The Vast Gold Sect is located in the center of the Vast Gold Desert, about 2,500 kilometers away from the Sword Heart Sect.

After the demonic spirits destroyed themselves in the Vast Gold Desert, the entire desert was ignited by magma, becoming a huge volcano eruption zone.
This eruption involved the entire desert area, and also affected the Vast Gold Sect.

As the Vast Gold Sect is a rare sect that puts their sect underground, the eruption of magma and fire destroyed the entire mountain gate, causing heavy casualties among those who relied on the Vast Gold Sect for shelter.
Ordinary people and low-level cultivators were almost completely wiped out, with only a few Foundation Establishment cultivators and the majority of the fallen Ancestors of the Core Formation stage being able to escape.

This blow was extremely fatal to the Vast Gold Sect, causing them to lose everything.

Everyone initially thought it was a natural disaster, but one of the Core Formation stage old monsters, who was skilled in divination, discovered that it was not a natural disaster, but a man-made one.
This angered all the remaining cultivators.

The three Core Formation stage old monsters of the Vast Gold Sect were particularly furious.

As the true Ancestor of the Vast Gold Sect, the top symbol of the sect, the late Core Formation stage old monster, Radix Notoginseng, swore to find the person who caused the disaster and kill him, regardless of who he was.
If he had a sect, then the entire sect would be destroyed as well.

The three Core Formation stage old monsters, six Core Formation stage fallen Ancestors, and the remaining Foundation Establishment cultivators all swore to never rest until they found the culprit.

In fact, there were countless methods for high-level cultivators to find clues, and it didn ’t take long for the person who caused the disaster to be revealed.

It was Yu Hong of the Sword Heart Sect!

He was also a late Core Formation stage old monster, with extraordinary strength.

Moreover, the Sword Heart Sect was stronger than the Vast Gold Sect, with many cultivators and occupying a mountain range with abundant Spiritual Qi.
The location of their mountain gate had a powerful defensive sword formation and was definitely not an easy target.

”Senior Brother, we must seek revenge! Let ’s go directly to the Sword Heart Sect! ” said a burly man, a famous Core Formation stage old monster of the Vast Gold Sect known for his hot temper.

Ban Jin, in the early Core Formation stage, had a shiny bald head and a body like a square block, with a large head, strong arms, short and thick legs, and muscles all over his body.
He liked to go shirtless, and because of his special cultivation technique, there were countless strange patterns on his body, which were caused by his cultivation and not ordinary tattoos.
When he became angry, all the patterns on his body would wriggle and glow.

Radix Notoginseng and Ban Jin were senior brothers, both taught by the same master who had fallen a hundred years ago.
At that time, their master was also a prominent figure in the cultivation world.

”Let ’s consider how we should act.
Revenge must be taken, but we must also consider the method, ” said a softly-spoken old woman in black clothes.
She was a senior member of the Vast Gold Sect, and also the sect leader, in the middle Core Formation stage.
Her name was Oni, and people in the sect called her Granny Oni.
She had originally planned to pass on the position of sect leader to her disciple, but after this incident, the sect ’s residence was gone, and she no longer cared about it.

Radix Notoginseng said in a deep voice, ”Senior Sister, how should we act? ”

Oni said calmly, ”Blood for blood, this is beyond doubt.
But this old woman knows that the Sword Heart Sect ’s Protector Sword Formation is extremely sharp.
If we don ’t have a certain degree of certainty in breaking the formation, we won ’t gain any advantage by going there. ”Ban Jin impatiently said: ”Who cares if he benefits or not? Killing for the sake of killing is the real deal.
In my opinion, we should just charge up to the mountain gate and kill anyone we see, destroy everything, only then can I clear my mind and feel happy! ”

Sha Shen shouted: ”Junior Brother, shut up and listen to your senior sister! ”

Ban Jin grudgingly shut his mouth.

Oni said: ”With our remaining strength, we are not enough to shake the Heart Sect.
The old woman plans to invite some people to help. ”

Sha Shen asked: ”Okay, but what price do we pay in exchange? ”

The Vast Gold Sect is also an ancient sect with a profound background.
If the disaster hadn ’t come too fast, they would have had enough resources to exchange for help from experts.
However, even so, they still have many good things in their hands.

Oni said: ”We brought some precious items and a lot of spirit stones.
We should be able to exchange for some help from experts. ”

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Sha Shen sighed and said: ”Still not enough! ”

Oni coldly smiled and said: ”You should know…
the Heart Sect is also a sect with a profound background.
Once we break through the formation and enter, there will be many good things inside.
We can just divide it among us. ”

Sha Shen ’s eyes lit up.
It was a good idea to use the enemy ’s resources to exchange for their own helpers.

”Okay, invite some people and let ’s all act together! ”


During this time, it was the most comfortable days for Mi Xiaojing.
With Mu Xiaoyin and Luo Bo, he had been practicing in the small courtyard without going out.
The three of them persevered in their cultivation.

Mu Xiaoyin was practicing Evolutionary Immortality, Luo Bo was practicing cultivation, and Mi Xiaojing practiced cultivation during the day and Evolutionary Immortality at night.
Both of them did not give up.

Every morning, Mi Xiaojing would bring Mu Xiaoyin and Luo Bo to the cliff, where the three of them would sit and wait for the sunrise, the moment to absorb the Qianyang purple qi.

Mi Xiaojing had long discovered the benefits of absorbing Qianyang purple qi.
He did not keep it to himself and taught Mu Xiaoyin and Luo Bo the technique once Mu Xiaoyin entered the converted realm and Luo Bo entered cultivation.

Currently, Mi Xiaojing could absorb six mouthfuls of Qianyang purple qi, while Mu Xiaoyin could absorb half a mouthful and Luo Bo could barely absorb one mouthful.
It was difficult for the two of them to digest the Qianyang purple qi, but the benefits were extremely obvious, greatly improving their cultivation speed.

Mi Xiaojing ’s absorption of Qianyang purple qi had obviously increased, which was also due to the increase in his strength after practicing cultivation.
His body could also accommodate more Qianyang purple qi.

To some extent, Qianyang purple qi could change a person ’s aptitude and physique, but because of the difficulty in absorption and digestion, if there were no special means, inhaling one mouthful of Qianyang purple qi could lead to death.

Mi Xiaojing himself was not aware of the danger involved.
Absorbing Qianyang purple qi seemed to be a natural ability he had since he was very young, and he naturally passed it on to Mu Xiaoyin and Luo Bo.

The most peculiar thing was that both of them could absorb Qianyang purple qi smoothly, although there was a difference in quantity, it did not bring any danger.

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