The first path is currently not enough for Mi Xiaojing to absorb.
If he wants to quickly improve his cultivation level, then using spirit stones or spirit pills is the way to go.
But where can he get them?

Mi Xiaojing is really worried.
In the Sword Heart Sect, he doesn ’t have much status or position.
He ’s just a pill apprentice, so he must find a way to succeed on his own.

He doesn ’t need to think about spirit stones for now, even if he could get some, it wouldn ’t be enough.
The only way is spirit pills.
If he can refine them, then he won ’t have to worry about not having enough spiritual qi to cultivate.

Refining pills has become Mi Xiaojing ’s latest pursuit.

The next morning, Mi Xiaojing went to the cliff and absorbed three mouthfuls of Qianyang purple qi.
This time, he was pleasantly surprised because Qianyang purple qi can promote the Qianyuan Art.

After washing up and cooking breakfast, he ate with Luo Bo and instructed him to continue cultivating before heading to the pill room.

For refining pills, he must go to the pill room.
In any case, with experienced pill masters around, even if he were to learn secretly, he could still learn something.

Although Mi Xiaojing has learned some knowledge about medicinal herbs, when it comes to refining pills, he ’s still a novice and doesn ’t know anything.
However, he is confident in learning.
He ’s never afraid of learning new things.

When he arrived at the entrance of the cave, Mi Xiaojing immediately noticed that something was wrong.
There were many disciples and several foundation-building cultivators with serious expressions standing at the entrance.
The prohibition inside had already been activated, and from the outside, it looked like a bright red flame was burning.

Mi Xiaojing was immediately stopped by someone.

”This place is temporarily closed.
All disciples and apprentices…
leave immediately. ”

”Uh, I ’m a pill apprentice… ”

Mi Xiaojing handed over his identity badge.

The person glanced at it and said coldly, ”You can ’t go in! Go away! ”

Mi Xiaojing took back his identity badge and turned to leave.
There was no point in arguing with him.
He might as well go back to cultivate.

A person walked out of the prohibition inside the cave and asked, ”Who ’s making a fuss? ”

Mi Xiaojing stopped in his tracks.
The guards came forward and saluted.
”Senior Brother Guan. ”

The person who came out was Guan Shangli, a hall servant of the Grass-Benevolence Hall.
He glanced at Mi Xiaojing and said, ”Come with me.
Chen Lao is inside, and you ’re a bit late. ”

Mi Xiaojing said indifferently, ”He wouldn ’t let me in and told me to leave. ” He wanted to give that guy a piece of his mind.

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The man blushed and said, ”I, I didn ’t know who you were…
You can go in… ”

Guan Shangli led Mi Xiaojing inside.
After passing through the prohibition, he instructed, ”Go to the pill room yourself and wait for Chen Lao ’s orders. ”

Mi Xiaojing knew that something was up.
Otherwise, the pill room wouldn ’t be so heavily guarded.

There were ordinary servants and menial workers sitting in the passage outside the pill room.
They all knew Mi Xiaojing, knew he was a pill apprentice, and knew he was a cultivator.
They all lowered their heads and dared not speak or move.

Mi Xiaojing walked along the stone wall and saw a group of people standing in front of the pill furnace.
He was dumbfounded.
When did the pill room become so lively?

There were a row of low-level disciples standing along the stone wall.
Mi Xiaojing immediately saw Mu Xiaoyin, who was standing at the edge of the wall.

Mi Xiaojing slowly walked along the stone wall, always wanting to know what was going on.
The situation here was very strange.Quietly approaching Mu Xiaoyin, Mi Xiaojing whispered, ”Senior Sister, what ’s going on? Why are there so many people? ”

Mu Xiaoyin turned her head to look at Mi Xiaojing and smiled.
She leaned in and whispered in his ear, ”We ’re going to refine pills! ”

Mi Xiaojing was confused.
”Refine pills? Hasn ’t Chen Lao been refining pills all along? ”

Mu Xiaoyin gave him a look and whispered, ”It ’s a high-level Spirit Pill used by the Yuanying Ancestor… ”

Mi Xiaojing was startled.
A Spirit Pill above the Yuanying stage? This thing is difficult to refine.
Even if he doesn ’t understand alchemy very well, he knows that this pill is not easy to refine.
He whispered, ”Who ’s refining it? ”

”The old man is the main refiner, and Mu Laozu is assisting him.
They ’re refining the Loss and Gain Pill… ”

”Mu Laozu? ”

”Yes, the one standing next to the old man, Mu Hengyuan Laozu, a super master at the Yuanying stage… ”

Mi Xiaojing was shocked.
This was the first time he had ever seen a master at the Yuanying stage.
Such masters were extremely powerful even in the cultivation sects.
In the eyes of low-level cultivators, they were invincible gods!

However, Mi Xiaojing still had questions.
He whispered, ”I remember…
Chen Lao is at the Foundation Establishment stage.
Can he refine Spirit Pills at the Yuanying stage? And he ’s the main refiner… ”

Mu Xiaoyin shook her head.
”I don ’t know, but the old man is a master alchemist.
In our sect, he ’s the most skilled at alchemy. ”

Of the people in front of the pill furnace, Mi Xiaojing only recognized Chen Shouyi and the Yuanying old monster Mu Hengyuan that Mu Xiaoyin mentioned.
When he thought of Mu Hengyuan ’s surname, he couldn ’t help but think of Mu Xiaoyin.
Did these two have some kind of relationship?

As for the other people beside the pill furnace, Mi Xiaojing didn ’t know them.
He was a little curious and whispered, ”Do you know all the people beside the pill furnace? ”

Mu Xiaoyin nodded.
”Yes, look…
that ’s our Heart Sect ’s Sect Leader, Mo Chentian Laozu, also a Yuanying old ancestor.
And there ’s Azure Descent Immortal Maiden, isn ’t she beautiful? She ’s a legend in our Heart Sect. ”

Mi Xiaojing asked, ”She ’s also a Yuanying old ancestor? ”

”Of course, her strength is only second to Yu Hong Laozu, at the mid-Yuanying stage. ” Mu Xiaoyin looked envious.
As a woman, Azure Descent Immortal Maiden had an extraordinary status in the Heart Sect, while she was just a small mortal without even the qualification to look up to her.

Mi Xiaojing was still curious.
”Who needs a Spirit Pill at the Yuanying stage? ” Since the sect doesn ’t have this kind of Spirit Pill, it must be some Yuanying old monster who needs it.
Otherwise, why would they be refining it so carefully?

”I don ’t know.
They didn ’t say, only that they want to refine the Loss and Gain Pill. ”

Mi Xiaojing had already guessed.
Combined with the closing of the mountain gate and the appearance of three of the sect ’s four Yuanying old ancestors, it proved one thing: Yu Hong was injured and needed the Loss and Gain Pill to heal.

Although Mi Xiaojing thought he had figured out the reason, he didn ’t tell Mu Xiaoyin.
The little girl was indeed well-informed, but there were still some things she didn ’t know.

The several old masters discussed matters with each other using their spiritual senses, so the people waiting beside them couldn ’t hear anything.

After a moment, the old masters seemed to have finished their discussion.

Mi Xiaojing ’s spirit was lifted.
He knew that the alchemy was about to begin.

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