At this moment, Mu Xiaoyin pulled on Mi Xiaojing ’s sleeve and whispered, ”Junior Brother, it ’s starting! ”

Sure enough, Chen Shouyi was in charge, with Mu Hengyuan as his assistant, and they officially began refining the Profit and Loss Pill.

Mi Xiaojing understood almost all the movements of alchemy in seconds.

Whether it was activating the prohibition of the pill furnace or igniting the earth fire, Mi Xiaojing understood everything, and he could even see the shortcomings.
He finally realized that Wang Weijun ’s knowledge of alchemy was definitely a good thing.
He had wronged the old man earlier.

”I ’m sorry! Old man, I was wrong. ”

Wang Weijun was still raging, but suddenly heard Mi Xiaojing apologize and say he was wrong.
The heartache was unbearable, and he almost cried.
Fortunately, he was in the Nascent Soul stage, so even if he cried, there were no tears.

Sometimes furious, sometimes aggrieved, even Wang Weijun himself didn ’t realize that his emotions were completely out of control and gradually being controlled by Mi Xiaojing.
This was extremely detrimental to him.

Mi Xiaojing stared at Chen Shouyi and Mu Hengyuan ’s alchemy, and he was already fascinated because he could understand it.
If he couldn ’t understand it, he would lose interest.

The pill furnace made a loud noise, and Chen Shouyi kept chanting magical techniques and incantations, which helped preheat the pill furnace.

Mu Hengyuan also cooperated with Chen Shouyi, trying to maintain the best state of the pill furnace.

After preheating, the fire spirit patterns on the furnace wall flickered one by one.
Mi Xiaojing, who had received the inheritance of alchemy, understood that the preheating was good, but compared to Wang Weijun ’s experience, there was still a big gap.
Many of the incantations used to activate and stimulate the furnace were not ideal.

Mi Xiaojing felt that he had better incantations to preheat the pill furnace and prepared accordingly.

Chen Shouyi hesitated a little.
”Master, what should I do? ”

Mu Hengyuan calmly said, ”Just a little more! ”

A few breaths later, Mu Hengyuan shouted, ”Okay! Let ’s begin! ”

Chen Shouyi took out a jade bottle from his storage bag and flicked his finger.
A ball of pre-processed medicinal liquid flew out and entered the pill furnace, which cracked open a circular mouth about the size of a rice bowl, spewing out a red flame.
The medicinal liquid flew straight into it.

The timing was quite precise.
Chen Shouyi continued to tap his storage bag, and the alchemy materials flew out one by one and were sent into the pill furnace.

Mi Xiaojing watched with excitement.
He understood every step, and he was overjoyed because it meant that if he had a pill furnace, he could also refine pills.
Even if he wasn ’t proficient yet, he understood all the steps.
With some practice, he could definitely refine pills.

Even if he couldn ’t refine the pills needed for the Nascent Soul stage, he shouldn ’t have any problem refining the Qi Refining pills he needed.
This trip was a big gain.

Learning alchemy so easily made Mi Xiaojing feel a little guilty.
At this time, Wang Weijun had already left, and he was completely beaten down by Mi Xiaojing ’s words.
His self-esteem and confidence had been greatly damaged, so he retreated to the Mantra Banner to heal his emotional wounds.

Wang Weijun didn ’t understand why he was so fragile now.

This alchemy ended in failure, and it didn ’t even reach the end of the process.
A problem with the fire caused the half-finished pill furnace to turn to ashes.

Chen Shouyi and Mu Hengyuan didn ’t understand why there was a problem.

But Mi Xiaojing understood and knew what went wrong.
He just wouldn ’t say a word.
He had no obligation or desire to help the Heart Sect.

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One wrong incantation and one fire spirit pattern that ignited prematurely caused the failure of the entire alchemy process.The reason why there are few pill masters is because of the issue of proficiency.
Even if you know the steps, without experience, every step may go wrong.
A pill master, even if talented, needs countless materials to refine every kind of spirit pill.
They have to go through countless failures before they can succeed.

Of course, once successful, as long as you summarize properly, it is relatively easier to repeat.
The inheritance experience that Mi Xiaojing received is the alchemy experience that has been repeated and tempered countless times.
If his cultivation strength was enough, his alchemy level might even be better than Chen Shouyi ’s.
Chen Shouyi did not have a true master to pass down his alchemy experience.

Everyone ’s face was bad when the alchemy failed.

Sect Leader Mo Chentian stood up and said, ”First, summarize, then prepare to refine again.
In addition, Immortal Maiden Bìluò, go to the market to collect alchemy materials.
If you can find the Profit and Loss Pill, buy it at all costs! ”

Immortal Maiden Bìluò nodded and left.

Chen Shouyi was full of sweat on his face.
He smiled bitterly and shook his head.
This alchemy was completely beyond his ability range.
It was normal to fail.
If he succeeded, that would be strange.

Mu Hengyuan ’s face was also gloomy.
He said, ”I ’ll control the pill fire in the future. ”

Chen Shouyi immediately relaxed, ”Okay, Master. ”

Mu Hengyuan continued, ”In the future, don ’t let so many people come.
Only we, Master and disciple, will explore alchemy. ”

Everyone was driven away, including Mi Xiaojing and Mu Xiaoyin.
The two of them walked out of the pill room and Mu Xiaoyin said, ”I ’ll go to your place.
I ’ve gained some insights in my recent cultivation, hehe. ” She couldn ’t cultivate, but she had already entered the evolutionary immortality level, which was equivalent to the foundation building period of a cultivator.
Of course, the initial evolutionary immortality was stronger than an ordinary person, but compared with the foundation building period of a cultivator, it was much weaker.

Even so, Mu Xiaoyin was satisfied.
This was better than not being able to cultivate.
The characteristic of evolutionary immortality was that once it reached a certain high level, its strength would increase rapidly.
For example, if it reached a level similar to the Yuan Ying period, its strength would be similar to that of a cultivator.
Moreover, evolutionary immortality would become more powerful if it went further.

However, it was too difficult for evolutionary immortality to reach a high level.
Almost 99% of evolutionary immortals could not reach a high level in their entire lives.
This was why the status of evolutionary immortals was not high and they were often bullied and killed by cultivators.

Mi Xiaojing returned to his small courtyard.
Luo Bo was still cultivating by the spiritual spring in the cave.
He had just entered the cultivation stage and reached the foundation building period.
Recently, he had been practicing non-stop to consolidate his realm.

Mu Xiaoyin smiled and said, ”We can take it easy for a while.
The old man will be very busy for a while and won ’t have time for us.
It ’s a good opportunity to cultivate. ”

Although Mu Xiaoyin couldn ’t cultivate, her aptitude for evolutionary immortality was extremely good.
In a short time, a blurry human figure formed inside her body, which was composed of true words.
She described it to Mi Xiaojing.

Mi Xiaojing almost understood as soon as he heard it.
This was an advanced evolution shadow, just like his own Heart Tower, both of which were excellent receptacles for true words.

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