Every person and beast at the scene was frozen in place at the roar.
The group of snakes immediately began to cause a disturbance.
That huge long snake also curled up.

Atop Gemini Peaks, an enormous silhouette jumped down using the mountain cliffs, as if the precipitous mountain cliffs were flat ground.
When it landed on the ground the whole snow capped mountain quaked violently.

It was a white tiger about the size of a small mountain! Dark brown stripes were evenly distributed around its snowy white fur.
The white mane around its neck was thicker than a lions, in a direct line from its back to its tail.
That mane moved majestically in the wind.
The pair of crystal round tiger eyes was a bright and limpid grey, pure and noble as if it cast light upon the whole world.
The stripes on its forehead converged into a upright, imperious ‘Wang/王’! His fur was thick, body full of power and grandeur.
Walking through the snow, he looked as if he had the strength to govern a country, an appearance one should bow down to.
All living things became discoloured before him, the heavens brightened up.

This was ancient divine beast from the legends—— The White Tiger!

After Zhi Xuan’s moment of surprise passed, his face became extremely ugly.
He subconsciously shrunk back into the snow, wishing that no one could see him.

Following the White Tiger’s every step forward, the group long snakes fearfully retreated back a step.
Up until the White Tiger turned his huge head towards them, baring his teeth slightly.
The huge long snake gave a hiss, turning and running as swiftly as the ebb of the tide.

Very quickly, only Jiang Chao Ge’s group of people were left in the snow, looking at the White Tiger, so fearful their legs trembled.
In any case, Jiang Chao Ge and Yu Ren Shu had seen Zhi Xuan’s true form before, yet their hearts still constricted at the imposing manner of the White Tiger, not daring to take even a full breath.
Long Xiang and Ruan Qian Xiu were completely stupefied.
Tian Rong, Zui You and Zheng Cheng’s whole bodies trembled slightly, heads hanging low, filled with veneration in front of the king of all creatures.

The White Tiger took a step forward, a deep and low male voice emitting a sound of disbelief, “Zhi Xuan?”

Zhi Xuan’s dignity as a Qi Lin took a severe blow.
He glared at the White Tiger resentfully, so angry he couldn’t even speak a word.

The White Tiger, Ren Wang, suddenly began to laugh heartily in a clear voice.
That laughter shook the entire Gemini Peaks, “How did you become like that, hahahahahaha——“

Zhi Xuan roared angrily: “Shut up!”

Jiang Chao Ge’s legs went weak, collapsing to his knees, still shocked and not daring to speak.
That White Tiger was as big as a mountain, crushing them to death was child’s play.

Suddenly, atop Ren Wang’s head a person appeared.
It was a male youth about twenty or so years old with an elegant appearance and pale skin.
There was an air of unconventional gracefulness about him, except that there were only whites to his eyes, as if he had eyes that couldn’t see.
The pair of eyes that only had whites, looked down at them from above, whispering: “Ren Wang, are they your friends?”

Ren Wang thought for a moment, “I guess so.”

“Who the hell is your friend!” Zhi Xuan said loudly: “How come you’re here? Don’t tell me you awakened earlier than me?”

Ren Wang chuckled, “Looking at your appearance, I should be earlier than you.”

Zhi Xuan flew into a rage out of shame, “Get lost, I don’t want to look at you right now! Wait till I reveal my true form, I’ll definitely battle you.
Get lost quickly, you’re even blocking the sun!”

Ren Wang shook his neck, body slowly shrinking in size, finally transforming into human form.
A tall, handsome and godlike man appeared before them.
Highlights of black weaved through his head of white hair, pure ash coloured pupils bright and sharp.
Those eyes were really too beautiful, too clear.
It had the kind of strength to pull people in.
His temperament was calm and serious, much more so that Zhi Xuan at a glance.
That youth with white eyes stood beside him, whole person seemingly about to melt into the wind and snow.

No wonder Yu Ren Shu had seen many situations, being the first to regain the ability to speak, “You….
You’re the White Tiger.”

Ren Wang glanced at him, “What are humans doing here?”

“To find you…..
and other Divine grade spirit weapons.”

