Mu Hengyuan casually threw out four small flags, which flew out and landed in the four directions around the pill furnace, triggering a faint thunder sound as the defensive banner formation was activated.

Mo Chentian and the Immortal Maiden Mu Xiaoyin sat cross-legged outside the banner formation.

At this moment, Guan Shangli hurriedly entered, holding a storage bag and respectfully handing it to Mo Chentian, whispering, ”We ’ve gathered five portions of spiritual herbs and medicines. ”

Mo Chentian frowned and asked, ”Why so few? ”

Guan Shangli gave a bitter smile and replied in a low voice, ”Sect Leader, we checked all our inventory and only found enough for five portions.
If you need more, we ’ll have to purchase them from the market. ”

Mo Chentian had no choice, especially since the mountain gate was now closed and it was inconvenient to come and go.
It was very difficult to obtain the materials for the Damage and Benefit Pill.

Guan Shangli bowed and stepped aside.
As a Pill Master himself, he wanted to see how Chen Lao and Mu Laozu refined pills.
Fortunately, he had a good relationship with Chen Lao and was allowed to watch from the side.
However, Hong Qing, another Pill Master from Grass-Benevolence Hall, was not allowed to enter because Chen Lao did not allow it.

Mo Chentian tossed the storage bag and Mu Hengyuan opened his palm, pulling the bag into the banner formation.
After checking with his divine sense, Mu Hengyuan nodded slightly.
Although the quantity was a bit small, they could already refine the first batch of Damage and Benefit Pills.

He handed the storage bag to Chen Shouyi and said, ”Shouyi, we have five portions of materials in total, which is a bit less.
We can ’t afford too many failures.
We need to succeed at least once in five batches of pills… ”

Chen Shouyi ’s face was solemn.
”Master, it all depends on you this time…
I ’m not very confident. ”

This message was not transmitted through divine sense, so Mi Xiaojing heard it clearly.
It turned out that Mu Hengyuan was Chen Shouyi ’s master.
This was the first time he had heard of it.
No wonder Chen Shouyi ’s status was so high and he had such a big backer.
No one dared to offend him.

In the pill room, besides the three Yuan Ying stage cultivators and a Pill Master, everyone else was from Grass-Benevolence Hall.
However, there were also many people from Grass-Benevolence Hall who did not come.
It was not that they did not want to come, but that Chen Shouyi did not allow it.
There were many factions within Grass-Benevolence Hall, and many people did not get along with each other.

As for Mi Xiaojing and the other pill room attendants, they had no problem staying and watching.

While Mi Xiaojing and Mu Xiaoyin were sitting cross-legged in a corner watching, Wang Weijun appeared in Mi Xiaojing ’s mind.
He could see the scene of the pill refinement through Mi Xiaojing ’s eyes.

Theft is never good, try looking at

”A few kids refining pills…
This is their level? ”

Before the pill refinement even began, Wang Weijun had already started mocking them.
To him, this level of pill refinement was child ’s play, both simple and immature.

Mi Xiaojing was actually quite happy in his heart.
He already knew that Wang Weijun was very strong, but he did not know how strong.
However, Chen Shouyi and Mu Hengyuan in front of him, one at the Foundation Establishment stage and the other at the Yuan Ying stage, were already very powerful in his eyes.
It was unbelievable that Wang Weijun would call them ”kids. ” ”Haha, in my eyes, they are all a bunch of useless people.
Calling them little guys is being polite.
They are making and losing pills while making a big fuss about it.
Their level is not just bad, it ’s very bad! ”

Mi Xiaojing was half-believing and half-doubting.
He thought to himself, ”Bluffing without any preparation, I can also say this…
Talking big, who can ’t do that! ” He wanted to make him feel frustrated first before saying anything.

Wang Weijun was really stuck by Mi Xiaojing.
It was not easy to show off in front of him as a superior person.
Therefore, Mi Xiaojing ’s words made him feel like he had hit a wall.
It was really frustrating.

Every time Mi Xiaojing teased this guy, he felt a very pleasant feeling.
He liked oppressing him more and more.
Whenever he saw him jumping around in anger, Mi Xiaojing felt a sense of accomplishment.

”Do you know what? You don ’t know anything! Can you make pills? Of course, you don ’t understand…
I can tell what they are doing with just one glance.
What does this mean? This means that I am proficient in alchemy! ”

”Moreover, these little guys need to use a pill furnace to make pills.
This is the worst way to make pills.
Once you reach a certain level of cultivation, as long as you have certain spiritual fire, you can make pills without a pill furnace! ”

”You don ’t know anything, you just talk nonsense and pretend to know everything.
I have seen everything… ”

He spoke harshly and Wang Weijun didn ’t know that the amount of information he revealed in this paragraph was really huge.
It was so big that even Mi Xiaojing was a little surprised.

The fact that pills can be made without a pill furnace was really scary and gave him a sense of the supernatural.

”You ’re lying to me… ”

Mi Xiaojing continued to tease him, not afraid of him.
Fighting with him verbally was the way to go.

”You ’re making me angry! Damn it…
You ’re making me angry! ”

Sure enough, just two words from Mi Xiaojing made him jump in anger.
Although Wang Weijun wanted to deceive him, it was not in this aspect.
He was telling the truth about basic alchemy.
However, Mi Xiaojing ’s ”You ’re lying to me ” hit Wang Weijun ’s sore spot directly.

In anger, Wang Weijun directly imparted basic alchemy knowledge and experience.
In his opinion, this was basic alchemy knowledge, but for Mi Xiaojing, this was a huge gain.

Caught off guard, a large amount of knowledge flooded in.
For a moment, Mi Xiaojing felt dizzy, but he had experienced two similar experiences of imparting knowledge before, so he knew that it was Wang Weijun ’s imparting.

After calming down from the dizziness, Mi Xiaojing found that it was knowledge about alchemy.
He was overjoyed.
It was really like getting a pillow when he was sleepy.
This old man was a good person! Of course, he only thought of this good person card for a moment and did not even send it to Wang Weijun.
When he looked at Chen Shouyi making pills again, Mi Xiaojing ’s perspective was different.

Watching the excitement and watching the door were two different things.
Once he understood alchemy, his gains would be significant.
With experience and practice, even if Mi Xiaojing had never made a pill before, he had his own ideas.

”What are you doing? I didn ’t promise to accept your imparting… ”

you little brat, do you want to make me angry? ”

Mi Xiaojing saw that the green-robed old man was really getting angry, so he calmed him down with a sentence. ”I ’ll let it go this time, I won ’t blame you.
Also, this is just basic alchemy knowledge, you should give me something advanced…
Hmm, like what you just said, the kind that doesn ’t need a pill furnace… ”

Wang Weijun was furious, he couldn ’t take it anymore and roared, ”I ’m going to bite you, you little bastard, little animal, I…
I don ’t even know how to curse anymore. ”

Mi Xiaojing calmly thought to himself, ”Stay calm, stay calm.
You ’re a cultivation master, cursing like this shows no dignity.
It makes me doubt if you ’re really a cultivation master…
I heard that true cultivation masters have grace… ”

”Grace my ass! ”

Wang Weijun was completely blinded by anger.
Of course, cultivation masters have grace, but that ’s only if you don ’t insult them.
Once a cultivation master is provoked, they won ’t talk about grace with you.
They ’ll just slap you to death and won ’t hold any grudges.

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