“Hiss…be gentle with your hands, it hurts me to death.” Jiang Chao Ge’s face was contorted from the pain.

Yun Xi paused for a moment: “It’s not me who’s causing it.”

“Do you know that you are causing more damage by bandaging like this?”

Yun Xi tilted his head and looked at him for a while: “You say a lot of strange words, just like teacher, are you also from another world?”

“You knew Chen Xiang Yu was from another world?”

“I knew, although he never admitted it.” Yun Xi said: “I summoned Zhen and consumed a lot of spiritual power.
Today I only healed your bleeding spleen and we will see to your other injuries tomorrow.”

“Thank you.” Jiang Chao Ge said angrily, “That little girl is really cruel.” In order to understand the number of ways the Xiao Xue whip moved, he took four lashes abruptly.
If it weren’t for her young age and lack of strength, he would have ruptured his internal organs.

After Yun Xi bandaged him, he shrank into a corner of the room, and watched him silently.

Jiang Chao Ge became unnerved, “Why are you looking at me like that?”

“Who else would I look at?”

“Why are you so far away from me?”

“I don’t want to get too close to you.”

“I don’t think of you as dirty.”

“Not dirty.” Yun Xi said, “It’s just that the clothes are old.”

Jiang Chao Ge had a headache and said, “You have so much money, why don’t you buy a good set of clothes?”

“I’m afraid of being robbed.”

Jiang Chao Ge nodded, that makes sense, his weak and naive appearance is simply a thief’s dream: “I have clothes here, do you want to wear them?”

“I don’t wear other people’s clothes.”

“Then what are you doing with so much money?”

“It takes a lot of money to buy medicinal and animal materials.
To be a spirit tool master or a spirit priest requires a lot of money.
On the contrary, as a spirit weapon user, you can get away with just a good weapon.”

“Are you really both a spirit tool master and a spirit priest?”

Yun Xi nodded

“How old are you, so powerful.”


“Oh, it’s similar to Shu.” The people on Tianleng Continent are really precocious, but it also has to do with their spiritual power cultivation since they were two or three years old.
“Then Chen Xiang Yu is also a spirit tool master?”

Yun Xi shook his head: “I have several teachers.”

“Are you a noble?” To be so capable at such a young age, Yun Xi must have been cultivating since childhood.
In addition to practicing spiritual power, spirit tool masters and spirit priests also have to learn how to make spiritual tools and learn medical skills.
Even with extraordinary talent it is impossible to learn without a strong master’s guidance, Yun Xi’s identity is sure to be absolutely extraordinary.

Yun Xi nodded, then shook his head, “Forgot.”

Jiang Chao Ge didn’t ask too many questions.
He didn’t have any special background these days and he was too embarrassed to demand answers from others: “By the way, your teacher gave me this spirit medicine.
Please help me find out what it is.” Jiang Chao Ge handed Yun Xi the wooden box that was entrusted by Chen Xiang Yu.

Yun Xi opened it and his gloomy eyes suddenly shone bright, lighting up his whole face, making him surprisingly good looking, and tremblingly said: “This… this is!”

Jiang Chao Ge asked excitedly: “Is it something good?”

“This is the top-level spirit medicine that my teacher has spent six years refining, and it is used to improve cultivation of a spirit weapon user.” Yun Xi glanced at Jiang Chao Ge, with doubts and disbelief on his face, “This spirit medicine is the best pill my teacher has created.
What you have gained is hard to buy, only he and I knew of its existence, otherwise it would have been stolen long ago, how could he give it to you?”

Jiang Chao Ge said: “Your teacher is from another world, and so am I.
He pinned his hope of returning to his own world on me, because I have a Divine-level spirit weapon.” He looked at the spirit pill, and his heart was filled with joy.
Interesting enough, what was given to him was exactly what he needed most right now.

Yun Xi was silent for a while: “Don’t waste my teacher’s hard work.”

“I’ll eat until there’s not even a scrap left.”

“No… Forget it, tell me when you want to take it, and I will guide your spirit power to make it more efficient.”

“No problem.” Jiang Chao Ge reached out and touched Zhi Xuan’s head, and asked a little worriedly: “It’s been a long time, why hasn’t he woken up?”

“I don’t know.”

Zhi Xuan usually wakes up when there is any movement, sensitive asleep just as much as when he’s awake, as if he has never really slept, but now he sleeps so deeply.
It is obviously related to his loss of cultivation base and Jiang Chao Ge is very worried.
“I’m rested, let’s go.”

“Where are we going?”

“Kunlun city.”

