ce the two of them started talking, it was like thunder and lightning.
Mi Xiaojing smiled and said, ”If you leave my body…
I ’ll be very polite to you! ”He didn ’t know that Wang Weijun had been suppressed by the Mantra Banner, but he instinctively felt that having a life soul inside his body was a dangerous thing.

Wang Weijun also realized that it was difficult for the little guy to trust him, but he couldn ’t turn his face.
Without Xiaojing ’s cooperation, it was almost impossible for him to come out.
Moreover, Wang Weijun was still thinking about seizing his body.
This body was too tempting.

No matter how Xiaojing treated Wang Weijun, he had to continue to endure it, which Wang Weijun was very clear about.

”I also want to leave, but it ’s not possible right now…
However, I have something to offer you.
You won ’t deny that, right? ”

Wang Weijun said sincerely.

”It ’s okay… ”

Xiaojing said casually, ”I ’m currently practicing and lacking Spirit Pills.
You can ’t give them to me…
I also lack Spirit Stones…
I lack everything…
If you have something to offer, do you have anything? ”

Search bit.ly/3iBfjkV for the original.

”What nonsense is that? With your ability, you can get anything you want.
What I offer is the real deal – cultivation techniques, alchemy! These are the real means to improve your strength and make money! ”

Xiaojing was still a child and didn ’t realize the problem.
He was happy to hear it.
”Yeah, why didn ’t I think of that…
This is a good idea. ”

Wang Weijun couldn ’t help but curse in his heart, ”What a stupid kid! ” But he had to endure it and continue to guide Xiaojing.

Xiaojing thought for a moment and felt helpless.
Even if he wanted to practice alchemy, he needed medicinal herbs, Pill Furnaces, and support, but he had nothing.
He was in the Grass-Benevolence Hall and didn ’t have the qualifications to practice alchemy.

If he wanted to practice alchemy, where could he find suitable materials? As for the Pill Scripture, when Wang Weijun taught him alchemy, there were many low-level Pill Scriptures that were good.
Although they were low-level Pill Scriptures, they were modified by Wang Weijun and were considered unique secret methods.

Having the Pill Scripture but no resources was useless.
Even if he had the best Pill Scripture and abundant alchemy experience, it was useless without any resources to practice alchemy or Pill Furnaces.

Wang Weijun was also silent about this difficult problem.
He had no solution.

”Wait, your strength is too weak…
You can ’t do anything for now. ”

”Is that your solution? ”

”What else can we do? ”

Wang Weijun was helpless, and he felt even more aggrieved.

Xiaojing still had some questions about alchemy, and since he had never personally practiced it, there were some things he couldn ’t understand.
He took this opportunity to ask Wang Weijun.

Since Wang Weijun had made up his mind to gain Xiaojing ’s trust, he didn ’t hold back when answering alchemy questions.
He answered in great detail.

Wang Weijun really did his best to teach Xiaojing, which was something he had never thought of before.

”I ’m really a masochist! ”

Wang Weijun couldn ’t help but lament in his heart.

The novel had achieved extraordinary results, ranking fourth on the click list and first in the fantasy category.
Thanks again to the fans for their support and I hope everyone will continue to support me.

Thanks to Kid ’s super fan, laochuo, and other readers for their donations and support! M.

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