It was currently daybreak.
The sky was in a state of murky change, seemingly as if it was about to shower, mist and clouds pressing in.
The whole sky was dark and murky, occasionally accompanied by flashes of lightning and thunder.

The closer they got to the east, the heavier their hearts felt.
Even if they couldn’t see it or hear it, they could still feel some powerful, order defying creature just in front of them, making ones heart full with fear.

Tian Rong and Zui You were both somewhat uncomfortable.
Their senses were thousands of times stronger than humans.
The current pressure was also larger than them.

Yu Ren Shu stroked Tian Rong’s head, “We won’t go near.
We’ll just observe from nearby.”

Tian Rong shook his head: “Its best if it’s that way, otherwise if you go you’re just asking for death.”

After dashing for close to three hours, they weren’t too far away from Shao Xian Mountain.
They only need to go around Shao Xian Mountain to reach Bei Yue Mountain.
But at this moment, Zhi Xuan frowned, “They are moving very fast.”

“In which direction?”

“It’s too fast, too far, I can’t differentiate.
It’s very likely…..
towards us.”

Everyone froze.
Jiang Chao Ge hurried said: “Could it be they can sense you?”

Zhi Xuan shook his head, “With my current spiritual power, they wouldn’t be able to sense me from this distance.”

Just as he said that, a sudden clap of thunder fell from the sky with a deafening rumble, making one’s heart tremble.
Those dark clouds were like thick smoke churning in the sky.
The earth beneath them trembled successively.
Although the tremors were light, it already made ones scalp tingle.

Everyone looked at each other in dismay.
Jiang Chao Ge swallowed, “Are they currently coming towards us?”

Long Xiang shouted: “Hurry find a place to hide.”

They looked all around.
In this wide expanse of snowland without even a shelter, where could they go to hide?

Zhi Xuan glared at him, “What good is it to hide? If they are coming for us, you won’t be able to hide with your skills.
If not, then it’s even less necessary to worry.”

Yu Ren Shu said: “That’s true.
But just standing here also makes us too big of a target.
Let’s go under the mountain there.”

Tian Rong brought them up the mountain.
The earth seemed to quake even more violently.
This proved that something was closing in on them.

Zhi Xuan grabbed Jiang Chao Ge’s sleeve and whispered: “They are most likely coming for us and it’s to kill you.”


“By killing you, I won’t be able to materialise.
This means that there will be temporarily be one less opponent to compete with them for the Origin of Heaven and Earth.
However, since Ren Wang is there, they’ll have their way.”

Jiang Chao Ge took a deep breath, “Why do you think they are coming for us?”

“Because I can already sense what it is.” A dangerous light flashed across Zhi Xuan’s bright golden pupils, “Xiao Xue, also known to humans as — Hun Dun.”

Jiang Chao Ge’s heart beat as fast as a drum.
Legend says Hun Dun is ruthless and bloodthirsty, finding enjoyment in slaughter.
If they were really targeted by such a thing, everything points to disaster.

Following the approaching feeling of oppression, Tian Rong and Zui You seemed somewhat unable to bear it.
They constantly paced in place, using claws to dig at the ground.
Yu Ren Shu forcefully patted Tian Rong’s fur and whispered: “How about you return to the Jian?”

Tian Rong said heavily: “No.”

Yu Ren Shu’s expression became grave: “If they are really coming towards us, thankfully we left Da Liang City otherwise it would be over for Da Liang City.”

Ruan Qian Xiu’s heart throbbed, “It seems that we can never go back.”

The first ray of light shone across the earth, bringing a thread of clarity to the dusky earth simultaneously increasing visibility.
They saw two huge shadows as big as mountains in the distance coming towards them.
The earth quaked violently almost as if the mountains were about to collapse in the next second.

Zhi Xuan clenched his fists.
He slid off Tian Rong’s back, walking towards the top of the mountain step by step.
With each step his body grew bigger, ultimately turning into the form of an adult.

“Zhi Xuan…..”

