Mu Xiaoyin ’s face was cold as she said, ”I didn ’t expect them to use Jiquan Lei! ”

Mu Hengyuan replied, ”Yes, if they use a few more Jiquan Lei…
our sword formation will be in danger… ”

Mu Xiaoyin said, ”That ’s impossible…
Jiquan Lei can only be refined by cultivators at or above the combined stage.
Such powerful Jiquan Lei can only be refined by Loose Immortals! ”

Indeed, the Sword Heart Sect ’s mountain protection formation, which turned nine peaks into nine swords and then into ten thousand swords, was unbelievably powerful.
Even if it was Jiquan Lei refined by a Loose Immortal, one could not destroy this kind of sword formation with just one.

Mu Xiaoyin ’s face was cold.
”They ’ve gone too far! ” She rushed out of the sword formation, regardless of everything.
This blow was too infuriating and had injured so many disciples and followers.

Mo Chentian also arrived.
He didn ’t have time to stop Mu Xiaoyin and was afraid that she might have an accident, so he followed her out of the sword formation.

Mu Hengyuan knew how powerful Radix Notoginseng was.
It was a master at the Yuan Ying stage.
With the strength of Mu Xiaoyin and Mo Chentian, it was difficult to resist.
He also flew out of the formation.

Due to the outbreak of Jiquan Lei, the dark clouds over the Sword Heart Sect ’s sky were completely dispersed, leaving a huge hole.
The sunlight shone in, and there were rolling clouds around.
A huge beam of light was particularly eye-catching.
With the sword formation shaking violently, countless sword shadows were flickering and shining, making it incredibly spectacular.

Mu Xiaoyin rushed out of the formation and found that there was no one outside.
The trio of Radix Notoginseng had long since flown away.

Soon, Mu Hengyuan and Mo Chentian caught up.

”Did they run away? ”

Mo Chentian said incredulously.

Mu Hengyuan secretly breathed a sigh of relief.
The Vast Gold Sect had three masters at the Yuan Ying stage.
With their strength, they could cope with difficulties.
However, if they relied on the sword formation, they could still manage.
Before Elder Yu Hong recovered from his illness, their strength would be relatively weaker.
As long as they refined the Balance Pill and let Yu Hong recover his combat power, they would not have to worry about the Vast Gold Sect.

Mu Xiaoyin stared into the distance for a while before saying, ”We must refine the Balance Pill! Otherwise, we ’ll be too passive! ”

Mo Chentian sighed, ”There are too few Pill Masters in the Grass-Benevolence Hall.
This time, so many disciples were injured.
Whether it ’s high-level Spirit Pills or low-level ones, there ’s a great shortage! ”

Mu Hengyuan said, ”Let ’s go back and save people first! ”

The three of them helplessly turned back and immediately directed their disciples and followers to begin treating the wounded.


Mi Xiaojing and the others had already moved to the mountain cave to live.
The roof of the hut had collapsed halfway and could no longer be inhabited.
Before they could settle down, a servant came to notify Mu Xiaoyin and Mi Xiaojing to go to the Grass-Benevolence Hall.Mi Xiaojing and Mu Xiaoyin rushed to Grass-Benevolence Hall, where chaos had already ensued.
Cultivators of low levels were lying everywhere, and the various rooms were filled with injured people.
The air was permeated with a strong smell of blood, and many low-level cultivators were constantly vomiting blood due to internal injuries.

A small number of cultivators even fell into demonic cultivation.
Mi Xiaojing remained expressionless, and he even felt a little pleased in his heart.
This was retribution!

A group of low-level disciples and alchemy apprentices from Grass-Benevolence Hall were quickly summoned.

Mi Xiaojing and Mu Xiaoyin were among this group of people, and they did not speak.
However, the people around them were discussing in a flurry.

”So many people were injured this time…
I heard that even the spirit pills and medicine stored in the sect are not enough… ”

”Why did they call us here…? ”

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”I don ’t know… ”

”I heard that even Foundation Establishment Ancestor was injured this time! ”

”Yes, yes…
so many people were injured! ”

”Even Yuanying Ancestor broke through the sword formation, but the enemy still escaped… ”

Mi Xiaojing only listened with his ears perked up, while Mu Xiaoyin was clearly a little panicked, her face turning pale.
She grabbed onto Mi Xiaojing ’s sleeve, not knowing what to say.

After a moment, several people walked out.

Master Alchemist Chen Shouyi, Alchemist Hong Qing, Grass-Benevolence Hall steward Guan Shangli, and a pale, tall and thin middle-aged woman who was also an alchemist from Grass-Benevolence Hall named Li Huai.

The number of alchemists that Sword Heart Sect had was very small, and their status in the sect was very high because there were only a few people who were truly dedicated to alchemy in the entire sect.

Guan Shangli said, ”Everyone, quiet down! ”

Suddenly, the noisy voices gradually died down, and everyone ’s gaze turned to these few people.

Guan Shangli cleared his throat and said, ”We have called everyone here this time to announce something.
Chen Lao, please speak. ”

Chen Shouyi ’s position in Grass-Benevolence Hall was that of an elder, and his words carried a lot of weight.

”Please go ahead… ”

Guan Shangli nodded and continued, ”Um, it ’s very simple.
Because the sect needs it, we need to select disciples from among you to learn alchemy.
The sect is currently very short on low-level spirit pills and medicine, and we are also short on alchemists in Grass-Benevolence Hall.
Therefore, we need to select four disciples with alchemy talent. ”

Suddenly, there was a commotion, and everyone ’s faces showed eager expressions.

This was an opportunity!Alchemy masters hold a high position in the sect, but the Sword Heart Sect has never paid much attention to cultivating alchemy disciples.
It has always been controlled by a few alchemy masters.
Due to the problem of material resources, the fewer alchemy masters there are, the more materials they have to practice with.
However, this time is completely different.
Many disciples were injured, and the stock of elixirs cannot sustain them.
Plus, they don ’t know how the Vast Gold Sect will go crazy, so they must stock up on enough spirit pills and medicine.

Mo Chentian personally spoke and said that they must cultivate enough alchemy masters, especially those who refine low-level spirit pills.
This is why they have this selection assessment.

Anyone can sign up as long as they are low-level cultivators or pill servants.

Of course, people like Mu Xiaoyin, who have not entered the world of cultivation, cannot participate.
Alchemy requires support from true qi.
Without true qi, how can they refine pills?

Mu Xiaoyin pulled on Mi Xiaojing ’s sleeve and whispered, ”Junior Brother, Junior Brother, this is an opportunity, don ’t miss it… ”

Mi Xiaojing nodded.
He had the alchemy experience passed down by Wang Weijun.
Of course, he wanted to try it out, especially since elixirs are scarce in the Sword Heart Sect.
It ’s extremely difficult to obtain them from the sect.

Guan Shangli continued, ”Starting from the Materia Medica for the first selection. ”

The so-called Materia Medica is the knowledge of spirit herbs and medicine.
If they don ’t even recognize herbs, they can ’t talk about refining pills.

”There are ten spots available.
If you want to become a Pill Master, the first step is the Materia Medica.
If you haven ’t studied it, don ’t participate in the assessment. ”

Just this point made half of the people in the hall dumbfounded.
Many of them only know a few scattered spirit herbs and have not systematically studied them.
It should be noted that the entire Grass-Benevolence Hall does not value the cultivation of alchemy disciples.

Guan Shangli said, ”Those who don ’t have confidence can leave now. ”

At least one-third of the people left the hall, including Mu Xiaoyin.
She is not a cultivator and naturally cannot participate in the assessment.

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