Mu Xiaoyin ’s face lit up with joy.
She looked at Mi Xiaojing as if he were a new and interesting toy, making Mi Xiaojing feel uneasy.

Mi Xiaojing wondered who Mu Xiaoyin was and why Chen Shouyi favored an ordinary person like her.


Mu Xiaoyin patted Mi Xiaojing ’s shoulder and said with a smile, ”Little junior brother, you ’re following me from now on.
Call me senior sister and listen… ” She was extremely proud to have a cultivator as her junior brother.
It was really satisfying.

Mi Xiaojing smiled inwardly, but he was also quite sinister.
He nodded and said, ”Yes, senior sister… ”

Mu Xiaoyin was overjoyed and said, ”Let ’s go! I ’ll take you to the outer gate to register your identity.
You ’re not an ordinary person anymore.
You can change your identity and enjoy the treatment of an outer disciple. ”

Mi Xiaojing calmly said, ”Yes, thank you, senior sister. ”

Mu Xiaoyin turned around and said, ”Old man, I ’m taking junior brother with me… ”

Chen Shouyi waved his hand and said, ”Go ahead… ”

Mu Xiaoyin was actually his relative and had been raised by him since she was very young.
Although she couldn ’t cultivate due to her poor aptitude, she had been spoiled by him over the years and had become uncontrollable in front of him.

Mu Xiaoyin took Mi Xiaojing out of the pill room, and they walked towards the outer gate.
After about half an hour, Mi Xiaojing was surprised to find that Mu Xiaoyin had excellent stamina.
Although the road was difficult, she didn ’t even break a sweat.
She was just a mortal, after all.

When they arrived at the outer gate, they entered a courtyard where there was a plaque with two large characters: ”Outer Gate. ”

Mu Xiaoyin took Mi Xiaojing to a room and said, ”Uncle Qiao, Uncle Qiao, I ’m here! ”

A middle-aged man came out and smiled, ”Oh, Xiaoyin, why do you have time to come here today? ”

Mu Xiaoyin said proudly, ”Uncle Qiao, this is my junior brother.
He ’s come to get his identity badge.
And, the old man said he ’s going to be his pill boy and enjoy the treatment of an outer disciple from now on. ”

Uncle Qiao was immediately attracted to Mi Xiaojing.
With just one glance, he exclaimed, ”He ’s at the great perfection stage of the Qi Refining Realm…wow, he can enter the inner gate.
Whose disciple is he? ”

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Mu Xiaoyin said, ”Who cares whose disciple he is? He ’s my junior brother now.
Uncle Qiao, hurry up and get it done…Uncle Qiao! ” She said in a coquettish tone.

Uncle Qiao was a little scared.
Although Mu Xiaoyin was just an ordinary mortal, she had the backing of a Foundation Establishment Ancestor.
Uncle Qiao was only at the Foundation Building stage, so he didn ’t want to offend her.
He smiled and said, ”Okay, okay, I ’ll get someone to do it.
Xiaoyin, don ’t be in a hurry…hehe, don ’t be in a hurry! ”

Two disciples were called in to help Mi Xiaojing get his identity badge.
Since he was designated as Chen Shouyi ’s pill boy, the badge was quickly processed without any trouble.

The silver badge was replaced with a gold one, with the words ”Grass-Benevolence Hall ” on the front and ”Inner Gate ” and ”Pill Boy ” on the back.
This meant that Mi Xiaojing could enter the pill room at will.

In the Sword Heart Sect, a gold badge meant having a formal status and not being a dispensable mortal.
Mi Xiaojing had unknowingly joined the Sword Heart Sect, which was quite lucky.Even Wang Weijun couldn ’t help but marvel in the Mantra Banner.
This little bastard has good luck.
Of course, he understood that once one had an official status in a sect, as long as they didn ’t make mistakes, there wouldn ’t be any life-threatening danger.

The attire of low-level disciples in the Sword Heart Sect consisted of a green robe, a black belt, and a gold nameplate.
The green robe was made of satin, and the black boots were made of deer skin.
Low-level magical techniques for attack and defense could be hung on the black belt.
Therefore, in the Sword Heart Sect, as long as one was a low-level cultivator, it was easy to tell that they all wore green robes and black belts.
They were the foundation of the Sword Heart Sect, and the largest group of cultivators in the sect.

Mi Xiaojing had already moved to a new residence: a wooden house near the cliff with a small hole on the cliff behind it.
There was a tiny spiritual spring inside.
This small courtyard was originally inhabited by a Foundation Establishment Period cultivator who had not returned for decades and was presumed dead by the sect.

With Mu Xiaoyin ’s help, Qiao Zhen reluctantly let Mi Xiaojing live in this small courtyard.
It was rare for a low-level disciple to enjoy such treatment.
With this spiritual spring, Mi Xiaojing ’s cultivation would be greatly improved.

The spiritual spring was not very useful for evolutionary immortals, but it was extremely useful for cultivators.
Having a spiritual spring meant that there was a more abundant spiritual Qi, making cultivation much easier.
Spiritual Qi could be converted into true Qi, and the more abundant the spiritual Qi, the more true Qi could be cultivated.

When Mi Xiaojing was cultivating by the spiritual spring, he was fine, but Wang Weijun in the Mantra Banner was extremely excited.
He was the one who needed a large amount of spiritual Qi.

The first time Mi Xiaojing cultivated by the spiritual spring, Wang Weijun benefited greatly.
Due to the speed at which spiritual Qi rushed in during his cultivation, Mi Xiaojing ’s true Qi had increased significantly.
He even felt a sense of fullness, as if his whole body was expanding.

This spiritual spring only produced a thin stream of water, but because no one had cultivated by its side for a long time, the small cave was filled with thick spiritual Qi, making the first cultivation effect the best.
Most of the spiritual Qi was absorbed by Wang Weijun, and it helped him to stabilize his Yuan Ying.

Once Yuan Ying was stable, Wang Weijun began to cultivate a certain magical technique, because he needed to find a way to communicate with Mi Xiaojing.
If he was trapped in the Mantra Banner forever, he felt like he would go crazy.

At night, Mi Xiaojing continued his evolutionary immortality cultivation.
At this point, he had touched his first bottleneck: the Great Perfection of Qi Refinement.
The process of transitioning from Qi Refinement to Foundation Establishment was a qualitative change, and the hardship was understood by cultivators.
Currently, Mi Xiaojing lacked a bit of means.

There were genius cultivators who could forcefully advance with their own strength, but 99.9% of cultivators needed the help of Foundation Establishment Pills to have any hope of advancing.
This was a major breakthrough, and the same was true for evolutionary immortality: from the Perception Stage to the Law Observation Stage, it was also a bottleneck and a major breakthrough that was not easy to overcome.

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