A Different Person

Su Yuan smiled happily, tears of joy flowing down from the corners of her eyes.
She was extremely glad that her rebirth was real and that it was still not too late.

She slowly got down from the bed, walked to the window, and opened it.

The warm wind with the smell of sunlight brushed against her face.
She took a deep breath and opened her arms to hug herself.
This was the sunlight that belonged to her, the freedom that belonged to her.

She was cheering in her heart, little Su Yuan, welcome back!

Just as she was greedily basking in the sunlight, the door of the ward was suddenly pushed open.

“Little girl, you’re already awake.” The nurse who entered said.

Su Yuan turned around and saw the nurse pushing the medical cart.
She suddenly thought of something and asked, “Nurse, how’s the gentleman who came with me? Where is he now?”

The nurse was taking out a box of medicine from the medical cart and passing it to her.
When she heard that, she raised her head and saw Su Yuan’s face.
This young lady was really beautiful.
She had worked in the hospital for so long and had seen countless patients, but this young lady in front of him was definitely the most beautiful one.
Although her face was a little pale, it did not affect her beauty.
On the contrary, she looked even more beautiful.

But thinking of what her seniors had told her just now, the nurse quickly retracted her gaze.
She heard that even the director could not afford to offend these two.
She had to take good care of them and not offend them.

At this time, she remembered the little girl’s question and quickly said, “The gentleman who came with you is upstairs.
He should be doing a physical examination now.”

“I know, thank you.” After Su Yuan finished speaking, she quickly turned around and walked toward the door.

The nurse panicked when she saw her actions and asked anxiously, “Little girl, you haven’t recovered yet.
Where are you going?”

However, by the time she came back to her senses and chased after her, Su Yuan had already disappeared into the corridor.

The nurse scratched her head and muttered with a face filled with despair, “How did this little girl walk so fast? She disappeared almost immediately!”

Su Yuan had already taken the elevator up.
In her previous life, she often came to this hospital and was very familiar with some of the departments here, including the orthopedics department.

When she was 23 years old, she attended Pei Xifan’s company’s annual meeting as his partner for the first time.
She was the one who played the opening song for the annual meeting.
It was a smooth and beautiful piano piece that impressed everyone.

However, it was on that day that her alcohol tolerance was so low that she had to leave the annual meeting ahead of time.
On her way back, she had a car accident, and three of her left fingers were crushed.
From that day on, she had never played the piano again.

As she thought about it, she had already walked out of the VIP ward building.
There was a large flower bed in the courtyard, and all kinds of flowers were neatly planted in the flower bed, making her feel comfortable.

Su Yuan slowed down her steps.
In her previous life, every time she came to check her fingers, she would come down and sit here.
Looking at the colorful flowers and smelling the fragrance seemed to ease the pain in her heart.

She narrowed her eyes and took a deep breath at the blooming flowers.

Before she could open her eyes, she heard a woman’s voice questioning her in surprise.

“Su Yuan, what are you doing here?”

Su Yuan slowly opened her eyes and looked up.
Her expression turned cold.
It was her!

Fu Wen was pushing his president’s wheelchair after he just finished a leg examination.
From afar, he spotted Su Yuan and pointed in a direction as he said, “President Mo, the young lady from yesterday is right in front.”

It was not that he had good eyesight, but that the girl was too eye-catching.
She was tall, to begin with, and she was sitting by the flower bed in a patient’s garb.
Her skin was very white, and it was white and bright under the sun.
Her beautiful black hair fluttered in the air, and it was really hard to ignore.

Mo Ting followed Fu Wen’s finger and saw that it was indeed the little girl from last night.

This was the first time he had seen her since they parted yesterday.
She had changed out of the strange dress from the day before, and the little girl was indeed much more beautiful than she was yesterday.

The white patient’s gown made her look cold and elegant, and her face without makeup looked even more delicate.

Just as Mo Ting was thinking about whether he should go greet her, he saw a young woman quickly walk toward Su Yuan.

Bai Yurou had never expected to see Su Yuan here.

She was wearing the same hospital gown as Su Yuan, her long brown curly hair hanging over her shoulders.
She was also wearing a male-style coat.

She looked at Su Yuan in shock, her eyes filled with confusion.
She could not understand why the person who was clearly kidnapped yesterday would appear in the hospital.

Moreover, she seemed to be a little different.
She seemed to have become more beautiful and more courageous.

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