99 The Perverted Piglet

This program was also improved by Z in her previous life.
At that time, she had just acknowledged Z as her master.
Even though they had WeChat, her master was very cold and aloof.
Su Yuan was the one who took the initiative to talk, and Z had never taken the initiative to chat with her.

At first, Su Yuan was afraid of him.
No matter what, he was the most powerful hacker on the website.
He was afraid that he would say something that would anger Z and she would no longer want her as her apprentice.
Usually, Su Yuan would not bother him if there was nothing to do.
Only when she received a mission that she could not complete would she carefully go to find him.

Z did not say much about technology.
She usually only said a few words and provided a general direction.
If she understood, then she understood.
If she did not, then she did not care either.
She just let her be.
As Su Yuan asked more questions, one day, Z suddenly announced in the group that if the success rate of Moon did not reach 100% within three months, they would cancel their master-disciple relationship.
Su Yuan exploded.

Her friends in the group could not help but feel nervous for Su Yuan.
Ever since the website was created, no hacker had been able to achieve a 100% success rate in three months.
This was an impossible task.
Everyone thought that she would fail in the first month, let alone three months.

Su Yuan herself also thought that there was no hope, but her unyielding spirit made her want to give it a try even if she knew that she would fail.
In the next three months, no matter if she ate, slept, or pooped, her mind was filled with code.
She wished that she could just poop out code.
Whenever she had something she did not understand, she would look for Z immediately.
If he did not reply, she would tag him in the group.
Of course, Z did not reply.
Instead, he blacklisted and deleted her countless times.
At that time, the mission in her hands had reached a critical moment, and she could not lose no matter what.

Su Yuan, who had gone crazy from anxiety, used all the knowledge she had learned to write an extremely advanced program and hacked Z’s computer.
It was this pig.

However, at that time, the pig that had hacked into Z’s computer was wearing a bikini.
He was holding a pink scarf on his feet, and he had eyeshadow and fake eyelashes on his eyes.
He was constantly winking.
His lecherous eyes were especially cute.

The piglet was jumping around on the screen, doing a swan dance and doing a cross.

She even mumbled, [Master, my master, I know I was wrong.
I’ll kneel down and admit my mistake! Master, please save me.
I’m really stuck and can’t move.
As long as master saves me, I can do anything.
I can even give myself to you.
As long as Master says it, I’ll do everything I can to satisfy you, okay? Please!]

After Su Yuan hacked into Z’s computer, she felt that she was going to die.
She did not complete her mission, lost her teacher, and even offended Z.
She would definitely be kicked out of the website.
In her fear, she drank two mouthfuls of white wine.
Forget it, she would sleep first!

Who knew that when she woke up, she would receive a notice from the website that her mission was completed and she had successfully been promoted to a hacker with four little black hats.
Everyone in the group thought that Su Yuan was talented and hardworking.
In fact, only she knew that Z had been helping her.

boxn ovel.

From then on, Su Yuan started to rely on Z.
She would tell Z both good and bad things.
Z was still the same as before.
No matter if Su Yuan sent voice messages or text messages, he never replied, nor did he block her.
He was like a friend in her imagination, silently accompanying Su Yuan through many happy and unhappy days.

With that in mind, Su Yuan opened the search engine and entered the website that she was familiar with.

But when she did not press the Enter key, she hesitated.

To Su Yuan, Z was just a friend in her imagination.
He did not have a physical body.
Was she going to register as a member of the website, get close to Z, and become his student like she did in her previous life? In her previous life, she was doing it for money.
What was she doing it for in this life?

Just as Su Yuan was hesitating, Aunt Du came out of the kitchen.

“Madam, the meal is ready.
Would you like to eat first or wait for Sir to eat together?”

Perhaps out of guilt, Su Yuan quickly closed her laptop and returned it to Aunt Du.

“Thank you, but I’m done.”

“You’re too kind, Madam,” Aunt Du said, “if you want to use a computer, you can just go to my room and get it.”

Su Yuan smiled as she agreed, thinking, ‘It’s strange, a scumbag like Big Boss Mo should be like Zhao Fu, doing all sorts of things like eating, drinking, gambling, and so on.
That’s how he should fit his image.
But from the looks of it, other than being a scumbag when it comes to relationships, Mo Ting doesn’t have any flaws.
In fact, he has a lot of good points.’ For example, this villa was definitely not something an ordinary designer could design.

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