About a hundred miles away from Jing Mountain, Luo Mei and Mi Youran were suspended in mid-air.

Luo Mei looked nervous.

”Husband, did it work? ”

Mi Youran calculated silently for a moment and a hint of joy appeared on his face.

”It worked. ”

Luo Mei stared into the distance, her eyes full of longing, her voice choked up.

”It ’s been eleven years, I haven ’t even seen him once, I don ’t know how my baby is doing… ”

Hearing his wife ’s changed voice, Mi Youran was afraid she would lose control, so he quickly went forward and hugged her gently.

”Don ’t worry, everything is under control. ”

Luo Mei was worried.

”With Wang Weijun ’s character, he will definitely take over someone ’s body, and he will definitely be trapped by the Mantra Banner with ten thousand words.
This way, the Mantra Banner can play its role.
Otherwise, such a treasure of the Evolutionary Sect won ’t be able to do much. ”

”It does have an effect, but it won ’t be too great.
Now that we ’ve added a Yuanying inside, the Mantra Banner has great power and can truly play its role.
This way, our baby can benefit. ”

”As long as our baby grows up, he won ’t be afraid. ”

For the sake of their baby son, this famous couple in the Cultivation World joined forces and dug a super big pit, forcing a combined stage master to fall into it.
They looked at each other and smiled, holding hands and quietly leaving.

Mi Xiaojing returned to his meditation room in the morning.
He put down his backpack tiredly and fell asleep on the bed.
He hadn ’t slept like this for a long time.

Luo Bo looked a little frightened.
He had been here for a few days and had never seen Mi Xiaojing so exhausted.
He could only sit on the side and help drive away the flying flies.

In his dream, Mi Xiaojing saw Wang Weijun ’s Yuanying.

Mi Xiaojing dreamed of an old man, an old man in a green robe, with a righteous appearance.
Wang Weijun ’s Yuanying appeared, and he looked just like he did before, with considerable temptation.

Mi Xiaojing was a polite child, a child with the Evolutionary nature, and a compassionate child.
So even when he saw Wang Weijun in his dream, he was very polite.

”Hello, Grandpa. ”

Wang Weijun recognized Mi Xiaojing at a glance, and he was really gnashing his teeth in his heart.
He didn ’t blame himself for trying to seize someone else ’s body, but he was angry that there was a heaven-defying treasure like the Mantra Banner in his body, which imprisoned him.

However, Wang Weijun did not erupt.
He knew very well that he absolutely could not erupt.
Once Mi Xiaojing disliked him, nothing he said would be of any use.

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Mi Xiaojing was curious about the place.

”Where is this? It ’s so strange! ”

Wang Weijun was extremely angry in his heart.
This was his motherf*cking trap in the Mantra Banner! But he put on a smile on his face, although extremely stiff, and laughed even more ugly than crying.

”This is the Evolutionary Community! ”

First, he had to fool him before saying anything else.Sure enough, Mi Xiaojing recited the mantra very devoutly.

”May the Evolutionary Ancestors bless us! ”

Wang Weijun was extremely angry.
What kind of blessing was that? The Evolutionary Immortals should be killed! Kill! Kill!

”Yes, yes, this is the Evolutionary Community, and I am the Evolutionary Ancestor! ”

Mi Xiaojing carefully looked him over and shook his head firmly.

”No, you are not the Evolutionary Ancestor.
Grandpa, the Evolutionary Ancestor doesn ’t have as much hostility as you do. ”

Wang Weijun was shocked.
Could he tell?

”I, as the Evolutionary Ancestor, specialize in killing.
Of course, I have hostility.
Little guy, don ’t talk nonsense if you don ’t understand! ”

Although Mi Xiaojing was young, after ten years of being exposed to the knowledge of the Evolutionary Community, he was not easily fooled.
He carefully looked at Wang Weijun again.

Wang Weijun was so uncomfortable being stared at that his whole body was covered in goosebumps.
He forced a smile and tried to leave a good impression on Mi Xiaojing.

”Why, don ’t you believe me? ”

Mi Xiaojing shook his head firmly.

”I don ’t believe you! ”

Wang Weijun was extremely frustrated.

”Why don ’t you believe me? ”

”You don ’t have the Evolutionary Heart and Evolutionary Nature! ”

As a cultivator, Wang Weijun didn ’t have much of a concept of Evolutionary Immortality.
Although the Evolutionary and Cultivation worlds had a long history, he always looked down on the Evolutionary family.
To him, the Evolutionary family was just a bunch of hypocrites, especially after being trapped by the Mantra Banner this time, he hated them even more.

”Hehe, what does a child like you know about Evolutionary Heart and Evolutionary Nature! Well, although I am not the Evolutionary Ancestor, I am a Dao Lord! ”

”What is a Dao Lord? ”

Mi Xiaojing really didn ’t understand.
In the Western Expansion Sect, he had only been exposed to everything in the Evolutionary Community, and no one had told him about the Cultivation World.
Of course, he didn ’t know what a Dao Lord was.

Wang Weijun was a little surprised and a little puzzled.
This was common knowledge!

”Don ’t you know what a cultivator is? ”

”What is a cultivator? ”

Wang Weijun was tongue-tied.
A child with such good aptitude didn ’t even know what cultivation was.
His eyes wandered around.
This was a good opportunity to fool the other party! Once Mi Xiaojing believed him, he believed that he had the ability to fool the little guy and make the Mantra Banner leave.
Without the protection of the Mantra Banner, taking over his body would be an easy task.

Mi Xiaojing instinctively sensed that something was wrong.

”You have a wicked heart! ”

As soon as he said this, Mi Xiaojing woke up.

Wang Weijun looked at Mi Xiaojing disappearing and couldn ’t help but jump and roar in frustration.

”Where is my heart wicked! This is ridiculous! ”

Because he was covered by the Mantra Banner, even if Wang Weijun roared, not a sound would be heard.

Mi Xiaojing sat up and rubbed his head.

”That dream was so strange! What is a cultivator…
strange, strange! ”

A small hand pushed Mi Xiaojing. ”Xiao Mi, what ’s wrong? ”

Luo Bo looked at Mi Xiaojing with concern.

Mi Xiaojing was a carefree person.
When he couldn ’t understand something, he would temporarily let go and not get entangled in it, giving off a sense of going with the flow.

”Little Radish, I ’m fine, nothing ’s wrong. ”

Luo Bo looked at Mi Xiaojing with half-belief and half-doubt, but ultimately chose to trust him.

Mi Xiaojing sat there in a daze, and Luo Bo ran out of the room and quickly came back with a wooden basin.

”Xiao Mi, wash up. ”

The cold well water splashed on his face, and Mi Xiaojing slowly regained consciousness.
He rubbed his chin and stopped pursuing the matter, saying, ”Little Radish, let ’s go eat. ”

Although Wang Weijun couldn ’t see Mi Xiaojing or the outside world, he could hear the voices outside.
So no matter what Mi Xiaojing said, he knew.

But it was useless.
He wanted to talk to Mi Xiaojing, but he couldn ’t.
Mainly because he had just been imprisoned by the Mantra Banner and hadn ’t found a suitable way to communicate.
Given time, with Wang Weijun ’s abilities, he could find a way to converse.
But for now, he couldn ’t.

This made Wang Weijun extremely frustrated, as he couldn ’t affect Mi Xiaojing for the time being.
He was anxious for the night, as he could always meet Mi Xiaojing when he slept.

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