The true element is running! In an instant, the power of the Wind Thunder Sword was maximized, and the attack of the Wind Thunder Sword had reached a distance of seven hundred meters in an instant.

The entire sky dimmed with this sword strike.
Rolling clouds appeared in the sky almost instantly, accompanied by the Wind Thunder Sword, as if lightning struck down from the sky and slashed towards the person suspended in the air.

Like a fireworks display, a huge silver light burst open, and silver snakes danced as the light shone everywhere.

Wang Weijun felt as if he had been hit by an invisible giant hammer, groaning as his whole body was thrown far away…

Just one strike made him realize that the opponent was actually a master of the Mahayana stage, and the opponent ’s counterattack was obviously holding back.
But even so, Wang Weijun couldn ’t handle it, because his Wind Thunder Sword, which was his life weapon, was broken!

Blood spurted out of his mouth, his primordial spirit was injured, and his Nascent Soul was withered.
Wang Weijun was scared out of his wits.
He didn ’t understand when he had offended the top existence of the Cultivation World.

”Stop! Senior, let ’s talk! ”

Another light laugh came clearly into his ears.
Wang Weijun didn ’t even have time to collect the fragments of the Wind Thunder Sword, and instantly moved away.
Just as he revealed his figure, a black sword shadow had already struck his body.

”Boom! ”

The jade talisman hanging from Wang Weijun ’s waist suddenly exploded, forming a spherical golden light shield.
Instantly, the black sword shadow struck it, catching him off guard.

Wang Weijun screamed in fear, watching the jade talisman turn into powder at his waist.
Then, the small non-golden, non-wooden plaque on his wrist also vibrated, and instantly, seven extremely delicate shields appeared in front of him.

The cracking sound rang out, and the black sword shadow instantly broke six shields.
The small plaque on Wang Weijun ’s wrist also appeared with countless cracks.
In this short moment, he finally recovered and moved away again.

At this moment, Wang Weijun understood that one was a master of the Mahayana stage, and the other was a master of the combined stage, just like himself.
The two attacked together, and what was even more deceitful was that both of them were much stronger than him.

Wang Weijun was filled with fear and confusion.
He really couldn ’t remember when he had offended such terrifying masters.

The Cultivation World has always been full of bullying the weak and fearing the strong, and Wang Weijun had done his fair share of it.
But no matter what he did, there had to be a reason, right? He couldn ’t just see someone weaker than himself and go up to bully them, beat them up, and get away with it.

The Cultivation World didn ’t lack lunatics, but they weren ’t everywhere.
You have to know that people who can cultivate to the Mahayana stage and the combined stage rarely have lost their minds.
But what was this? It was unbelievable.
Why were there such masters attacking him?

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Wang Weijun was both shocked and scared, but his figure moved again without hesitation!

Just as he appeared in another place, another sword strike came at him.
He almost cried.
Why did the opponent always know where he would appear in advance? It was too much, he couldn ’t play like this!At this moment, the Wind and Thunder Sword had been destroyed by the woman ’s attack.
Wang Weijun had lost his most handy weapon.
If he had known that the opponent was a high-level expert in the Mahayana realm, he would not have used the Wind and Thunder Sword to attack from afar.
That was not an attack, that was courting death.

Fortunately, after destroying Wang Weijun ’s Wind and Thunder Sword, the opponent did not attack again and just hung in the air watching the show.
However, the other man, who was extremely muscular, did not let him go.
One sword after another, his attacks were slow and steady, but each attack hit Wang Weijun ’s weak points, leaving him with no choice but to resist.

All kinds of defensive or offensive treasures in his hands, including the Star-Dipping Hairpin inserted in his hair, were used one by one and destroyed one by one by his opponent.
Wang Weijun ’s heart was bleeding.
These were treasures he had accumulated for a long time.
The opponent was very patient, as if he was deliberately destroying all of his treasures.

Wang Weijun was also stunned.
He didn ’t want to achieve anything, he just wanted to avoid mistakes.
The key was not to be killed in one blow.

The opponent seemed to have no intention of killing him.
Otherwise, if the two of them attacked together, Wang Weijun would have had no chance.
By the time Wang Weijun reacted, all of his powerful treasures had been exhausted.
It was only then that Wang Weijun realized that he had only one thought in his mind: to escape.
He couldn ’t continue fighting.

After several consecutive teleportations, he finally lost sight of the two of them.
Wang Weijun flew forward along the snow-capped mountains.
Without the Wind and Thunder Sword, his flying speed was much slower.
He cursed all the way as he fled.
He was almost heartbroken.
Were these two guys just here to have fun with him?

Just then, a silver light suddenly flew out of the snow-capped mountains and hit Wang Weijun ’s body.
He felt a chill and fell from the sky.
He no longer had any treasures to protect himself.

”Boom! ”

Wang Weijun plunged headlong into the snowdrift.
His whole body was deeply buried in the snow, and even his feet couldn ’t be seen.
He was completely covered by the snowdrift.

”Wu… ”

Wang Weijun cried out in frustration from the snowdrift, then was forced to stiffen his whole body by a cold air.
He struggled hard, crawled out of the snowdrift, and then took out a pile of bottles and jars from his Immortal Pouch, started to eat pills frantically, and suppressed the cold air.

The surroundings were silent, covered in thick snow.
Wang Weijun was still confused.
He had never suffered such a loss in his life.
He was inexplicably beaten like a stray dog.
It was too unfair.

Wang Weijun tore open his collar and saw a black spot on his shoulder.
What was injected into his body?

Soon Wang Weijun knew what it was and couldn ’t help but scream.

****Frozen Heart Needle!

The worst part was that he had no treasures now.
All the treasures, even spiritual treasures, that he could use had been exhausted.
Wang Weijun had to rely solely on his cultivation level to suppress the ****Frozen Heart Needle, which was a one-time needle-shaped treasure refined from a condensed extreme cold Gang Qi by a high-level expert.With Wang Weijun ’s knowledge, he naturally understood that this was not something that ordinary cultivators could refine, but a spiritual treasure refined by advanced cultivators in the Mahayana period.
It was much more advanced than a magic weapon.
Even if he fully operated his true essence, he could only barely suppress it.
As for driving it out, that was out of the question.

Because he was afraid of being chased by his opponent, after suppressing his injuries slightly, Wang Weijun began to run away.
He understood that once the other party wanted to catch up with him, with the means of a cultivator, it should not be a very difficult thing.

Using all kinds of means, Wang Weijun truly racked his brains to cover up his tracks.
He almost exhausted all the remaining magic weapons and various spirit stones on his body.
He finally felt that he had gotten rid of those two terrible opponents.

”I will take revenge! ” Wang Weijun sat in a cave, gritting his teeth and swearing.

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