Yun Xi pursed his lips: “Do you know where Kunlun City is, how far it is from here, how much travel time is, and the route.
Do you have a plan?”

“No, I just know that I can get there by heading west.”

Yun Xi took out Si’nan and the map from the storage bag, squatted on the ground and planned the itinerary and route.
Jiang Chao Ge squatted to the side, boredly fiddling with the magnetic rock on Si’nan’s surface.

“Move off, I want to see the direction.” Yun Xi said.

“This is idiotic, let me teach you how to make a compass.”

“What is that?”

“You studied medicine with Chen Xiang Yu, but he didn’t teach you anything from the other world?”

Yun Xi said disappointedly, “I really wanted to learn, but he didn’t teach me, didn’t even admit that he was from another world, but he had some strange medical ideas, which were definitely not from the Tianleng Continent.”

Jiang Chao Ge thought to himself, this Chen Xiang Yu was probably a doctor in their world, “Of course he wouldn’t teach you, if you learn something strange and show it off, he will be exposed.
Although I don’t know medical skills , I know other things, for example, I can teach you how to make a palm-sized, more accurate Si’nan, that is, a compass, and I can also teach you many things about other world, such as weapons.” Although Jiang Chao Ge has never been to high school, the knowledge he has absorbed since he was a child can be described as expansive.
Although he has never mastered these topics he does know many things.
As long as he has enough tools, making things like a compass or a basic gun, he can do it easily.
If he was more ruthless, he could even make basic artillery and explosives.

Yun Xi’s eyes lit up when he heard this: “You really know how to teach me things from the other world?”

“Of course, I know everything.”

“Then teach me how to create it… a compass.”

“When we get to Kunlun City, I’ll teach you where to find the materials in this barren mountain.”

“Then don’t hinder me.” Yun Xi buried his head and continued to plan the route.

Jiang Chao Ge looked at Yun Xi who had to use a ruler to draw straight lines, even when drawing a road map, and was a little speechless.
On the side, he smoothed Zhi Xuan’s hair, waiting for Yun Xi to get done, and before he knew it, it was getting dark.

Jiang Chao Ge was hungry, and ate a steamed bun.
He saw Yun Xi’s tangled face and he couldn’t help it anymore: “Are you done it yet?”

Biting his pen, Yun Xi muttered in a low voice: “The Zhongshan route is the shortest route, but you have to climb a few high mountains.
The Tianshan route is a bit of a detour, but the route is smoother.
Which one should you take?”

“Aren’t we riding on your bird?”

“You are seriously injured.
I want to save my spiritual power to heal you.
Do you want to fly all the way to Kunlun city while vomiting blood, or do you want to get healed?”

Jiang Chao Ge felt that his words were too graphic, and did not want to imagine, “Then I’d better get healed.”

Yun Xi pulled his own hair, “Should I go to Zhongshan or Tianshan, Zhongshan or Tianshan, Zhongshan or…”

“Zhong Shan!” Jiang Chaoge shouted impatiently.

Yun Xi was stunned: “Why?”

“No reason, the jade pendant is in my hand, so I have the final say.”

Yun Xi stared blankly at Jiang Chao Ge, and after a while, his gloomy eyes suddenly showed admiration: “Brother, I like it when you talk like that.”

Jiang Chao Ge narrowed his eyes: “I know you like it.” He felt that he had mastered the skills of getting along with this kid.

Yunxi summoned Zhen, “Let’s fly to Yin shan City first, and I will get some medicine to heal your wounds.”

The two of them sat on Zhen and flew into the sky.

This is Jiang Chao Ge’s first time sitting on the back of a bird.
The speed and lightness of Zhen could not compare to that of Zheng Cheng.
This made Jiang Chao Ge feel a little excited and said habitually, “Look Zhi Xuan, the sunset is so beautiful.”

There was no response…

Jiang Chao Ge felt depressed and looked down at Zhi Xuan who was asleep, his fingers lightly brushed his eyelids, slender eyelashes, small nose, and finally reached his soft lips.
When will he wake up? Jiang Chao Ge was depressed.
The two have known each for a while now but it couldn’t be said to be a long time.
At some point, he had gotten used to his voice, his eyes, and has long been used to Zhi Xuans fickle personality, but now he doesn’t respond.
It was very lonely.
Before he knew it, Zhi Xuan had become an indispensable little thing by his side.

At midnight, they arrived at Yin shan City, which happened to be holding a celebration, and the lights were brightly lit when they arrived.

