The dark dragon

”Urgh…. ” a boy awoke to an unfamiliar ceiling he continued to stare at the ceiling in confusion before the memory of what had happened that night came back to him along side a searing pain, causing him to attempt to sit up.

His movement though, was restricted by cuffs which seemed to have strange inscriptions etched unto them, ”don worry those are only temporary ” a voice was heard alerting him to the presence of an old man who was seated by his bed. The old man wore a red coat with the number four enclosed in an octagon on displayed on his shoulders.

A devils trap was etched unto the left breast of the coat, he wore a plain white shirt with creases all-over, underneath with with black trousers to match. The grandfatherly smile on his face seemed to cause one to trust him with but a mere glance, but the strange situation he was in prevented the boy from doing so.

”who are you? where am I? why am I here? ” the boy questioned, ”All good questions, you may refer to me as Dean Ohene I am in charge of this here institute as for the reason why you are here… well that depends on what you say. So tell me Kojo what really happened on the night of May 19th ”


”come on, see Im fine nothing to be scared of ” A young boy dressed casually in a blue T-shirt with grey shorts called out to his friend.

”Tsk, Kojo, tell me why am I always doing dumb stuff with you ”

With a thud a slightly taller boy landed by the boy in the blue shirt, looking at him with a helpless expression.

”Because we
e best friends, hehe, now lets go find that book ” The boy in the blue shirt wrapped his arm over his friends shoulder before walking off in the direction of the schools library.

*sigh* letting out a sigh the taller friend followed after Kojo with a tired expression. He had been dragged here tonight because Kojo claimed to have seen some sort of magic book in the library.

He being the logical one of the duo had tried to talk some sense into Kojo, but Kojo believed it was real even bringing the point that if it wasn real why had the librarian tried to stop him from reaching out to it. This in turn lead to him coming up with some conspiracy that the librarian was some magician from a secret society.

He had been friends with Kojo his whole life and knew how he was, so after a whole week of failing to convince him, here they were, breaking in to the school late at night attempting to steal a supposed magic book on the last day of school.

They soon arrived before the library and Kojo moved to go open the door but failed as it was locked.

”See the doors locked now lets leave before the Old Attah finds us ”

”Don worry Jake, I know another way in ” Kojo turned to Jake with an all to familiar smirk. Seeing the smirk Jake finally resigned himself to just find the so called book and get home so he could get to bed.

*creak* creak* the two managed to enter through a faulty window which didn lock properly, how Kojo knew about it Jake didn know and didn care to ask.

”Okay lets get the book and get out ” Jake spoke up seeing Kojo made no attempts to go get the book, but after a minute Jake narrowed his eyes at Kojo.

”Oi, you do know where the book is right? ”

Kojo just stared back at him with a blank stare which caused Jake to hit him upside the head. ”Kwasia! you didn think to find that out before breaking in here ”

”Ouch, ouch, ouch ” Kojo held his his head in pain before looking at Jake with and aggrieved expression.

”Don worry if we split up we should find it in no time ” Kojo regained his confidence when he said looking to Jake with a praise me look as though he had just thought of a genius plan.

Jake who looked at his expression couldn help but twitch as the feeling to hit him once more arose, he managed to fight the feeling responding with a ”fine ”.

The two began their search in the dark and silent library relying on the little moonlight which made the already difficult task of finding one book in all this, even more difficult.


A couple more minutes passed with neither of the two having any success with Kojo starting to get bored.

Just as he was about to give up he suddenly felt something strange he couldn describe it but he instinctively knew it was what he was searching for.

Wasting no time he run to the source suddenly coming before the book. The book was even more mysterious than the last time as it actually gave off an aura visible to him.

With a wide grin he pulled out the book and called out ”Jake I found it! ” he looked to the cover disappointed he couldn read the cover but his mood lit up once more.

”of course a magic book won be so easily read ”

Now filled to the brim with curiosity he began to open the book but as he did so the audible sounds of footsteps heading in his direction caused him to turn his head to the source allowing him to see the librarian running towards him.

His eyes filled with panic, with his lips moving. Kojo realized he was saying something but couldn quite figure out what.

”b…k….dro….t…k….drop the book! ” Kojo finally made out what he was saying and turned around just in time to see a black shadowy claw rising out the book and coming straight for him .

His eyes widened in fear and confusion of what he was seeing, but before the claw could actually touch him a he felt he vision change.

The librarian had grabbed him with one hand and punched towards the the shadowy claw with the other.

[Exorcism fist] the librarian called out as his fist was now coated with bright orange flames. The collision of the two destroyed the surrounding shelves allowing for the librarian to make his way out of the library and into the open field.

Kojo who was dropped behind the man watched everything that happened with eyes filled with confusion.

In one moment he was opening the book next things he couldn begin to understand were happening, librarian running to him, the claw from the book, the burning fist and… at this point Kojo finally remembered his friend and called out ”JAKE! ”

The librarian who had gotten into a stance ready to charge back in heard him and realized the was another kid in there.

”Sh*t ”

The librarian cursed as he slammed his hands together, [Dome] a force emerged from him encompassing the whole school. Kojo who was screaming his lungs out came to a halt a he felt something was different.

”Kid… ” the librarian turned to Kojo but before he could he speak a bone chilling aura swept over them.

”Hahahahaha…. finally, Im free! ” a deep voice which caused fear to emerge from the depths of Kojos soul was heard from the library.

*Boom* A loud explosion resounded as the library was reduced to rubble. In the night sky the dark aura had come together to form a creature from the nightmares.

It was pitch black with two massive bat wings with two horns growing from its head, it eyes trained on them with a wide grin etched in its face.

Below this creature was scene right out of hell, dozens of grotesque creature continuely

emerged from the rubble all staring at them.

But all this was ignored by Kojo who focused entirely on Jake who was held by the creature in the night sky.

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