A Tragic Death in Prison

City A women’s prison, prison hospital, intensive care unit.

Su Yuan was lying on the bed all alone, barely breathing.
She was connected to various tubes and devices that monitored her vital signs, and she looked like she could die at any moment.

At this moment, the door of the ward opened.
it seemed that someone had arrived.

Su Yuan was too weak to even turn her head, so she could only look at the door from the corner of her eye.

A familiar yet hateful face appeared in her line of sight.
It was her half-sister, Bai Yurou.

Bai Yurou and the prison guard entered the ward together.
The two of them said something to each other, and the prison guard left the ward after that, turning off the surveillance cameras.

After the prison guard left, Bai Yurou walked beside the hospital bed and looked down at Su Yuan.
she chuckled, “The prison guard informed me that you’re about to die.
I’m here to see you for the last time, my sister.”

Su Yuan had already reached the end of her life, but when she heard her words, she slowly clenched her hands into fists.
Due to her agitation, the monitor started to beep.

Bai Yurou’s face was full of mockery when she saw Su Yuan’s expression.
She lifted the blanket and pulled out all the cables connecting Su Yuan’s monitor to the medical device.

Then, she leaned over and whispered into Su Yuan’s ear, “Sister, don’t get too excited.
I have good news for you.
Next week, your fiancé and I will have our wedding.
Unfortunately, you probably won’t live to see that day.”

When Su Yuan heard this, a tear of regret flowed down from the corner of her eye.

Bai Yurou seemed to be satisfied with her reaction.
she continued, “Just accept your fate, sister.
Even though you love him deeply, he only treated you as an obedient dog from the beginning.
He just wanted to use you.
Why don’t you use your brain and think, how can you be worthy of him with your status? This is what you get for trying to get something you’re not worthy of.
You deserve everything that has happened to you.

“Oh, right, sister, you still don’t know

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