Zhi Xuan stood facing the wind, black clothes and hair drifting in the wind.
His long hair was like high quality black silk, fluttering in the air along with his sleeves.
Within the broad expanse of white snow, he was the only speck of colour, seeming bleak and cold.
His bright golden eyes stared out into the distance unblinkingly, already piercing through the haze and windy snow, glimpsing two ancient rare beasts, one red one white, tens of metres in the distance.
And they also saw him.

The earth shook to the point where they couldn’t even stand upright.
The accumulated snow on the mountain slid down.
Thankfully it wasn’t thick, otherwise they would long since have been buried.
They watched with an anxious and fearful heart as two red and white ‘small mountains’ imbued tremendous power rushing towards them, making the earth quake violently at their footsteps.

The crimson ancient rare beast pierced through the wind and snow first, appearing within their line of vision.

That was a huge dog shaped rare beast, whole body covered in fur as red as fire with twisted muscles behind the long fur.
It had six limbs and four wings, was without eyes or ears, only a large ferocious mouth on its face.
It’s ghastly appearance was terrifying, seeming extremely fierce.
That was one of the Evil ancient rare beasts of legend ——— Hun Dun.

The moment they saw it, their bodies began to tremble uncontrollably.
If it could be said that their inherent feeling towards Ren Wang was that of shock and awe, then the strongest feeling they got from Hun Dun was pure fear, boundless fear.
Just looking at his body of crimson fur that seemed to have been burned in hell itself and his ferocious appearance was enough to make one’s knees go weak.

Ren Wang followed closely behind, his roar tearing through the horizon.
Pouring onto Hun Dun’s body in a fierce bound.
Two huge rare beasts rolled into a pile.
The earth suddenly trembled.
Jiang Chao Ge needed to grab onto Tian Rong’s fur in order not to fall off his body.

The two rare beasts only separated after a while of tearing at each other.

That Hun Dun turned his face and saw Zhi Xuan at the top of the mountain, and emitted a strange laughter: “Zhi Xuan hahahahahaha Zhi Xuan.”

Zhi Xuan narrowed his eyes at him: “Xiao Xue.”

The fur atop Xiao Xue’s head moved.
A pair of arms as delicate as lotus roots stretched out.
Then a girl around her early teens appeared in front of everyone.
Her face was extremely fine and beautiful, only her eyes were ice cold and empty without a trace of the innocence a child should have.
She looked around, gaze finally resting on Jiang Chao Ge.
She lifted her hand, pointed at Jiang Chao Ge and revealed a strange smile.
She said in the young and pleasant voice of a child: “It’s you then.
The person I need to kill.”

Jiang Chao Ge said coldly: “Who are you?”

“I’m a maiden from Ming Yin Association.
You are someone that should die.”

Jiang Chao Ge thought, as expected it’s someone from Ming Yin Association.
Apart from Chen Yan Sui, no one else knew about Divine grade spirit weapons.
He didn’t expect Ming Yin Association to be so fast, actually finding a Divine grade spirit weapon a step before them.
Their situation was extremely unfavourable.

Ren Wang said loudly: “Xiao Xue you’ve willingly become a human’s lackey?”

Xiao Xue roared with laughter: “Its very interesting.
Besides, by killing this human Zhi Xuan wouldn’t be able to materialise.
Although with Zhi Xuan’s currently useless appearance, there’s not much difference if he materialises or not.”

Zhi Xuan couldn’t stand being mocked and said angrily out of shame: “Evil creature aren’t you ashamed of following the orders of a human child?”

“You can’t even face me in your true form.
Isn’t that more shameful?”


“Enough!” Ren Wang roared: “Xiao Xue, I won’t allow you to kill this human.
Your spirit weapon user only has level three strength.
You can’t defeat me.
If you really want to determine the victor and loser here and now, I’ll help you.”

Xiao Xue opened his ferocious mouth.
No expression could be seen from his earless and eyeless face yet it appeared even more sinister and frightful, “Ren Wang! I will swallow that blind spirit weapon user of yours then eat everyone here!”

