Chapter 3


One after another strange experiences gave Jiang Chao Ge’s brain more than what it can process.
He couldn’t manage to feel surprised and only said, “Get, Get on the horse.”

The two got on the horse.
Jiang Chao Ge took out his own leather belt and used it to tie the hands of the third prince behind his back.
Then he urged the horse to run towards the outside of the city.

Thankfully his horsemanship wasn’t bad.
Originally it was only regarded as a leisure activity, yet now it has become a technical skill.
He simply urged the horse this way, and ran many Li in one breathe, gradually drawing away from the sovereign capital.
Yet those imperial bodyguards, due to their concern for the third prince, did not catch up at all.

The third prince said calmly on the horse, “Where do you want to take me?”

Jiang Chao Ge said irritably, “How am I supposed to know.” There was still a ball of confusion in his head.
Anyone who’s encountered what he has would only be more frightened out of their wits.

“There’s a village if you run towards the west for three kilometres.
You can release me there.”

“Impossible.” Who knew if there were their people in that village.

“Then you…”

Just as they were talking, a brown coloured horse suddenly burst out from the side road on the avenue ahead.
On the horse sat an old man with old fashioned clothes.
That horse walked very slowly, the old man even held a pot of wine and walked while drinking.

Jiang Chao Ge’s horse was in the process of speeding by.
If he didn’t dodge, he would definitely run into him head on.
He shouted at him from afar, “Hey! Get out of the way!”

The old man gave him a glance and after leisurely drinking a mouthful, suddenly turned his head and concentrated his attention on them.
There was also no knowing if he was looking at the people or the horse.

“Get out of the way!” Jiang Chao Ge yelled violently.
This avenue originally wasn’t wide and this spirit tool was still not quite the same as a normal horse.
It didn’t listen to his commands and continuously ran blindly.
Maybe they will really run into each other.

The old man stared at them fixedly, motionless.

Jiang Chao Ge gritted his teeth and fiercely pulled at the reins.
Yet that horse didn’t give a bit of response, until the third prince opened his mouth and said, “Stop.”

The white horse was just like a bolt of electricity.
It used all its strength and suddenly halted in its steps, raising its front hooves, almost throwing the two off the horse.

The old man urged the horse and ambled over.

Jiang Chao Ge was full of hostility towards everyone in this world.
He said coldly, “Are you deliberately blocking the way?”

The old man looked at them for a while and then suddenly grinned from ear to ear, “Hahahaha, too interesting.” The third prince narrowed his eyes.

Jiang Chao Ge gave a push to the third prince, “Let your horse go around.”

The old man said to Jiang Chao Ge, “Person from the other world, there will not be a good ending if you follow him.
Come with me.
I can deliver you safely out of Tian Ao City.”

The eyes of the third prince became cold, and the hands that were tied behind his back secretly clenched into fists.

Jiang Chao Ge said, “You know who he is?”

“Of course I know.” The old man laughed strangely two times.
“Quick come with me.
The more time that passes, the more dangerous it is.”

“Why should I believe you?”

“Because I am also someone from the other world.
I come from Chong Ming City.”

Jiang Chao Ge was startled.
It was indeed the name of a city in his real world.

Just as he was hesitating, he felt something below his body grow relaxed.
When did that white horse unknowingly disappear! His body fell towards the ground.
At the same time, the third prince jumped high into the air, the hands that were tied together was suddenly pried apart.
He fished out a bone carving from his pocket, and flung it into the air.
A short dagger appeared in his hands.
His body seemed to defy gravity, turning in midair.


Jiang Chao Ge looked incredulously at the third prince’s nimble movements.
He immediately understood that kidnapping him all the way here was no more than a trap.
Just based on this kind of strength, he absolutely wasn’t someone he could control.

The old man also sprang up from the horse, pulling out the sword at his waist with a swish.
The sounds of swords crossing on a battlefield pierced the tranquility of the afternoon.

The third prince missed on the single attack and jumped to the ground.

The old man smiled, “Your Highness, you didn’t bring a spirit weapon.
You can’t win against me relying on this thing.”

The third prince turned the dagger in his hands, “There’s no harm in trying.” He drifted towards the old man using ghostly footwork.
Yet because his speed was too fast, he simply appeared as if he was flying.
In that fluctuating figure, only his head of silvery hair was especially clear.

Jiang Chao Ge finally knew how the third prince appeared on the 6 metre high sacrificial altar.
This type of footwork seemed as if it could leap onto roofs and vault over walls.
He only underestimated the enemy in such a way because he’d been shocked stupid by everything that’d happened today.
If this old man didn’t appear, the third prince would’ve found an opportunity to subdue him sooner or later.
Perhaps he drew him out of the sovereign capital just for the sake of monopolising this antique sword.

The old man was also a force to be reckoned with.
That aged body was unexpectedly agile in such a way.
The sword in his hand gave out sword sparks as he attacked the third prince.
The two crossed a dozen times in a short period of time, neither giving way to the other.
Suddenly, the old man fished out a few bone sculptures from his pocket and threw it towards the third prince.
Those two bone sculptures turned into two black leopards in midair, pouncing and biting like lightning towards the third prince.
The third prince was only relying on a short dagger in his hand, and in addition did not have the skills to attack the old man.

