The banner formation started, and the prohibition range was filled with raging flames.
Yu Hong was suspended above the banner formation, staring down as if waiting for something.
He had already taken off the green gourd at his waist.

The spiritual lines on the gourd flickered, indicating that it was a magic tool.


An extremely cold aura erupted, and in an instant, the flames in the center of the sea of fire were completely extinguished.
A black shadow suddenly rushed out from below, and countless flames shot towards it, all attacks launched by the banner formation.

Yu Hong said coldly, ”Surrender, you can ’t escape! ”

squeak… ”

The sound was like iron scraping against glass, sharp and ear-piercing, but it had no effect on Yu Hong, who was an old monster in the late Yuanying stage with extraordinary strength.
This sound attack was useless against him.

Countless black shadows flickered and finally merged into one figure.

Any cultivator would know that this thing was a demon spirit.
The so-called demon spirit was the result of a cultivator ’s Yuanying attempting to become a Loose Immortal but ultimately failing, only being able to transform into another form of existence that was neither human nor ghost.

Demon spirits often retained many cultivation techniques and evolved into their own unique abilities.
Some powerful demon spirits could even fight against cultivators in the Yuanying stage.

Of course, the strength of this demon spirit was not enough, and it took Yu Hong a lot of effort to trap it.
The battle lasted for dozens of days until they reached the desert.

No demon spirit would willingly fall into the hands of cultivators.
At that time, they would rather die together or have their souls disappear than be caught by cultivators, unless they encountered a true Great Power who they could not resist and could not even let themselves die, then they might be caught.

Therefore, in the cultivation world, demon spirits have always been rare treasures, and Yu Hong also wanted to obtain one.
He had gone through countless hardships and finally saw the possibility of catching a demon spirit.

”As long as you surrender to me, don ’t worry, I will treat you well…
and even help you catch Yin ghosts and let you cultivate… ”

Before Yu Hong finished speaking, the demon spirit spat, ”Pah! Even if I die, I won ’t surrender! ” He knew the situation of the cultivation world even as a demon spirit.
Once he surrendered, he would lose everything, how could he bear it? Of course, he would rather die than surrender.

Yu Hong secretly felt a headache.
Killing a demon spirit was no problem with his cultivation level, but capturing it alive was really difficult.
Even if his strength was higher, without overwhelming power, it would be unlikely to capture it alive.
Although the demon spirit was trapped by the banner formation now, once it couldn ’t hold on, it might self-destruct, and he would get nothing.

”Don ’t force me…
don ’t force me! ”

The flames burned, and the demon spirit was at its wits ’ end.
It was known that demon spirits were most afraid of flames.
They liked damp and cold places and preferred to be around extremely cold things.
As for earth fire and flames, those were their natural enemies.
They were born as Yin and cold beings.Yu Hong ’s spirits lifted.
He knew that the demon spirit had been cornered and continued to coax it: ”As long as you surrender, I will stop attacking… ”

The demon spirit was engulfed in flames and howled, ”I…
I surrender…
Stop, please stop… ”

Yu Hong ’s face immediately showed an extremely excited expression.
He decisively said, ”Good! ” and pointed his finger.
The towering flames disappeared, revealing the battered demon spirit.

Due to being burned by the flames, the demon spirit ’s body was unstable, sometimes condensing into a solid form, sometimes dispersing into a black shadow.
After several cycles, it finally completely solidified into a black shadow.

Yu Hong was not in a hurry.
As long as the banner formation surrounded it, he believed that this demon spirit could not escape.
Since it couldn ’t escape, he had patience and hoped that the demon spirit would surrender to him willingly.

For half a moment, the demon spirit did not make any sound.
It just hung silently in mid-air.
The shadows of the banner formation could be vaguely seen floating around it.
Countless flames were faintly visible on the shadows, and the unique fluctuations of the banner formation made the air ripple.

Yu Hong held a jade-like gourd with a flickering flame pattern on it.
Once the demon spirit surrendered, this would be the magic treasure that would restrain it.

Suddenly, the demon spirit moved and threw out a round bead!

The bead was not big, about the size of an egg, and was brightly red.
It was actually a Qianyang Gang bead, which was extremely strange for a demon spirit to possess.
To collect this kind of thing, a demon spirit must have an extremely yin and cold treasure to suppress it.

Yu Hong was also surprised.
He knew that the demon spirit wanted to keep these things, it must have another black bead suppressed by an extremely yin and cold treasure.
Sure enough, after the red bead was thrown, it threw out another black bead.

The two beads flew around the demon spirit.

”I told you…
don ’t force me… ” The demon spirit ’s voice was full of despair and determination, with an attitude of preferring to die than to surrender.

Yu Hong suddenly felt that something was wrong.
Before he could activate the banner formation to launch another attack, the demon spirit screamed without hesitation, ”Let ’s all die together! ”

A red and a black radiance collided with each other, and the collision of extreme yin and extreme yang meant something to Yu Hong.
His face finally changed, becoming pale.
He didn ’t even have time to curse and immediately left the banner formation, trying to use the magical technique to suppress it.

Fortunately, Yu Hong was already in the late stage of the Yuan Ying realm.
Although he was not at the Great Perfection level, he already had a short-range teleportation method.
With this method, he managed to escape from the banner formation.

The collision of extreme yin and extreme yang did not make a sound, and the two radiance mutually annihilated each other.
In an instant, the surroundings became dark.

A huge force dragged Yu Hong.
This force was so terrifying that even Yu Hong found it difficult to resist.

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Fortunately, the banner formation was fully activated, giving Yu Hong a chance to struggle.

However, the banner formation only lasted for three breaths of time.
In this short three breaths of time, Yu Hong managed to escape a kilometer away.

Even so, at the moment the banner formation was destroyed, a huge force dragged him back, and with Yu Hong ’s cultivation level, he couldn ’t break free.
He was almost dragged into it and was dragged for more than seven hundred meters before the force suddenly disappeared!

Yu Hong spurted out a mouthful of blood.
The sudden disappearance of the force immediately caused him to be seriously injured.
Then a huge force suddenly spread out, hitting him.
He was like a ball that had been hit and was shot out.

This blow caused Yu Hong to fly out for several kilometers.

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