A flash of surprise flitted across Ren Wang’s eyes.

Yu Ren Shu said righteously, “In order to prevent the human world from sinking into hell again.”

Speaking up to here, Long Xiang and Ruan Qian Xiu both understood.
They didn’t come to find some specific Heaven grade spirit weapon.
They clearly came to find Divine grade spirit weapons made from the twelve ancient rare beasts of legend said to have the power to destroy the heavens! And Zhi Xuan was one of them!

After the biggest secret withheld from them on the road was revealed to the world, only endless shock was left behind.
The Divine beasts of legend was right in front of them.
That meant all the myths were true.
Their world was really about to face a great catastrophe!

“With you? Really overestimating your capabilities.
Our revival is inevitable, it’s not something that can be stopped with human power.
If you want to save mankind, find the Origin of the Heaven and Earth as soon as possible.
If the Origin of Heaven and Earth falls into the hands of a rare beast with compassion for mankind, then we can possible escape death by sheer luck.”

“If not?”

“If not, mankind will become their plaything.” Ren Wang’s gaze rested on Zhi Xuan, “You still haven’t formed a contract with this human?”

Zhi Xuan humphed: “None of your business.”

Ren Wang smiled lightly, “You’re the first….familiar person I’ve met since I awakened.
Although this appearance is quite ridiculous, it really makes one reminisce those times.”

“You’re ridiculous!” Zhi Xuan had no way of venting his anger, ferociously stamping Jiang Chao Ge’s feet, “All your fault!”

Jiang Chao Ge swallowed, the current situation before his eyes making him uncomfortable to the pit of his stomach.
At least right now, sir White Tiger didn’t plan on eating them.
This was good news.
He asked: “Sir Ren Wang, you mean that other than Zhi Xuan, you haven’t seen any other ancient rare beasts?”

Ren Wang nodded.

“Then we still have hope of finding them and preventing them from being summoned by human spirit weapon users.”

Ren Wang shook his head, “Everything is destined.
You won’t be able to prevent it.”

Zhi Xuan said: “Do you know where Yin Chuan is?”

“I also want to find him.
He possesses the most wisdom and can perhaps take the lead in finding the Origin of Heaven and Earth.”

“Then why haven’t you gone to the Kun Lun fairylands?”

“After I’ve searched the north, I will naturally go to the next place.” Ren Wang swept an eye over them, “If it wasn’t for me today, you would’ve long since been in the snake’s stomach.
You all are so weak, yet hope to find ancient rare beasts in vain.”

Zhi Xuan snorted coldly, “I’ll definitely find Yin Chuan.”

“Perhaps in a nameless place on this continent, Yin Chuan has already awakened.
I have a premonition that us two definitely aren’t the only ancient rare beasts that’ve awakened.”

Yu Ren Shu asked: “Do you have any clues about the Origin of Heaven and Earth?”

Ren Wang shook his head, “But if it appears, I will be able to feel it.”

Zhi Xuan pointed at Ren Wang’s spirit weapon user curiously, “Is your human blind?”

Ren Wang looked at him, “He can see the world through my eyes.”

The youth smiled slightly.

Ren Wang said: “Zhi Xuan, our meeting was predestined.
I won’t fight with you in your current form.
If you find other people, remember to greet them for me.”

Zhi Xuan glared scornfully at him.

“A piece of advice, form a contract as soon as possible.
This human’s spiritual power is so weak.
The speed of cultivation will increase a little after forming a contract.”

Zhi Xuan looked at Jiang Chao Ge, face full of resentment.

Ren Wang once again transformed into the form of a huge white tiger, helping the youth onto his back, leaping towards the Gemini Peaks with a soft howl.
Very quickly they disappeared into the expanse of boundless white.

After he left, everyone was silent for a long time.

Long Xiang whispered: “This is your secret, Divine grade spirit weapons.”

Ruan Qian Xiu took a deep breath, “The legends are actually true…..”

