eone stole the spirit fruit… ”

Two low-level cultivators walked in from outside.

Mu Xiaoyin ’s face changed immediately.

These two low-level cultivators were Hong Qing ’s disciples.
Hong Qing was a pill master at the Grass-Benevolence Hall and had always been in a secret rivalry with Chen Laoming.
His disciples had also been unfriendly to Chen ’s disciples, but they didn ’t dare to openly bully them because Chen had a high position in the sect and was the only grandmaster-level alchemist in the sect.

Chen Zhong was Hong Qing ’s disciple, in the middle stage of refining qi, and quite domineering.
The cultivator next to him was his junior brother, named Chen Er Gou, and also his cousin, in the early stage of refining qi.

Their aptitude for cultivation was good, and they were considered to be Hong Qing ’s favored disciples.

Mu Xiaoyin ’s face changed when she saw the two of them come in.
Although Chen Shouyi doted on her, she was still an ordinary mortal and had a natural fear of cultivators.

”What do you want? ”

Chen Zhong had a long horse face, with a chin that protruded like a shovel.
He was very ugly when he smiled, but he didn ’t know how ugly he was.
He smiled maliciously and said, ”Don ’t say I ’m bullying you.
Since you dare to steal spirit fruit, I ’ll confiscate it… ”

He didn ’t dare to let Chen Shouyi beat Mu Xiaoyin, but he dared to snatch the spirit fruit.

Chen Er Gou fawned beside him and said, ”That ’s right! That ’s right! Dare to steal spirit fruit, confiscate it! Confiscate it! ” As he spoke, saliva dripped from his mouth.

Mu Xiaoyin protected the basket and took a step back.
It was clear that she was afraid.

Mi Xiaojing stepped forward and blocked the two of them.
No matter what, Mu Xiaoyin was the only person in the Heart Sect who was friendly to him.
According to his temperament, he wouldn ’t just stand by and watch.

Chen Zhong stared at Mi Xiaojing for a while, then suddenly laughed.
”So you ’re a remnant of the Western Expansion Sect…
Haha, you ’ve changed your identity and become a pill boy.
Kid, get out of the way, it ’s none of your business! ” He couldn ’t gauge Mi Xiaojing ’s strength, so he didn ’t dare to go too far.
Of course, as an outer disciple of the Heart Sect, he felt that oppressing Mi Xiaojing was completely acceptable.

If it weren ’t for Chen Zhong ’s words, Mi Xiaojing wouldn ’t have been emotional, but when he heard the words ”remnant of the Western Expansion Sect, ” his eyes turned red. ”Get lost! ” Mi Xiaojing didn ’t bother to say more, he just spat out a word, a Spirit Script.

Before the Spirit Script landed, Chen Zhong felt like he was hit by a giant hammer on his head, and his whole body went numb.
Even Chen Ergou, who was standing beside him, was affected.
Their faces turned red, then blue, and their bodies were shaking.

When they regained some consciousness, Chen Zhong and Chen Ergou were shocked.
What kind of attack was this? Just a shout made it unbearable.

”You! You…you… ” Chen Zhong pointed at Mi Xiaojing as if he had seen a ghost.

Chen Ergou kept retreating.
He was only in the Qi Refining stage, and although the attack was not directed at him, he was more injured than Chen Zhong.
His legs were weak.

Mi Xiaojing continued to stare at Chen Zhong.
”Get lost! ”

Chen Zhong sat on the ground.
Both attacks were Spirit Script attacks.
In other words, Mi Xiaojing launched two attacks with the realm of Great Perfection in Qi Refining, although he used Evolutionary Immortality means, the opponent still couldn ’t bear it.

Sitting on the ground, Chen Zhong knew it was not good, but he dared not stay any longer.
He crawled and rolled towards the gate, looking quite embarrassed.

”You, wait…I will find you…kid, how dare you be so arrogant, I won ’t let you go… ”

Although he was defeated, he continued to talk tough.
The two of them crawled to the gate, and Chen Zhong threatened while jumping.

Mi Xiaojing took a step forward.
He actually wanted to use a two-word Spirit Script attack, but he was really not proficient.

Chen Zhong and Chen Ergou saw Mi Xiaojing take a step forward outside the gate, and they were so scared that they turned and ran away.

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