Just as he swore to take revenge, his cultivation level plummeted, from the early stage of Nascent Soul realm to the mid-stage of Nascent Soul realm, not even the perfect stage.

Wang Weijun ’s face was miserable.
He was still using all his true essence to desperately suppress the **** Cold Heart Needle.
Once it attacked his Nascent Soul, he would be doomed.

As time passed, Wang Weijun ’s cultivation level continued to decline rapidly.
In just a few days, he had fallen from the Nascent Soul realm to the Yuan Ying realm.
Moreover, he could no longer resist the erosion of the **** Cold Heart Needle, and his Yuan Ying began to wither.

At the end of his rope, Wang Weijun sighed.
He knew that he had only one way out, and all other paths were dead ends.

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He really didn ’t want to take that path, but not taking it would mean death.
He gritted his teeth in hatred.
That path was too difficult! He had to use the Martial Arts Explanation to get rid of the **** Cold Heart Needle, which meant he had to abandon his own body.

Only cultivators above the Yuan Ying realm could use the Martial Arts Explanation.
Those with insufficient strength could not use it.
However, for any cultivator, using the Martial Arts Explanation was an extremely difficult and even irreversible path.

Wang Weijun could not find a way out and could only choose to use the Martial Arts Explanation.
There was still a glimmer of hope.
If he was lucky enough to find a good body with excellent aptitude for cultivation, he could continue to cultivate after taking over it.

If he was unlucky and took over the body of an ordinary person with no aptitude for cultivation, he would be trapped for the rest of his life.
Wang Weijun was very clear about this.

If he didn ’t take over a new body, he could become a Loose Immortal, but to do so, he needed good luck, friends to help him, and Earth Treasures.
The probability of success was too small, and he didn ’t even dare to consider it.

One way was to be reincarnated, but it was even more dangerous.
If no one guided him, he would be completely annihilated if he failed to awaken.
It was only slightly better than dying immediately.
He didn ’t want to take that risk.

Finally, there was a non-human path, but Wang Weijun didn ’t even consider it.
That was to take over the body of a wild beast with ancient bloodline and become a beast instead of a human.
That path was even more dangerous.

Wang Weijun smiled miserably.
He didn ’t even have time to think.
Once the **** Cold Heart Needle invaded his Nascent Soul, he would not be able to use the Martial Arts Explanation.
He had to act decisively.

Usually, one needed help to use the Martial Arts Explanation, but there were also those who forced it.
Wang Weijun had no one to help him.
He had always been a lone wolf in the Cultivation World, and he had enemies everywhere, so using the Martial Arts Explanation was his only option.
Although it was not good for his Nascent Soul, he had no choice.

Sitting cross-legged on the ground until nightfall, Wang Weijun finally couldn ’t hold on anymore.
He slapped his own Heavenly Spirit cover with one hand, and in an instant, a hole exploded on it, and his Nascent Soul flew out.

As soon as his Nascent Soul flew out, Wang Weijun ’s whole body turned into an ice sculpture.

Without the suppression of his Nascent Soul, the **** Cold Heart Needle erupted, and his body was frozen forever.

Looking back at his Shedding, Wang Weijun cast an Incantation, and in an instant, his Nascent Soul was covered with a faint blue light.
After all, he was once a powerful expert in the Harmonious Spirit realm.
Although his Nascent Soul was weak now, he was still much stronger than the Yuan Ying realm cultivators.
Although his Nascent Soul was withered, there was no trace of dissipation.With a wave of his hand, Wang Weijun ’s Immortal Pouch hanging from his waist flew into his hand.
He was left with only one storage treasure, as the magic weapons and spiritual treasures inside were already depleted.
He pressed the Immortal Pouch onto his Yuan Ying, and it was absorbed into his body.

Reluctantly, he took a final glance at his Shedding and Yuan Ying turned into a blue light, flying away in an instant.

After about half an hour, the couple, Luo Mei and Mi Youran, quietly appeared next to the Shedding.

One was as beautiful as a flower, and the other as strong as a lion.

”Husband, he really understands martial arts! ”

”Wife, didn ’t you predict this already? This person is quite impressive.
He was able to endure for so long even after being hit by my **** Cold Needle. ”

The two were a famous couple in the Cultivation World, Luo Mei and Mi Youran.

Luo Mei smiled: ”Husband, we still need to force him to go over.
If something unexpected happens after a long time, it will be troublesome. ”

”No, we just need to ambush him in a certain place.
His Yuan Ying is still too strong now, so it won ’t work.
Hmm, it ’s difficult for us to make a move, he ’s already too weak.
If we make a move, he ’ll be finished. ”

”It ’s okay, I have another way.
Although it ’s difficult, I ’m confident. ”

Mi Youran pondered for a moment and said, ”Are we not overestimating our abilities? ”

”No! This is not overestimating our abilities! ”

”Okay, let ’s go! ”

The couple turned into a long rainbow and flew away into the sky.


Wang Weijun ’s Yuan Ying flew quickly.
He had to leave the snowy mountain area as there were no ordinary people there.
Furthermore, his Yuan Ying was in a very dangerous state.
Cultivators always treated other people ’s Yuan Ying as treasures, whether it was for refining tools or alchemy.
Especially for his Yuan Ying, which was in the combined period, even though it had fallen to the Yuan Ying period during the Shedding, its quality was still extremely rare.

As he flew, his Yuan Ying became weaker due to his turbulent thoughts.

This attack had dealt him a huge blow.
He was forced to Shed for no reason, and until now, he still didn ’t know who had made the move.
All he knew was that it was a man and a woman, one in the combined period, and he suspected that they were experts in the later stage of the combined period, making it even more hopeless was that the woman was a super expert in the Great Accomplishment period.

Even if it was just one person, Wang Weijun couldn ’t handle it, let alone two super experts.
As he fled, he had no strength to fight back.
He only had one Yuan Ying left, and even if a cultivator in the Yuan Ying period came, he still wouldn ’t be able to win.
He was so scared that he frantically fled.

”Crack! ”

It was like a fly being swatted.
Although he didn ’t fall to the ground, this blow directly sent his Yuan Ying flying like a ball.
No matter how he tried to escape, he was always hit.
What was even more despairing was that he still didn ’t know where his opponent was.

(The Cultivation World ’s level division: Qi Refining period, Foundation Establishment period, Core Formation period, Yuan Ying period, Nascent Soul period, Combined period, and Great Accomplishment period.
The Evolutionary Immortality level will be gradually revealed in this book.)

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