Taking over a young man, Wang Weijun had no psychological burden.
To him, taking over was just taking over.
There was no guilt or regret.
For cultivators, fighting against heaven, earth, and people was normal and necessary.

As the young man walked along the mountain path, getting closer and closer, Wang Weijun ’s Nascent Soul lay in wait on a tree branch like a leopard preparing to hunt its prey, waiting for the right moment to pounce.

The young man was Mi Xiaojing, a junior evolutionary immortal of the Western Evolutionary Sect.
He didn ’t notice anything unusual and walked slowly along the mountain path until he came to a huge locust tree, where he suddenly felt strange.

Pausing in confusion, Mi Xiaojing looked around but found nothing.
It was silent all around.

After looking for a while, he shook his head in confusion and continued walking forward.
When he turned his back to the tree, Wang Weijun knew his chance had come.
He pounced from behind, and in an instant, Mi Xiaojing ’s body went limp.
However, instead of falling down, he slowly crossed his legs and sat down, supported by the bamboo basket behind him.

This was a habitual sitting position, which meant that Mi Xiaojing was cultivating.
Although he didn ’t recite any mantras, the heart tower in his body emitted a faint light.
It was at this moment that Wang Weijun ’s Nascent Soul forcibly entered Mi Xiaojing ’s body.

Due to the great power of the Nascent Soul, Mi Xiaojing instantly lost consciousness.

Erasing and depriving the opponent ’s soul was an inevitable process of taking over.
Just as Wang Weijun thought he had succeeded and was overjoyed, the heart tower emitted a brilliant light.
At the bottom of the heart tower, a golden mantra banner suddenly rose, and countless mantra characters surged forth, forming golden light cords that quickly danced inside Mi Xiaojing ’s body like jellyfish tentacles.

Wang Weijun ’s Nascent Soul that had entered Mi Xiaojing ’s body was completely tragic.

The only way for the Nascent Soul to erase Mi Xiaojing ’s soul was to quickly expand and occupy the body.
However, Wang Weijun had just entered Mi Xiaojing ’s body when countless golden mantra characters suddenly spread out and covered every inch of it.

In an instant, Mi Xiaojing ’s whole body was covered in golden light, like a huge glowing body.
Any exposed skin was shining with a dazzling golden color.

Wang Weijun was shocked.
Before he could take any action, countless mantra characters stuck to his Nascent Soul, compressing it into a tiny point and quickly dragging it towards the heart tower.

Mi Xiaojing was temporarily unconscious and did not see the golden light on his skin or the earth-shattering changes inside his body.

The golden light cords formed by the mantra characters entwined the Nascent Soul, dragging it towards the heart tower.

The sudden change scared Wang Weijun out of his wits.
Then he saw a golden treasure of the Evolutionary Community, the Mantra Banner, which was a golden tower of mantras.

In an instant, Wang Weijun recognized what it was and was terrified.

”No! This is the Evolutionary Treasure! This is the Mantra Banner! ”

At a glance, he recognized this as the Evolutionary Community ’s treasure, which was similar to the immortal treasures of the cultivation world and was also a legendary treasure.The Mantra Banner with ten thousand characters!

Countless characters, countless Evolutionary Sect classic characters, layered and dense, countless Evolutionary Community hidden mantras that cannot be counted, flicker and squirm on the Mantra Banner.
One after another, the unique Evolutionary Community spirit scripts, like rotating wheels, fly out in a series, entwining the Yuan Ying.

Wang Weijun couldn ’t even cry.

”Why am I so unlucky! ”

The Yuan Ying was directly dragged into the Mantra Banner.

Poor Wang Weijun had no weapons, only a few incantations that could be used.
However, when he cast them, he could only protect the Yuan Ying and had no other means of escape.
If he still had a combined Yuan Ying, he might have had a chance to escape by spending some means and sacrificing some treasures.
But now there was no way.
The Yuan Ying was about to dissipate, and he couldn ’t escape.

Countless Evolutionary Community spirit scripts suppressed him.
In an instant, the Yuan Ying disappeared without a sound.

However, the Mantra Banner was not a killing weapon.
The treasure of Evolutionary Sect had no killing intent, and the Yuan Ying was only trapped without much danger.
Moreover, because of the illumination of the spirit scripts, Wang Weijun ’s Yuan Ying would not dissipate, which was the only advantage.

It was almost impossible to seize someone ’s body now.
With the protection of the treasure of Evolutionary Sect, the Yuan Ying had no hope of seizing a body.
Unless Mi Xiaojing released it voluntarily, there might still be a chance for Wang Weijun ’s Yuan Ying.
Unfortunately, Mi Xiaojing did not know that someone was trying to seize a body, and of course, he could not command the Mantra Banner.

Evolutionary Community did not mind killing, but because of the different schools of thought, their ideas were not the same.
The Mantra Banner was not a killing tool, but a legacy, wisdom, and nurturing vitality.

It was precisely the last point, nurturing vitality, that saved Wang Weijun ’s Yuan Ying.
If it were another treasure of Evolutionary Sect, it might have been suppressed and killed when it pounced on Mi Xiaojing ’s body.

The more he struggled, the tougher the restraint.
Wang Weijun was not stupid.
He soon realized that he should stop struggling, as if he had already died, waiting quietly.
He began to desperately recall the legend of the Mantra Banner, trying to find its weakness.

Mi Xiaojing was unconscious for a very short time, not more than the time it took for an incense stick to burn.
He had no reaction at all because things happened too quickly.
He didn ’t even know why he was sitting on the ground.

Sitting on the ground, he was dazed for about a quarter of an hour.
Mi Xiaojing touched his body and found that nothing was missing, and he was not injured.
He didn ’t find any beasts or enemies either, which surprised him.

”Why am I sitting on the ground? It ’s strange! ”

His head was a little dizzy.
Mi Xiaojing muttered to himself, ”Is it because I ’m hungry? No, I had breakfast before I left…
strange… ”

Slowly standing up, Mi Xiaojing realized that his legs were weak, and he was sweating profusely.
Looking at the mountain path, he decided to find some wild vegetables and fruits nearby and go back early.
Today was really strange.

Mi Xiaojing didn ’t know that he had just circled around the gates of hell, nor did he know that there was a rare treasure of Evolutionary Sect in his body that saved his life.
Wiping the sweat off his forehead, he dared not continue climbing the mountain but walked towards the forest by the roadside.He couldn ’t come here for nothing, so Mi Xiaojing chose to collect in the forest on the side of the road instead of continuing up the mountain.
He felt weak all over and mentally exhausted.
Even if the Mantra Banner reacted quickly, his soul still suffered a strong shock from being forcibly hit by a Yuan Ying.
Otherwise, he wouldn ’t have passed out all of a sudden.

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