Although the Western Evolutionary Sect is small, it has more than three hundred people, but the true Evolutionary Immortals are no more than sixty people, they are the real masters of the Western Evolutionary Sect, and the others are mortals, servants, laborers, helpers, and employees, nearly three hundred of them, who are the true bottom of the Western Evolutionary Sect.

Although Mi Xiaojing is only thirteen years old, he is a true Evolutionary Immortal disciple and has a good position in the Western Evolutionary Sect, with his own formal place for cultivation.

Walking along the tall courtyard wall of the Western Evolutionary Sect, he soon arrived at a corner gate and entered the backyard, where the meditation room was located.

Mi Xiaojing sneaked towards the meditation room.
He had skipped morning and afternoon classes today and would be scolded by the master.
Just as he thought that, someone said to him.

”Well, little junior brother, you skipped class again! ”

Mi Xiaojing trembled with fear.

”May the Evolutionary ’s Ancestors bless me, who is talking nonsense! ” he turned his head to look.

Standing at the gate was Zhang Ke, the head chef of the kitchen.
He used to be Mi Xiaojing ’s senior brother, but because Mi Xiaojing caught up with him in cultivation level during the Enlightenment stage, he became his junior brother.
He was already in his forties and could not advance to the next level in this life.
He and Mi Xiaojing had a good relationship.

The Enlightenment stage is equivalent to the Qi Refining stage in the Cultivation World, and it is also divided into three stages: Conversion, Cultivation, and Enlightenment.

Zhang Ke, at the age of forty, was still in the Conversion stage and could not even reach the Cultivation stage, but Mi Xiaojing was different.
He was only thirteen years old, but had already reached the Enlightenment stage.
As long as he accumulated enough, he might be able to advance to the next level.

Therefore, the young Mi Xiaojing was actually Zhang Ke ’s senior brother.
Fortunately, Zhang Ke took care of him when Mi Xiaojing just started to cultivate, and as the head chef, he always left some food for Mi Xiaojing.
The two had a good relationship.

Zhang Ke looked disheveled, with a big belly, and a super fat man.
He had a smile on his face.

”Little junior brother, this time…
hey, who hit you? Your clothes are torn! ”

Mi Xiaojing looked pleased, but deliberately pretended to be indifferent.

”I met a lone wolf, but I influenced it and it no longer bites people…
I released it.
May the Evolutionary ’s Ancestors bless me, bless me with compassion, and bless me to educate the lone wolf… ”

Zhang Ke was extremely surprised.

”What? A lone wolf…
influenced by you? It doesn ’t bite you? What ’s going on? ” His accent was always heavy, and in his mouth, ”what ” meant anything.

Mi Xiaojing briefly explained the process.

Zhang Ke suddenly opened his mouth and burst into a wild laugh. ”Hahaha, hahahaha! Haha…
hahahaha! ”

”May Evolutionary ’s Ancestors bless us, junior brother, you ’ll laugh yourself to death! ”

Zhang Ke pointed at Mi Xiaojing, laughing until tears streamed down his face.

”Haha, is…
is it because of Evolutionary Immortality ’s mercy that you ’re laughing? Haha, it ’s because you almost strangled it to death, isn ’t it, junior brother? Haha, where ’s the mercy in that…
haha! It ran away scared, okay, haha! ”

Mi Xiaojing was annoyed by Zhang Ke ’s laughter, but he couldn ’t help but laugh at his comical appearance.

In the end, the two of them were laughing like lunatics by the Moon Gate.
After a moment, Zhang Ke realized that Mi Xiaojing was laughing even more exaggeratedly than he was, and he was stunned.
Gasping for breath, he asked, ”Junior brother, what are you laughing at? ”

”Haha, I ’m laughing at the ridiculous person… ”

Zhang Ke was dumbfounded.

”What do you mean? ”

Mi Xiaojing finally stopped laughing and smugly walked towards the inside with his basket on his back, saying as he walked, ”It ’s the heart of Ascension, Zhang Ke junior brother.
You lack comprehension… ”

Zhang Ke was completely confused.
The heart of Ascension? The ridiculous person? What ’s the connection?

Muttering to himself all the way, Zhang Ke followed Mi Xiaojing to the front of the house.
Mi Xiaojing looked up at the sky.

”Junior brother, is it time for dinner? ”

Zhang Ke was suddenly shocked and shouted before turning around and running away.

”Junior brother, help me wake up our senior brother later…
May Evolutionary ’s Ancestors bless us! ” He was in charge of the kitchen and this was not the time to chat.
It was getting dark.

He ran away quickly.

Mi Xiaojing chuckled.
He knew that as long as he said something that was seemingly true but actually false, he could make Zhang Ke dizzy.
This was his best weapon against him.

He arrived at his own small house.
It was a small brick and wood house with a large courtyard wall on one side and a large Bodhi tree on the other.
There were two vegetable gardens behind the house where he grew some vegetables and herbs.

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The house had only three rooms, with the one closest to the courtyard wall being Mi Xiaojing ’s small room.
The other two rooms were occupied by his senior brothers, but they followed the elders of the sect to Lingcang Gate outside Tusi City, so they wouldn ’t be back for a year.Outside the door of the room was a green stone platform about six feet long and two and a half feet wide, on which were drying the herbs, wild fruits, and vegetables that Mi Xiaojing had picked.
These were his own goods, because in the Evolutionary Sect where he practiced asceticism, everything from food to clothing was extremely simple.

It was one thing for Mi Xiaojing not to eat meat, because he had never eaten meat since he was a child, but it was another thing to eat bland food that he couldn ’t bear.
He always had to find something palatable to eat.
Practicing evolutionary immortality was actually very physically and mentally demanding, and without proper nourishment, it would be difficult to endure.

This was also why Mi Xiaojing often skipped class.
The classes here were not school classes, but special classes for evolutionary cultivation.
There were morning, afternoon, and evening classes, usually reciting mantras and sometimes a senior master would come to preach the mantras, which were important daily activities for the evolutionary cultivators.

Mi Xiaojing lived comfortably in the Western Evolutionary Sect, because he had not taken a master, so he was not restrained by any master, and he had grown up in the sect, so almost everyone knew him, and he was considered a little boss in the Western Evolutionary Sect.

Skipping class was normal for Mi Xiaojing.

Opening the door, the small house did not need to be locked, nor was there a lock.
Mi Xiaojing put his backpack at the door and walked into the room.

The room was not big, with a dirt bed taking up half of the room, a low-legged table standing at the foot of the bed, a red and shiny bamboo mat on the bed, and a bedspread full of patches neatly folded on the bed, but there was no cotton in the bedspread, and it was as white as a patched garment.

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