Yu Ren Shu said gravely, “That’s right, the legends are true.
When the twelve ancient rare beasts awaken, is the day Tian Ling continent will be destroyed.
The White Tiger is still searching for the Origin of Heaven and Earth.
This battle has spread from the ancient times till now.
It definitely won’t stop unless we prevent them from being summoned.”

Jiang Chao Ge ruffled his hair, saying tiredly: “Let’s go down the mountain first.
You are all injured and must receive treatment immediately.”

Yu Ren Shu looked at the large and small wounds on his body, only now feeling waves of pain.
He used his remaining spiritual power to heal Tian Rong.
After putting themselves in order, they began walking down the mountain.

Jiang Chao Ge helped Yu Ren Shu and Long Xiang wrap their wounds.
Ruan Qian Xiu used a cloth to carefully clean her crescent blades, thinking about the battle not long ago, heart still fluttering with lingering fears.

Ever since meeting Ren Wang, Zhi Xuan had been sulky, not speaking either and continuously ramming his back into Jiang Chao Ge.
After Jiang Chao Ge finished, he sat by his side, using his finger to poke his back: “Little Zuzong, still angry?”

Zhi Xuan shook his shoulders and said coldly: “Don’t touch me.”

“I know you think it’s a little humiliating, but…..”

Zhi Xuan suddenly turned his head, staring at him ferociously: “A.

Jiang Chao Ge helplessly placed his hand in front of Zhi Xuan’s mouth.
Zhi Xuan opened his mouth and bit onto it unrestrainedly, while glaring at him scornfully.
Jiang Chao Ge said: “Exert your strength, bite to your heart’s content.”

Zhi Xuan yelled: “Scoundrel, wait till the day I return to my true form.
Let’s see if you still dare to be so presumptuous in front of me!”

“Of course not.
I don’t dare to even now.
I see, hear and obey you.” Jiang Chao Ge said, blinking.

Long Xiang looked at them: “In the end, what is Zhi Xuan?”

Jiang Chao Ge hesitated for a moment, “Qi Lin.”

Surprise flashed across the faces of everyone.
They were probably unable to connect the arrogant, fierce and tyrannical brat in front of them to that powerful and prestigious Qi Lin.

Zhi Xuan pointed at their noses and rained curses: “What kind of gaze is that? You don’t believe it?! I will bite you all to death——“

Jiang Chao Ge hurriedly carried him to the side, “All right all right, don’t be angry.
I’ll buy you lots of alcohol when we get back to the city, give you a comfortable bath.
You can do anything you want, alright?”

It seemed that this time, Zhi Xuan was really quite angry.
Normally it would soon be fine after some coaxing, yet today it wasn’t.
He didn’t give Jiang Chao Ge a good expression and was angry throughout the entire journey.
It seemed that the blow this time was quite big.

They ran for a day and night without stopping for a second.
Just when their spiritual power was just about exhausted, they finally returned to Shao Xian City.

Shao Xian City didn’t have spirit priests and only had normal human doctors.
They arrived at a doctors house in the night and quietly settled down.
Yu Ren Shu’s condition was quite serious, unable to be healed until after about ten days to a month.
Long Xiang and Ruan Qian Xiu only had minor injuries.
They temporarily stayed here.

At this moment, Long Xiang and Ruan Qian Xiu could already leave but they didn’t.
Right now, everyone’s spiritual power was at its lowest.
If they encountered assassins from Blood Temple, it was too dangerous to be destroyed separately.
It would be better to unite as one.

The four had many things to think about.
In the long days, they practically didn’t speak a few words to each other.
After all, seeing the Divine beasts of legends, knowing a shocking secret wasn’t something everyone could digest.

Zhi Xuan shut himself in the house for several days without coming out.
Jiang Chao Ge saw that fawning on him was useless and could only let him repair his shattered self respect by himself.
Other than sleeping and eating everyday, Jiang Chao Ge put basically all his time into cultivating and practising swordsmanship.
The journey to the Gemini Peaks this time was not only a blow to Zhi Xuan, he also received a huge wake up call.
His thirst for strength was already so intense it was unable to be controlled.

When Zhi Xuan’s mood was a bit better, he must quickly think of a way to make Zhi Xuan agree to forming a contract with him!

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