Ban Jindao: ”I ’ll attack first! ”

Radix Notoginseng: ”Hmm, activate the mountain protection formation, and then their people will enter the formation to manipulate it.
That ’s when we strike! ”

Ban Jindao: ”Good! ”

Oni said: ”The old woman is responsible for the lookout! ”

Radix Notoginseng: ”Okay, junior brother, you attack first.
Once Qian Lei strikes, you all must quickly flee at my signal! ”

After discussing for a while, the three of them began to act.

Ban Jindao waved his arm, and the seven yellow bracelets on his arm flew out, instantly transforming into a large earth-yellow sword.

The Seven-Ring Golden Sand Sword!

This was Ban Jindao ’s famous magic weapon, which was just one step away from being a spiritual weapon.
Its power was quite impressive.

After an incantation, Ban Jindao fiercely waved his arm and shouted, ”Go! ”

In an instant, the Seven-Ring Golden Sand Sword transformed into seven forms resembling flowing sand, and madly shot towards the Sword Heart Sect.

It should be noted that the three of them were less than a hundred meters away from the Sword Heart Sect ’s mountain protection formation, so when the Seven-Ring Golden Sand Sword was released, it instantly activated the defense formation.
A light curtain rapidly appeared, emitting a dazzling light.

Boom! Boom! Boom…

Seven consecutive loud bangs, a huge light shield appeared, and countless sword shadows flew around, instantly deflecting the Seven-Ring Golden Sand Sword.

Ban Jindao groaned, and his whole body flew back more than a hundred meters.
He couldn ’t help but say, ”This sword formation is powerful! ” He beckoned, and the Seven-Ring Golden Sand Sword was retrieved, and then he struck again.

Radix Notoginseng and Oni also retreated at the same time.
They knew that once the sword formation was activated, the other side would soon send someone out.

Sure enough, with a long roar, a sword rainbow flickered, and a person appeared in the sword formation.

”Who are you? ”

Radix Notoginseng ’s body swayed slightly, and he had already arrived nearby.
He hung in the air and said calmly, ”Vast Gold Sect…I am the old man Radix Notoginseng! ”

Mu Hengyuan was shocked.
Someone had come to attack them.

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”We, the Sword Heart Sect, have no grievances with the Vast Gold Sect.
Why attack us? ”

He had to pretend to be confused.
Otherwise, if they destroyed a sect ’s residence, the Sword Heart Sect would not want to admit to such a crime, even if they were strong.
Strictly speaking, Yu Hong was not a direct culprit, as he did not act directly.
It was the demon spirit that caused the eruption of magma.
Mu Hengyuan was not that stupid.

”No grievances? Hmph! Yu Hong, that old man, triggered the magma, destroying my Vast Gold Sect ’s residence.
No grievances? No grievances? We have a life-and-death feud! If we don ’t destroy your Sword Heart Sect…I will never give up! ”

Mu Hengyuan knew that it was useless to say anything.
The other party ’s tone and hatred could not be resolved in a few words.

”Since that ’s the case…come on! Our Sword Heart Sect ’s people are not easily frightened! ”

Mu Hengyuan didn ’t waste any more words and immediately gave the order for the sect ’s disciples to enter the control position of the sword formation, ready to counterattack at any time.

Foundation Establishment Ancestor, as well as cultivators in the Foundation Building stage and even some Qi Refinement Great Perfection disciples, entered the formation control position.
The entire sword formation required more than two hundred people to control.
Such a sword formation could unleash tremendous power.

In order to enhance the power of the mountain protection formation, about half of the cultivators in the Sword Heart Sect entered the sword formation.
A sword formation controlled by someone and an unmanned sword formation were two completely different concepts.

An unmanned sword formation had great power, but it was very rough and consumed a lot of energy.

A sword formation controlled by someone not only had great power but was also finely detailed and consumed the least amount of energy, reducing it by half or even seventy percent.
At the same time, it could resist multiple attacks.

Due to the protection of the sword formation, cultivators who controlled the formation in the sword formation could generally not be injured.Ban Jin, Sha Shen, and Oni took turns attacking the Mountain Protection Formation, but even as three Yuan Ying stage old monsters, they could not truly shake the sword formation.
The Cultivators of the Heart Sect did not come out to fight, allowing the other side to attack.
They all knew that with this level of attack, the Heart Sect was as steady as a mountain.

This attack lasted for three days and three nights.

The Cultivators of the entire Heart Sect were also annoyed, but even so, the higher-ups of the Heart Sect did not decide to go out to fight, continuing to act like cowardly turtles, confident in wearing down their opponents ’ patience.

After three days and nights of continuous attacks, Sha Shen and the others also showed signs of fatigue.
This kind of attack was the most torturous, and because they could not see any results, it was exhausting.

”Last wave of attacks…let ’s all attack together! ”

The combined strength of the three caused the light shield formed by the sword formation to violently shake, and each of the defending Cultivators went all out, resisting the combined attack of the three Yuan Ying old monsters.

When the attack ended, everyone finally breathed a sigh of relief.
The defending Cultivators had also exhausted most of their true qi and rushed to recover.

”Are you ready? ” Sha Shen asked.

”Ready! ” Ban Jin showed an excited expression.

”No problem, let ’s go! ” Oni said.

The three immediately turned into three sword lights and shot outwards, with a little red radiance shooting out from Sha Shen ’s hand, and Qiān Léi made a move.

Qiān Léi was condensed from the true Gang extreme yang qi and could only be refined by those with great power.

It was the size of an egg, round, with countless layers of prohibition seals on top, and a bright red color.
There were occasional flashes of silver lightning inside.

After Qiān Léi was released, it quickly expanded, and the prohibition seals on its surface quickly collapsed.
When it met the sword formation, it erupted instantly.


The ground shook and the mountains trembled.

Mi Xiaojing had been practicing in his room for the past few days and, although there were constant explosions outside, he had become accustomed to it over time.
Mu Xiaoyin and Luo Bo were also practicing in their rooms.

Suddenly, a thunderous explosion sounded overhead, and in an instant, the entire house shook violently, followed by the collapse of the roof.

He quickly pounced and fell on Mu Xiaoyin, while grabbing Luo Bo and bringing him over, shouting, ”Open! ”

In an instant, the falling bricks and wood were shattered by the true words, turning into countless small pieces falling down.
The three of them were covered in dust.

This explosion not only frightened people but also caused Qingmu Peak, where Mi Xiaojing was, to shake violently.
Of the nine peaks, only one remained motionless, and the other eight were all shaking violently.

Within the sect area, due to the sword formation blocking it, no one was injured for the time being, but all the Cultivators defending the formation, except for Mu Hengyuan and the Azure Descent Immortal Maiden, were injured.
The Foundation Establishment stage Cultivators were okay, but the injury to the Qi Refining stage Cultivators was a bit more severe.

The most miserable were the low-level Cultivators in the Qi Refining stage, all of whom were heavily injured, with half of them falling into a coma.

Mu Hengyuan stared at the explosion in the air and had already recognized what kind of attack it was.

Qiān Léi!

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