The eighteen Evolutionary Wood Beads represent the eighteen realms, including the six senses, six dusts, and six consciousnesses.

The Evolutionary Wood Beads correspond to the Mantra Banner in the heart.
Every time Mi Xiaojing cultivates, he combines his hands, eyes, mind, and speech, so cultivating the Mantra Banner in his heart is also cultivating the Evolutionary Wood Beads in his hands.
They complement each other.

Mi Xiaojing doesn ’t know that when he recites the mantra, faint golden words will fly out of the Mantra Banner and combine with the words he recites.
Then they fly into the virtual tower, and with the power of the tower, the sounds and words that would have easily dissipated stick to the virtual tower.

At the same time, a small amount of golden words is sealed in the eighteen Evolutionary Beads, gradually changing them.
In fact, they play a role in blessing the beads, and after a certain amount of time, the beads will become special weapons.
Currently, they are just embryos.

After a night of cultivation, the Mantra Tower becomes a little more solid and a little higher, but it ’s hard to tell if you ’re not paying attention.

The sound of chickens crowing marks the start of a new day.
Mi Xiaojing ’s spirit and energy have fully recovered after a night of cultivation.
He gets up from the bed and goes to the empty space in front of the meditation room.
He starts punching, not to fight, but to stretch his muscles and promote blood flow.
After sitting all night, he needs to move his body.

This set of punches is short, only about ten movements.
It ’s called the Evolutionary Fist.
Mi Xiaojing does it twice and then stops.
After a simple wash-up, he climbs onto the roof of the house and starts breathing exercises facing the east, where the sun rises.

In both the Evolutionary Community and the Cultivation World, there are similar cultivation methods that involve collecting a bit of Qianyang purple energy.
However, in the Western Evolutionary Sect, only Mi Xiaojing does this.
It ’s not something his master taught him, but rather something he was born with.
The real reason is that the Mantra Banner has influenced him.

As the sky turns from pink to red, and the morning glow fills the sky, a golden light jumps out of the maple forest.
In an instant, Mi Xiaojing takes a deep breath, and a trace of purple energy enters his spiritual realm, then goes straight into the virtual Mantra Tower in his heart.
Suddenly, the whole virtual tower emits a purple light.

The sun rises from the maple forest in the east, and in just a moment, the time to absorb this bit of purple energy is gone.
Since he started cultivation, Mi Xiaojing has had to absorb this bit of purple energy on the roof every day, except when it ’s raining or cloudy.
For him, it ’s a natural habit, like eating, drinking, sleeping, and going to the bathroom.

As soon as this bit of Qianyang purple energy is completely absorbed into the virtual tower, Mi Xiaojing climbs down from the roof.

The Mantra Banner quietly absorbs this bit of Qianyang purple energy again.
Due to Mi Xiaojing ’s low cultivation level, he cannot nourish the Mantra Banner himself.
Only this bit of Qianyang purple energy can support the Evolutionary Treasure Mantra Banner.

The Evolutionary Treasure is hidden and will only reveal its brilliance once it recognizes its master.
So far, no one has discovered that Mi Xiaojing possesses this treasure of the Evolutionary Sect.
Even if the experts of the Evolutionary Sect come, they won ’t be able to see through it.Mi Xiaojing didn ’t know that there was a treasure of the Evolutionary Sect in his heart tower, so he always thought that his heart tower cultivation was normal and that anything that appeared was normal.
Because he didn ’t have this knowledge, he wouldn ’t have any doubts.
After all, he had only been cultivating for three years, and he was only learning basic Evolutionary studies in the Evolutionary Sect, and his cultivation had just begun.

After finishing his homework, Mi Xiaojing didn ’t practice during the day.
In the autumn, he had to go up the mountain to pick all kinds of wild fruits, vegetables, and many herbs that were harvested in the autumn.
If he didn ’t go up the mountain at this time, there would be nothing to harvest when the heavy snow fell.

Most of the Evolutionary Immortals of the Western Evolutionary Sect had to go up the mountain to collect mountain goods, such as walnuts, chestnuts, hazelnuts, and other wild fruits.
After processing them, they could exchange them for some needles, thread, coarse cloth, hemp clothes, and seasonings at the market.
Some things could be made by themselves, but some could not, such as oil, salt, sauce, and vinegar, which had to be exchanged.

Of course, the Evolutionary Immortals of the Western Evolutionary Sect wouldn ’t go to the market to exchange these mountain goods themselves.
They usually asked the hired workers or long-term workers of the Evolutionary Sect to do it.
Like Mi Xiaojing, he had already accumulated a lot of dry goods, and at the end of each month, there would be long-term workers going to the market, and he could ask them to take away the goods and exchange them for the daily necessities he needed.

Search for the original.

Therefore, autumn was the busiest season for the Evolutionary Immortals, and the Western Evolutionary Sect only provided meals.
Everything else had to be taken care of by themselves.
The Evolutionary Immortals lived a hard life, but of course, the Evolutionary Sect that practiced asceticism was always like this, which was also a kind of practice.

The asceticism of the Western Evolutionary Sect was still relatively peaceful.
Some other Evolutionary Sects practiced even harder.
They only had one meal a day, wore clothes that didn ’t cover their bodies, didn ’t have a house to live in, and had to practice in the deep mountains, enduring the wind and sleeping under the stars.
If they didn ’t have a firm will, they would never be able to persist.

Mi Xiaojing swept the yard clean with a broom, cleaned the room again, and lit three incense sticks in front of the Evolutionary altar.
This was the daily ritual that he had to do, and Mi Xiaojing was quite devout about it.

After finishing everything, Mi Xiaojing picked up his backpack and prepared to go up the mountain.

Just as he walked to the corner gate, he saw a seven or eight-year-old child running over.

”Brother Xiao Mi, Master Zeng Li is inviting you. ”

Those children who were not yet ten years old were the preparatory disciples of the Evolutionary Sect, and they were considered the next generation in the Western Evolutionary Sect.
Most of them were sent by mountain villagers, and many of them were orphans or abandoned at the gate of the mountain and were adopted by the Evolutionary Immortals of the Western Evolutionary Sect.
Mi Xiaojing was also adopted in this way.

Mi Xiaojing patted the child ’s head.

”Okay, I ’ll go. ”

As he spoke, he took out a few roasted walnuts and handed them to the child.

With his backpack on his back, Mi Xiaojing came to the room on the side of the central courtyard, which was where the first seats lived.

The Western Evolutionary Sect had three first seats: the Jue Jue Hall, the Guan Fa Hall, and the Jue Xing Hall.
Zeng Li was the first seat of the Jue Jue Hall, and Mi Xiaojing was under the jurisdiction of the Jue Jue Hall in the Western Evolutionary Sect.In other words, Master Zeng Li is Mi Xiaojing ’s direct superior.
In the Evolutionary Sect, the superior-subordinate relationship is very clear, and the status is also different.
Like a cultivation sect, there are clear levels, and the position of the first master is very high in the Western Evolutionary Sect.

Mi Xiaojing gently knocked on the door and waited quietly outside.

An old voice sounded, ”Come in! ”

Mi Xiaojing pushed open the door and walked in.

The room was twice as big as Mi Xiaojing ’s room, with a large earthen kang occupying one-third of the space.
It was decorated similarly to Mi Xiaojing ’s room, with a bamboo bookshelf, an additional desk, and several bamboo boxes in the corner.

An Evolutionary Sect altar was placed on the altar table, with an incense burner, two offering plates, and three sticks of incense burning, emitting a faint smoke.

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