This was already a battle humans couldn’t intervene in.
Both that maiden and the calm youth on Ren Wang’s body didn’t move, only supplying spiritual power.
The two Divine grade spirit beasts charged into each other with a roar.
An earth shattering sound emitted the moment they collided.
Crimson and white brawled, like two mountains colliding together with power like a natural disaster.

The battle of ancient rare beasts was something an ordinary human couldn’t imagine.
One step of theirs could shatter a huge rock, one swish of a tail could flatten a hill.
The spiritual power emitting from their bodies could become a shockwave, destroying everything in their surroundings.
Fortunately this was an open desolate wilderness.
If the battleground was in a city, they could turn an entire city into scattered ashes and dispersed smoke in an instant.
Two prehistoric beasts tore ferociously at each other, fresh blood and fur flew, the scene magnificent yet shocking.

Jiang Chao Ge grabbed Zhi Xuan’s arm, “I think the mountain won’t survive.
It’s too dangerous for us to stand here.”

Zhi Xuan said calmly: “Its nothing.
Xiao Xue can’t beat Ren Wang.
His spirit weapon user is much weaker than Ren Wang’s.” He grabbed onto Jiang Chao Ge’s wrist instead and stared fixedly at him, “Are you scared?”

Jiang Chao Ge gulped.
How could he not be scared? The moment he’d seen Xiao Xue he’d been so scared his legs had gone weak.
Fortunately there was Ren Wang who filled him with a sense of security, otherwise they all would’ve been in Xiao Xue’s stomach today.

Zhi Xuan frowned slightly, stretching out his hand and stroking Jiang Chao Ge’s face, seemingly wanting to console him.
But his actions and words were both harsh, “You’re not allowed to be scared.”

Jiang Chao Ge couldn’t help but smile, “I’m not scared, but…..” He looked at that battle that seemed about to level everything in their surroundings, “The power of ancient rare beasts is truly shocking.
No wonder the State Preceptor said you could destroy the heavens and earth.”

Zhi Xuan mocked: “Power? What you’re seeing now is no more than a hair of our strength.
Do you really thing we’d be able to use our full strength with the limited spiritual power of humans? Even if it’s the most powerful spirit weapon user, it would be impossible to reveal our true strength.
Destroying the heavens and earth is only a casual saying.”

Jiang Chao Ge was inwardly fearful upon hearing that, because he had never summoned Zhi Xuan by himself.
So he couldn’t experience what kind of monster he was actually controlling.
One day when he reaches level three strength, he really couldn’t imagine what kind of feeling he would have upon facing the huge beast he’d summoned.
Would he be excited? Alarmed? Or anxious?

Ren Wang and Xiao Xue’s battle grew increasingly intense.
It’s hard to guarantee that two such huge beasts would be unseen by humans but they had no time to worry about that.
Ming Yin Association already has control of one ancient rare beast a step ahead of them.
This secret really couldn’t be kept hidden for any longer.

Yu Ren Shu’s eyes were full of worry.
Even if he had the reputation of being an escaped criminal, he still considered Tian Ling his territory.
He could foresee this continent sinking into a land of panic in the future.
Dark ominous clouds spread across Tian Ling’s land uncontrollably.

The two beasts battled to the point that the clouds changed colour, blood scattering across the earth.
Everyone watched with fear and trepidation, not even daring to take too deep of a breath.
Finally, Xiao Xue gradually fell at a disadvantage.
That maiden obviously didn’t have as much spiritual power as the cold youth and was unable to supply enough for Xiao Xue to consume.

The maiden’s small face was somewhat pale.
She gritted her teeth: “I can’t sustain it anymore.”

Xiao Xue snorted heavily, evidently somewhat unhappy.
He gave a sinister smile: “Nevermind, we have a lot of time anyway.
The Zhi Xuan now really makes one lose their appetite, not even enough to fill a tooth gap.”

Zhi Xuan clenched his fists, “Next time we meet, I’ll make you look for teeth all over the floor.”