After finding the inn, Jiang Chao Ge entered the room, plopped down on the bed and did not move.
He suffered from those whips, and now his whole body hurts, especially his insides.
Every time he breathed, he felt like a blunt instrument was grinding back and forth in his stomach.
This kind of pain was not unbearable, but it won’t go away.
He could bear it for a while but this world is really going to torture people into becoming crazy.

While the shops were still open, Yun Xi went to buy herbs, came back to the inn, boiled them up, and gave a bowel to Jiang Chao Ge to drink while it was still hot.

Jiang Chao Ge wrinkled his face and swallowed the bitter soup.

“This medicine has the effect of relieving pain and helping you sleep.
You should be able to fall asleep tonight.”

Jiang Chao Ge felt that it was quite convenient to have a doctor by his side, and said sincerely, “Thank you, it’s great to have you here.”

Yun Xi nodded, hesitated to speak several times, and finally couldn’t help himself, “Aren’t your sleeves uneven?”

Jiang Chao Ge put down the medicine bowl, and fixed the turned-up sleeve, “How is it? Are you satisfied?”

Yun Xi exhaled heavily, and seemed to finally feel at ease.

After Jiang Chao Ge drank the medicine, he really did feel drowsy.
He hugged Zhi Xuan’s warm body, even though it was already a little hot, he didn’t want to let go, and fell asleep until dawn.

The next morning, Jiang Chao Ge woke up and as soon as he opened his eyes, he saw a dark figure in the corner, and he startled, causing his body to suddenly jerk in alarm.
As a result, his internal injuries were affected, and caused him intense pain.
Almost cried.
He clutched his stomach, managed to look towards the black shadow, and found that it was Yun Xi, who sat on a stool in the corner of the room, looking at him gloomily.

Jiang Chao Ge took a deep breath, gritted his teeth and said, “You fucking… why are you looking at me like that!”

“How else would I look at you?”

“Then why the hell are you so far away!”

“I don’t want to be near you.

Jiang Chao Ge thought to himself, if this was his employee, he would be instantly fired.
Resisting the urge to kill, he said, “What are you doing in my room?”

Yun Xi pointed to the table: “The left side is rice, and the right side is medicine.
Eat food first, then take medicine.
After eating, I will heal your wounds.”

Jiang Chao Ge checked, but Zhi Xuan still didn’t wake up, he got out of bed disappointed, ate all the food and medicine, and wiped his mouth after eating: “Come and check, why is Zhi Xuan still not awake.”

“When you were sleeping, I checked.
He has injured his spirit consciousness and is a little weak, but he is a spirit beast after all, it is impossible to die again, so he should wake up in two days.”

Jiang Chao Ge was not very satisfied with this answer, but he had no other choice but to say, “Come and heal my wounds, it hurts me to death.”

Yun Xi came next to him: “You’d better cooperate with me.
If your spiritual power can be tuned with me, we can help repair your body together.”

“So amazing.”

“Spiritual power has a repairing effect and can be used to heal the spiritual beasts that rely on you.
If you practice the skills of a spirit priest, you can not only heal yourself, but also heal others, but if you don’t cultivate in that direction, you won’t be able to do so.”

“Okay, let’s try it.” Spirit weapon users and spirit priests are two completely opposite cultivation methods, and they cannot be done simultaneously, otherwise he really wants to learn this life-saving technique.

Yun Xi grabbed Jiang Chao Ge’s wrist, and closed his eyes, and his breathing became clear and shallow.

After a long while, Jiang Chao Ge felt a warm current pouring into his body, making him feel comfortable and at ease.
Not only did his tense body relax, but he seemed to have let go of his defenses.

Jiang Chao Ge could feel the warm current pouring into his internal organs, gently “stroking” his painful wound.

Yun Xi said softly: “Feel my spiritual power, follow it.”

Jiang Chao Ge concentrated on perceiving and following the warm current, mobilizing his spiritual power to circulate in the internal organs, and he felt his whole body warm up, as if soaking in warm water comfortably, without a trace of pain.
He even thought he was going to fall asleep soon.

After an unknown period of time, the warm current slowly pulled away from his body.
He regained his sanity, and when he opened his eyes, Yun Xi looked a little tired.

Jiang Chao Ge touched his stomach that was in unbearable pain, and it really improved.

Yun Xi said: “I have to rest for a few more days.”

Jiang Chao Ge was overjoyed: “You are so powerful, can you heal a broken arm or a broken leg?”

“Yes, I can, but that would take over a year or so to heal completely.
If you break an arm or a leg, I won’t save you, it takes too much energy.” Yun Xi said seriously.

“I won’t break an arm or a leg, let’s change the topic, I don’t want to jinx myself.”

