Mi Xiaojing didn ’t disturb him, casually grabbed a rush cushion and sat on it, starting to cultivate, this time it was Ascension.

Silently reciting the mantra, he manipulated the Evolutionary Immortality beads in his hand, and with each manipulation, a bit of golden light entered them.

Currently, he was cultivating the two-character mantra, but he wasn ’t quite proficient yet.
Every time he recited the two-character mantra, he would often only complete a one-character mantra.

”Hey, little guy! ”

Suddenly, an old man in a green robe appeared in his mind.
Mi Xiaojing was slightly startled, he immediately recognized him, this person had appeared in his dream before, but this time it was strange, he was in the middle of cultivation, how did this old man appear?

”Who are you…how did you appear… ”

Mi Xiaojing opened his eyes, but he could still see the old man in his mind clearly.
This eerie feeling shocked Mi Xiaojing, he closed his eyes again and silently asked, ”What ’s going on? What do you want? ” Even though he was startled, he remained calm and asked silently in his mind.

It was apparent that the old man in the green robe was very excited.
During this time, he almost suffocated to death.
No one communicated with him, no one knew him.
Humans are social animals.
Even if Wang Weijun cultivated to a high level, this wouldn ’t change.
With no one to communicate with, over time, people will become abnormal.

Wang Weijun was on the verge of madness.

”Haha, little guy, I succeeded, haha, didn ’t expect it, we finally meet again, haha, hahaha… ”

His laughter changed, but Mi Xiaojing was angry.
He actually entered his own mind and made such a strange laugh, it was too damn unpleasant.
”Get lost! ”

A one-character mantra was directly sent out in his mind.

Wang Weijun laughed loudly.
This level of mantra had no effect on him.
Whether it was Cultivation or Ascension, attacking a Nascent Soul with a low-level disciple was a joke.
Even if he was in the Nascent Soul state now, he could blow him away with one breath.
Mi Xiaojing ’s attack was like a mosquito bite.
Even if it did bite, it wouldn ’t cause any harm.

But Wang Weijun was imprisoned by the Mantra Banner and couldn ’t counterattack, so he couldn ’t offend Mi Xiaojing too much.

Mi Xiaojing was furious and his emotional fluctuations affected his heart tower.

”Get lost! ”

It was difficult to speak out a two-character mantra, but in his mind, Mi Xiaojing finally sent out a two-character mantra.

This attack was a bit different.
If the attack of a one-character mantra was like a mosquito bite, then this attack was like a big mosquito bite that would cause a bump on the skin.
In other words, the attack of a two-character mantra caused a reaction from Wang Weijun ’s Nascent Soul.

”Wow, interesting, little guy actually made me uncomfortable for a bit, haha, not bad, not bad… ”

”Get lost! Get lost! Get lost… ”Mi Xiaojing frantically recited two-word mantras in his heart, pouring the attacks onto Wang Weijun like a storm.

A few bites from a big mosquito wouldn ’t hurt, but dozens of bites would definitely be uncomfortable.
Wang Weijun was feeling exactly that.

”Stop! Stop it…
don ’t do this…
I have something to say… ”

Wang Weijun shouted continuously, unable to resist, only able to withstand the attacks.
Although the attacks weren ’t fatal, they did consume some of his Yuan Ying power.
In the Mantra Banner, cultivation was a difficult thing, and even a slight loss was heartbreaking.
Cultivating here was just too difficult.

Mi Xiaojing finally breathed a sigh of relief and stopped reciting the mantras.

”Who are you? ”

”I am the Cultivation Ancestor…
you can call me Ancestor! ”

”Get out! Get out! Get out… ”

”Don ’t recite! Don ’t recite anymore… ”

”What kind of nonsense Ancestor are you? Who are you, Ancestor, coming into my mind and claiming to be from the Dao Sect? Who do you think you are…
Get out! ”

Wang Weijun was speechless and wanted to leave, but he couldn ’t.
He had almost died in the Mantra Banner and had finally made it through.
He wanted to fool Mi Xiaojing, but he was disgusted by him.
Was it easy for him?

”Hey, little guy, it ’s impossible for me to leave…
Don ’t recite, don ’t recite…
Hey, it ’s not that I don ’t want to leave, I can ’t leave… ”

”What? How is this possible? You, you…
give me an explanation! ”

Mi Xiaojing was surprised.
Couldn ’t leave? What was going on?

Wang Weijun pretended to be profound and said, ”Don ’t be surprised, it ’s like this…
I am just a wisp of soul, temporarily staying here…
cough, um, you should know that I am a super powerful expert in the Cultivation World, with extremely strong strength… ”

”Don ’t say those useless things, how can you leave? ”

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”Ah? Can ’t leave…
unless you reach the Foundation Establishment stage, maybe there is hope. ”

”Foundation Establishment stage? ”

Mi Xiaojing felt hopeless.
During his time in the Sword Heart Sect, he had learned that there was the Qi Refining stage, then the Foundation Establishment stage, and then the Golden Core stage.
Only by stepping into the Golden Core stage could one be considered a true expert in cultivation.
However, countless cultivators were stuck at the Foundation Establishment stage and could not reach the Golden Core stage, eventually dying in this realm.

Advancing from the Qi Refining stage to the Foundation Establishment stage was a threshold for many cultivators.
If it was only one foot high, then advancing from the Foundation Establishment stage to the Golden Core stage had a threshold of at least four feet high, which was extremely difficult to achieve.

”I don ’t know if I can reach the Foundation Establishment stage! ”

”You can, definitely.
With me, the Ancestor, here, there is no problem! ”

Wang Weijun made a firm promise, secretly happy in his heart.
He wasn ’t worried about not being able to control Mi Xiaojing.
As long as he followed his guidance in cultivation, one day, the Mantra Banner would be freed from him!Once the Mantra Banner was detached from Mi Xiaojing, he would have the opportunity to control it.
At that time, he would possess a precious treasure of the Evolutionary Community.
This treasure was useless in Mi Xiaojing ’s hands, but in Wang Weijun ’s hands, it would be different.

After thinking for a while, Mi Xiaojing, who was still a child, did not notice any conspiracy.
Hesitating for a moment, he said, ”Okay, you can keep it for now.
But remember, don ’t suddenly jump out and scare people. ”

”Okay, I won ’t come out randomly! ”

At this moment, Wang Weijun was particularly amiable.
He didn ’t want to anger Mi Xiaojing.
If Mi Xiaojing didn ’t cooperate with him, he wouldn ’t have any way to achieve his goals.
Therefore, he had to gain Mi Xiaojing ’s trust.

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