The so-called transmission of skills through the top of the head was Wang Weijun ’s method, directly imparting the magical technique to Mi Xiaojing, letting him slowly digest and absorb it.
Whether he learned it or not didn ’t matter.
This kind of transmission of skills only fully imparted the knowledge of cultivation.
This way, Mi Xiaojing could clearly know what the Wind Thunder Technique was all about.

This magical way of transmission surprised Mi Xiaojing greatly.
The magical technique appeared directly in his mind, as if he had been studying for a long time and remembered it firmly.

”Is there more of this fun stuff? ”

Wang Weijun was really about to vomit blood.
Did you think this kind of magical technique was easy? Did you think it was fun? This is transmission of skills! Transmission of skills! Not a real master and disciple relationship.
Who would want to do this kind of thing!

Wang Weijun showed a smile uglier than crying, ”There is more… ”

Mi Xiaojing laughed.
He didn ’t expect this old man to have so much more.
He said, ”Great, great, bring it on…it would be best to have dozens more techniques, haha. ”

Wang Weijun ’s Nascent Soul almost exploded with anger.
Dozens more techniques? Are you kidding me!

”I don ’t have that many techniques.
Even if I did, you don ’t need that many… ”

”You stingy old man, what ’s the big deal with having more… ”

”Wow, I ’m not stingy at all.
You…you ’re simply unreasonable! ”

Wang Weijun was finally driven to a rage.
It was really too much.
He didn ’t know how much he had suffered to obtain the Wind Thunder Technique, even killing many cultivators for it.

”Okay, okay, if there aren ’t dozens of techniques, then let ’s have a dozen.
Otherwise, how can I choose… ”

Wang Weijun ’s excitement upon seeing Mi Xiaojing had completely disappeared.
He now knew that this child was incredibly difficult to deal with.
A few words from him made people unable to tolerate it.
What made him feel the most aggrieved was that he really had a request for Mi Xiaojing, and he had to make him believe in himself no matter what.

”I don ’t have that many! ”

He gritted his teeth and said this.

”How many do you have? ”

”I have one more magical technique… ”

Mi Xiaojing was disappointed.
”Just one…you were so confident in the beginning.
Are you lying to me? ”

”There are only two superior magical techniques.
Do you want some low-level ones? ”

Mi Xiaojing thought about it and found that he wasn ’t very interested in low-level techniques.
He said, ”Okay, okay.
What ’s the name of this technique? ”

”Starry Sky Qianyuan Art! ”

Mi Xiaojing became interested as soon as he heard the name.
The Wind Thunder Technique didn ’t give him any special feelings, it was just like an ordinary magical technique.
But this one was different.
The name gave a sense of power, even a sense of mystery.

”This is great! This is the one! ”

Wang Weijun hesitated for a moment.
Since you like it, can I take this opportunity to make a request? It shouldn ’t be too much, right? He hesitated for a moment, but Wang Weijun ultimately gave up.
This child really didn ’t play by normal rules of thought.
Who knows what terrible consequences making a request might bring.
Unconsciously, Wang Weijun felt a little scared.Receiving the transmission, starting all over again.

In fact, transmitting the transmission also consumes spiritual energy.
Even between master and disciple, such transmissions are rarely carried out because it is very damaging to the master ’s soul.

Wang Weijun had always wanted to harm Mi Xiaojing.
If he wanted to obtain it, he had to pay a price.
After two transmissions, he couldn ’t take it anymore and disappeared after saying just one sentence.

”You should familiarize yourself with how to cultivate first.
I will guide you… ”

Looking at Wang Weijun who suddenly disappeared, Mi Xiaojing couldn ’t help muttering to himself, ”Why did he run away? It ’s just two cultivation techniques.
Is it necessary to disappear so quickly…
stingy! ”

Wang Weijun retreated into his Mantra Banner.
He heard Mi Xiaojing ’s muttering words clearly and was so angry that his whole body trembled and his eyes emitted angry light.
However, he had no way to harm Mi Xiaojing due to the suppression of the Mantra Banner.

After all, Wang Weijun was once a great expert in the combined period with extremely high cultivation level, and he was also an old monster who had lived for a long time.
Although he was temporarily provoked by Mi Xiaojing ’s anger, he quickly calmed down.
He was secretly shocked that he could not control his emotions.

But he quickly understood that the decline of his cultivation level had damaged his soul.
Therefore, he had extreme reactions when stimulated.
If he didn ’t have a clear goal, he would have cursed and even fought to the death.

”In the future, I must be careful when dealing with this little guy…
I can never reveal my emotions again, even if I am angry, I must smile… ”

Wang Weijun even had the feeling of wanting to cry, which made him feel strange.
After the Yuanying period, he was not greatly affected by emotions.
Unexpectedly, he felt like he would rather die than live while talking to Mi Xiaojing.
This kind of grievance was really unfamiliar to him.

”No, I have to think carefully about how to deal with this little guy in the future… ”


Mi Xiaojing gained a lot.
Two cultivation techniques, Wind and Thunder Technique and Starry Sky Qianyuan Art, were completely presented in his mind.
He didn ’t need to study them.
He just needed to cultivate according to his memory, which was extremely convenient.

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Mi Xiaojing quickly browsed through the two cultivation techniques and gradually had his own ideas.

The Wind and Thunder Technique was actually a famous thunder technique in the cultivation world.
It was known for its great power, quick moves, and strong attack power.
It was stronger than other five-element techniques.
The real power of the thunder technique was to deal with demons and ghosts.
Any demon or ghost was very afraid of the thunder technique.
Once someone cultivated the thunder technique, they would have great suppression power against these evil spirits.

This Wind and Thunder Technique was indeed an excellent cultivation technique as Wang Weijun said.

The Starry Sky Qianyuan Art was completely different.
Firstly, this cultivation technique was extremely complicated.
Just by browsing through it, Mi Xiaojing felt dizzy.
Moreover, this cultivation technique did not have Wang Weijun ’s enlightenment.
If he lacked this part, Mi Xiaojing would have to explore and cultivate it, which would increase the difficulty invisibly.

”Hey! Old man, come out! Come out quickly! ”Wang Weijun had just finished his psychological preparation and was thinking about how to trick Mi Xiaojing when he heard Mi Xiaojing ’s frantic shouting.

”Old man, if you don ’t come out, I ’ll curse you… ”

”What ’s wrong? ”

Wang Weijun had to come out.
In order to gain Mi Xiaojing ’s trust and favor, he couldn ’t ignore him.
For freedom and survival, Wang Weijun was willing to do anything.

”Why is the Wind and Thunder Art so complete with your cultivation experience, but the Starry Sky Qianyuan Art only has dry records of techniques? ”

”Ahem… ”

Wang Weijun ’s half-hearted psychological preparation was completely shattered by Mi Xiaojing ’s words.

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