Yun Xi wiped the sweat from his forehead: “If you are fine, we will hurry up and try to reach Zhongshan City tomorrow which is a big city in the West.
There are better herbs and spirit pills that can make you heal quicker.
Get better.”

“Alright, let’s go.”

After two days of traveling, they arrived at Zhongshan City, and three days had passed since Zhi Xuan fell into a coma, and he still hasn’t woken up.

Looking at the child on the bed with his eyes closed and his breathing shallow, Jiang Chao Ge sighed countless times in the past few days.

If Zhi Xuan hadn’t been in a coma for several days, Jiang Chao Ge would never have realized that he needed him more than he ever could have imagined.
He used to think that Zhi Xuan was dependent on him, but now he understands that they are dependent on each other.
With Zhi Xuan around, even if he is only a three- to five-year-old child, he feels secure.
After all, what he holds in his arms is a genuine Quilin.
Now, the longer Zhixuan sleeps, the more distressed he feels, as if he has lost his backbone.
When did he start to need this seemingly unreliable beast so much? Even if it’s just talking together, he feels that he is not alone and Zhi Xuan is his only bargaining chip in this world.
Without Zhi Xuan, he, Jiang Chaoge, is nothing.

After Yun Xi’s help, Jiang Chao Ge’s injury was mostly healed.
On the second day after arriving in Zhongshan City, Yun Xi yanked him to the street to shop because he “doesn’t want to talk to strangers”.

Jiang Chao Ge bought a small basket backpack, chucked Zhi Xuan into it and carried him on his back.
He saw that women here like to carry such a thing on their backs to buy vegetables and take care of their children.
From the geographical point of view, this place is similar to the Miao, people of southwest China.
In the Tianleng Continent, one can always find hints reminding him of his world.

The streets are full of women carrying baskets on their backs.
Jiang Chao Ge, a male carrying a child on his back, inevitably attracts attention.
Jiang Chao Ge doesn’t feel uncomfortable, but Yun Xi, who is next to him, feels it is unbearable.
In the end, he insisted on keeping a safe distance from Jiang Chao Ge.

Whatever Yun Xi wanted to buy, Jiang Chao Ge paid for it accordingly, purchasing a bunch of things without really paying attention.

After everything was purchased, Jiang Chao Ge grumbled, “Did you take the opportunity to exploit me?”

Yun Xi thought for a while: “I didn’t intend to exploit you on purpose, but I didn’t want to break up my money, so I accidentally bought too much.”

“Okay, okay, I’ll buy it, just as long as you can heal me.”

“You and your partner agreed to come to Kunlun City in one month?”


“Then we can stay in Zhongshan for a few more days.
The land here is remote and suitable for cultivation, perfect for recuperation.
Within seven days, I will definitely heal you.”

“Okay, whatever you say.”

The three of them stayed in Zhongshan City like this.
Jiang Chao Ge was injured and couldn’t practice swordsmanship, so he stayed beside Zhi Xuan to practice every day.
As time went by, he became more and more worried seeing Zhi Xuan still asleep.

One day, Yun Xi brought back a bottle of medicinal wine: “Your internal injury is almost healed, rub this on your bruises to promote circulation and remove blood stasis.”

“Oh.” Jiang Chao Ge took it, unscrewed the lid, poured a little on his hand, and rubbed his upper body.
The place where he was whipped was now a large purple-black patch, which looked shocking.

After rubbing it a few times, the smell of medicinal wine wafted into the air, Jiang Chao Ge saw Zhi Xuan’s little nose wrinkle out of the corner of his eye.

Jiang Chao Ge stared straight at his eyes, and took a closer look.
Zhi Xuan seemed to have really moved.
He quickly put the medicinal wine bottle between Zhi Xuan’s nose, and pushed Zhi Xuan hard: “Zhi Xuan, Zhi Xuan, get up and drink!”

Zhi Xuan made a grunting sound from his throat, and slowly opened his eyes.

Jiang Chao Ge suddenly felt his nose sore with emotion, “Zhi Xuan, are you awake?”

Zhi Xuan opened his bewildered eyes, stared at Jiang Chao Ge in a daze for a while, when suddenly his golden eyes jerked wide open, shining bright, and he shouted: “What’s wrong with you!”

Jiang Chao Ge was overjoyed: “You finally woke up, you have been asleep for almost seven days!”

Zhi Xuan got up from the bed, looked at the bruises on Jiang Chao Ge’s body, and was furious: “What’s going on! It… was that little human girl! I’m going to tear her to pieces!”

