached Mo Ting’s side, he grabbed onto her wrist.

“Ah!” Su Yuan called out subconsciously.

Aunt Du’s eyes lit up and she quickly found an excuse to leave.
Before she left, she said that there were not enough servants at home and took Fu Wen away.

Fu Wen asked, “Why do you have to take me with you every time you do work?”

Aunt Du said, “Because you’re stupid.
You don’t have good judgment!”

“You’re afraid of me?” Mo Ting’s voice was deep and magnetic as it floated from behind Su Yuan’s ear.
Along with it, there was a faint smell of tobacco and wood, just like the night they first met.
Su Yuan could not help but think back to the kiss she had shared.

“Speak properly, why are you so close to me?” The social distance between the two had long been reduced.
Su Yuan felt terrible and wanted to push Mo Ting away.

“Madam, I don’t want my legs.
My legs hurt, and I can’t stand steadily.” As soon as these words left his mouth, Mo Ting’s body staggered and his walking stick fell to the ground with a ‘bang’.
He lost his balance from Su Yuan’s push and his body tilted to the side, almost falling over.

“Hey! Be careful!” Su Yuan panicked and quickly put her arms around him.

Mo Ting felt a pair of soft hands wrap around his waist and support him steadily.

F*ck! Mo Ting cursed in his heart.
His entire body froze as Su Yuan held him in her arms.

Seeing Mo Ting not moving, Su Yuan thought something was wrong with his leg again.
She quickly reached down his pants and began to search as she scolded, “Don’t you know your own situation? Your bones are broken, and there’s a large bruise.
You’ll easily get a high fever tonight.
Can’t you just be a patient?”

“President Mo, Madam, you can have your meal, please.” Fu Wen, who was wearing a black suit and a Doraemon apron, stood rooted to the ground.
He looked at the two hugging in shock.
Did he come at the wrong time?

Su Yuan noticed Fu Wen and quickly said, “Assistant Fu, bring dinner to the living room.
Uncle seems to be injured again.”

What? President Mo was injured again? Fu Wen immediately looked at Mo Ting’s legs.
That was not right? When they were leaving the villa, President Mo was walking like he was flying.
How could he be injured again in such a short time? Made of glass?

Mo Ting was very cooperative as he snorted, “It hurts, Madam.
It’s there.
Yes, it hurts a little there.

Fu Wen thought to himself, “Huh! What was he and Aunt Du worried about? Wasn’t President Mo quite good at picking up girls? If President Mo went into acting, he could at least become a movie king!”


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