Xiao Xue laughed heartily: “I’m actually looking forward to that.
Unfortunately, humans don’t have the patience to wait for you to grow strong.
Your spirit weapon user won’t live for much longer.
Carefully treasure the time you have to see this world because you’ll soon become dormant again.”

Zhi Xuan glared with round eyes, a raging flame appearing to burn within his gaze.
He said coldly: “Don’t you dare think of touching a hair on his head.”

Jiang Chao Ge also roared loudly: “Little maiden, go back and tell Chen Yan Sui, I, Jiang Chao Ge, definitely won’t die in front of him.
I will take his damn life myself and offer it to Old Meng’s soul in heaven!”

The maiden revealed a cold laugh, “In my eyes, you are already a dead man.
I’m not interested in the words of a dead man.” She patted Xiao Xue’s fur, “Let’s go.”

Xiao Xue uttered a long cry and leapt towards the north, crimson body as fast as flashing lightning, disappearing at the blink of an eye within the wind and snow.
The quaking of the ground only weakened and disappeared when he’d been gone a long while.

Yu Ren Shu stood atop the mountain, facing Ren Wang with cupped hands: “Sir Ren Wang, this is the second time you extended a helping hand.
Such kindness cannot be thanked in words.”

Ren Wang the hair on his head and in a flash, transformed into human form.
The pair of tiger eyes a bright and transparent grey seemingly as if it could penetrate all the things in this world.
He held the youth’s waist, the two floating in midair.
Ren Wang sighed lightly, “You can’t stay in the north anymore.
I’ll send you out of the north, then you must be careful of your traces.
If Xiao Xue finds you again, I can’t help you then.”

“How did you find Xiao Xue?”

“As soon as he entered the north, I caught his scent.
His murderous energy is too strong, how could he hide it.” Ren Wang said: “Where do you want to go next?”

“We still have some unfinished business in the north……” Jiang Chao Ge said hesitantly.

“Is it more important than your life? You heard it too, Ming Yin Association wants to kill you.
They will definitely continue to chase after you.”

Yu Ren Shu said: “Chao Ge, Sir Ren Wang is right.
We must leave the north immediately.” He laughed sarcastically, “Our current situation is really wonderful.
I’m escaping with the burden of the State Preceptor’s murder, Long Xiang is a wanted criminal of Tian Ling, Ruan Qian Xiu is a target of Blood Temple, and now you are chased by a Divine spirit beast.
Every one of us here can’t reveal our identity or whereabouts.
How… will we walk this path?”

Jiang Chao Ge heard up to this point and laughed bitterly: “It really is that way.” The world was large but he actually didn’t know where to go.
Where could there be a safe place to take shelter? Perhaps at this moment, the other three were thinking the same thing in their hearts.

Zhi Xuan said: “To the west.”

Jiang Chao Ge also said: “Yes to the west.” To Kun Lun Fairylands.
They must find Yin Chuan.

Ren Wang said: “Alright, I’ll send you over Bai Yue Mountain.
The path ahead, will depend on your luck.”

“Ren Wang.” Zhi Xuan looked at him sternly, “If you find the Origin of Heaven and Earth first, how will you deal with it?”

Ren Wang’s grey pupils flickered, a trace of hesitation within its reflection.
He made as if to speak then stopped, “Thousands of years ago, I didn’t listen to Yin Chuan’s warning.
This time…… this time I don’t want to repeat the events of that time.
The Origin of Heaven and Earth is an ominous thing.
If I can’t control it then I will think of a way to destroy it.” He looked at Zhi Xuan, “What about you? What if you find the Origin of Heaven and Earth first?”

“What do you think?”

Ren Wang said indifferently: “If we all don’t want it, then you won’t want it.
If we all fight over it, then you would definitely want a part in it.
You’ve always had this arrogant and wilful character.
Only Yin Chuan doesn’t bicker with you.” His expression became serious, the surging energy of an emperor pressuring everyone, “But this time, if you dare fight over it again, I will definitely send you into eternal sleep myself.”