Jiang Chao Ge hugged him tightly in his arms, his voice choking up imperceptibly: “I’m fine, not badly injured, you finally woke up, Zuzong, I was really afraid you wouldn’t wake up for one-hundred years.”

Zhi Xuan was startled, put his short arms around Jiang Chao Ge’s neck, and said softly, “You must have been scared.”

“A little bit.”

Zhi Xuan gritted his teeth, his eyes vicious and cold: “I will make that evil animal pay back a thousand times for the injury you suffered.”

Jiang Chao Ge took a deep breath: “New and old grudges, sooner or later we will find Ming Yin to settle the score.”

Zhi Xuan touched his face: “Have you lost weight?”


Zhi Xuan’s small hand gently stroked Jiang Chao Ge’s bruised skin, as if he didn’t even dare to touch and said quietly: “You are going to shorten your lifespan again.”

“No, I’m injured, and I’ll be fine soon.
Oh, that’s right…” Jiang Chao Ge remembered that there was someone else in the room, and he pointed to Yun Xi, who still had a faint sense of existence, “He is the spirit priest who has been healing me.”

Zhi Xuan glanced at Yun Xi, and said ferociously: “Cure him quickly, or I’ll eat you…”

Jiang Chao Ge covered his mouth: “Okay, okay, just wake up, do you want to drink, I’ll let you drink as much as you want today.”

“Drink, I want to drink.” Zhi Xuan said viciously, “Next time I see Xiao Xue, I must bite him to death!”

Jiang Chao Ge knew he was angry, so in order to placate him, he took out a few jugs of good wine from the storage bag, and handed them to Zhi Xuan in a fawning manner.
He asked cautiously, “How much cultivation did you lose this time?”

Zhi Xuan took a sip of wine, shook his head: “Stop talking, only about three or five hundred years.”

Jiang Chao Ge took a deep breath, feeling uncomfortable.

Zhi Xuan looked at his expression, and patted his face with his little hand: “You don’t have to feel indebted to me, anyway, you are mine, and I should protect you.”

Yun Xi stared at the two of them intently, his expression fluctuating between surprised and puzzled.

Zhi Xuan really went on a drinking binge, the room was full of a pungent wine smell.
Jiang Chao Ge was used to it, even though he was injured, he couldn’t help but take two sips with Zhi Xuan, to celebrate the reunion and a narrow escape.

After Zhi Xuan drank four pots of wine, his little face was pink and his eyes were watery, like a small animal that just woke up, adorable.
He lay on Jiang Chao Ge’s chest, with Jiang Chao Ge’s collar in his mouth, grinding it carefully with his teeth, and burping from time to time.

Jiang Chao Ge stroked his back, this moment of tranquility made him feel good from the bottom of his heart, when he remembered something: “By the way, who is Su Han’s spirit weapon that Xiao Xue is talking about?”

Zhi Xuan let out another belch: “Qing Qi.”

“His spirit user…is too unlucky.”

Zhi Xuan frowned and said, “Why unlucky?”

Jiang Chao Ge said: “Didn’t you hear what Xiao Xue said, three days and three nights.”

“That’s also voluntary by the spirit weapon user.
Have you forgotten, we were summoned by you.
If the summoner is unwilling, Su Han wouldn’t be able to appear.
Human beings want power, willing to sell their body and soul.
No big deal, humans are such mercenary things anyway.”

“That’s right, if the spirit user is unwilling, just unsummon the spiritual beast…” Jiang Chao Ge shook his head, “It’s because of how much he yearns for Su Han’s power… Doesn’t care if it’s a man or woman, ultimately it doesn’t matter what you’re willing to sacrifice if you’re able to prevent death.”

Zhi Xuan murmured, “I heard that the obscene beast can indeed make those it’s mated with wish for death, but at least if it is his spirit user, he won’t kill it.” He suddenly raised his head, “Why are you so interested in mating all of a sudden?”

“No, I’m just gossiping.”

“What is gossip?”

“Uh, just curious.”

“I’m curious too.” Zhi Xuan pouted, “Why don’t we try?”

Jiang Chao Ge’s scalp went numb for a while, he hugged him off his body, and put him aside, “Sleep, you’re drunk.”

“I’m not drunk.”

“Well I’m, oops, I’m a little drunk.” Jiang Chao Ge fell to the side and pretended to be faint.

Zhi Xuan snorted softly, pulled Jiang Chao Ge, snuggled into his arms, and said softly, “Go to sleep.”

The corners of Jiang Chao Ge’s lips curled into a faint smile.

Zhi Xuan woke up, great.

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