Zhi Xuan laughed coldly, “What I’ll do, will only be known in the instant the Origin of Heaven and Earth reappears.
Right now I don’t even know myself.
The same goes for you.
Right now you speak so righteously.
Can you say that back then you weren’t enticed by the Origin of Heaven and Earth? You’ve never thought about taking it for yourself, ruling the world with force and commanding the commmoners before?”

Ren Wang shut his eyes softly, “Thats why I said I don’t what to repeat the disaster back then.
We were originally spiritual beings born from the essence of the world yet we were bewitched by an object, fought each other and ultimately ended up being sealed for tens of thousands of years.
Today we’re awakening one by one like fate.
This time, we definitely can’t be bewitched by the Origin of Heaven and Earth again.
I believe if Yin Chuan awakens, he’ll definitely have the same thought as me.
Zhi Xuan, don’t fight for the Origin of Heaven and Earth.
If you obtain it, destroy it.”

Zhi Xuan shook his head, “You can’t persuade me.”

A bright light flashed across Ren Wang’s tiger eyes, everyone’s heart skipped a beat.
After he hesitated for a while, he returned to calmness: “You’re right, only Yin Chuan can persuade you.
Go to the west.
Go to Kun Lun Fairylands.
Find him and tell him that this time I agree with him.”

At this moment, a wave of spiritual power stirred in the north.
Ren Wang and Zhi Xuan simultaneously turned towards it.

That cold youth said: “Ren Wang, what’s wrong?”

Ren Wang said hesitatingly: “That direction….”

Zhi Xuan said: “Its Da Liang City.
We just came from there.”

Ren Wang said gravely: “Xiao Xue went to that city.” His body flashed with a bright light and immediately transformed into a majestic white tiger, “Climb onto my body quick.
Go to Da Liang City to have a look.
It’s very possible it’s already been….”

Everyone’s expression changed, climbing onto to Tian Rong’s back one by one.
Tian Rong stood up and climbed onto Ren Wang’s back by grabbing onto his fur.
It was obviously a very simple movement yet Tian Rong couldn’t stop gasping for breath, four limbs trembling because of nervousness.

That cold youth said: “Sit properly, Ren Wang is very fast.” He paused and looked at everyone with pure white pupils, “I’m Liu Qing Ming.”

Ren Wang launched forwards like an arrow.
Everyone was burning with impatience, tightly clutching Ren Wang’s thick tiger fur, wishing they could arrive at Da Liang City in a second.
Zhi Xuan had claimed he could cross thousands of miles in a day.
Ren Wang could not be worse than him.
But when they truly experienced that speed as fast as lightning, no one could endure it, their bodies appearing to fly upwards and become parallel with the ground.
Only by grasping onto two handfuls of tiger fur could they steady their body.

Liu Qing Ming was long since used to it, using Ren Wang’s fur to huddle himself up, seemingly very effortlessly.

They each pulled and tugged and finally got themselves back on Ren Wang’s back.
They tried to remain as flat as possible and only then managed not to be thrown off.

The scenery around them flitted past their eyes, wind roaring beside their ears.
The journey that took Tian Rong three hours, Ren Wang spent no longer than half an hour to arrive.

Ren Wang’s huge body stopped, looking towards Da Liang City in the distance and heaved a sigh.

Everyone crawled up unsteadily on his body.
They haven’t even steadied themselves before they were shocked still by the scene in the distance.

Da Liang City which had been calm and serene when they’d left, now appeared as if a huge tank had run over it.
The walls were smashed, buildings toppled.
The entire city appeared as if it’d been devastated by a tornado, disordered and broken like hell on earth.
It had already been completely destroyed!

Everyone’s eyes widened, staring at everything before them in utter disbelief.
When they’d left at dawn, this had still been a perfectly fine city.
How did it become such a mess within a short morning!

Ren Wang sighed: “I’ve been dormant for too long, I actually forgot.
Xiao Xue is bloodthirsty.
He was defeated by me and so must find a place to vent his anger.”

Ruan Qian Xiu emitted a mournful howl, suddenly jumping down from Ren Wang’s body.
Zheng Cheng appeared in midair, catching her steadily, flying towards Da Liang City with her.

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