The old man pulled Jiang Chao Ge onto his own horse with one handful, urging the horse to run with a whip.

Jiang Chao Ge looked back and saw that the third prince was still tangled in a fight with the black leopards.
That shining head of silvery hair was still clearly engraved within his memory many years later.

The old man brought him along, and started to run wildly.
As soon as Jiang Chao Ge opened his mouth, it was filled with a big mouthful of wind.
He shouted, “Who are you? Why did you save me?”

The old man said, “Shut up, now is not the time to talk.”

Jiang Chao Ge also didn’t know whether or not to believe this old man.
At least being together with the third prince was dangerous, but what the old man said about being from Chong Ming city may not necessarily be true.
In short, these people frequently threw out a bunch of things.
At present, he didn’t have the ability to defend himself, he could only take a step and look around before taking the next.

The two ran till dark in one breath.
The old man took him into a small village, found a peasant household and after shoving a few copper coins, settled in.

As soon as he entered the house, Jiang Chao Ge just thought to throw the sword onto the table, right away the old man gave a shout, “Don’t move!”

Jiang Chao Ge jumped.
This sword was too heavy, even his arm was trembling.

The old man said, “Slowly, softly put it on the floor.”

Jiang Chao Ge gently and cautiously put the sword on the floor.
The floor of the peasant household was laid with baked earth.
Just as the sword touched the floor, the floor was forcibly split into crack under the pressure sword.
His eyes widened and didn’t react for a long time.

The old man took off his baggage, “I’m going to get something to eat.”

After the old man left the house, Jiang Chao Ge sat paralysed in a chair, clutching his head between his hands.
He did not lift it up at all for a long time.

What he experienced in half a day was still more that what he experienced in half a lifetime.
Even until now, he is still unable to accept the world he was in.
In addition, he was isolated and cut off from help, confused and ignorant.
He couldn’t find a sense of security from inside or out.
This sort of immense terror and powerlessness was unable to be described with words.


The sound of the door opening and closing could be heard.
Jiang Chao Ge could smell a faint fragrance.
He’d been hungry for an entire day and lifted his head towards the smell.

The old man placed a bowl of panada cooked flour paste in front of him, sat to the side and started eating his own, smacking his lips while eating.
It looked as if it was very fragrant.

Jiang Chao Ge gave it a taste with hesitation.
The taste was plain, too bland, but he’d long been hungry and soon began to swallow in big mouthfuls.

After clearing the bowl, Jiang Chao Ge wiped his mouth, “Speak, tell me everything you want to tell me.

The old man finished eating the panama cooked flour paste, joyously drank a mouthful of alcohol, and squinted his eyes, “I’ve seen the mother of that little prince, so beautiful ah…”

Jiang Chao Ge banged the table.

The old man gave a soft cough, “Where’d you come from.
What’s your name?”

“Dong Ping City, Jiang Chao Ge.”

The old man sighed, “I’ve been to Dong Ping before when I was young.
I’m called Meng Sheng.”

Meng, how did you come here? Have you never gone back?”

Meng Sheng gave a strange smile, “Go back? It’s impossible.”

“Why? The third prince said that the Great Master knows how to go back.”

Meng Sheng’s eyes grew cold, “The Great Master…..
yes, perhaps he knows how to go back, but he will never send you back.
Based on your status, you can’t get close to him at all.
Regardless, you should temporarily give up on this thread of hope.
It will make you feel a bit better.”

Jiang Chao Ge said, “I won’t give up.
I will definitely go back.”

Meng Sheng laughed, “Every person who comes from the other world have thought about this when they arrived, but nobody has ever successfully returned.”

“I’m not them.” Jiang Chao Ge said firmly: “I must return.”

Meng Sheng looked at the persistence in his eyes, slightly shocked, as if it evoked some memory from long ago and was silent for a while.

Jiang Chao Ge asked, “How many Other World People are actually here?”

“Not many but also not few.
Many are all hidden.”

“Why are they full of hostility towards the Other World People?”

Meng Sheng said: “Even if I tell you the reason now, you won’t understand.
You had better understand this world first.”

Jiang Chao Ge drank a gulp of water, and calmed down his beating heart, “What type of world is this?”

“This is a…” he seemed unable to find a suitable word to describe it, “This is a world where everything is driven by spirit tools.”

“What exactly is a spirit tool?”


“A spirit tool is made from part of the body of a dead beast.
This tool seals the beasts’ soul.
It can be a weapon, it can be a defensive tool.
It can also be a means of transportation, articles for daily use, medicines and chemical reagents etc.
Spirit tools exist in all the areas you can imagine.
Our horse is a spirit tool made from a bone taken from a horse.
Those two black leopards are summoned pets.
Damn it! They were valuable and all wasted on you……”

Jiang Chao Ge became dumbfounded as he listened.

Meng Sheng’s eyes drifted towards the antique sword, “That sword you grabbed, is a spirit weapon.”

Jiang Chao Ge glanced at the old sword and for a while, was unable to associate it with the high end, foreign, transformed horse and leopards.

Meng Sheng continued: “Those who have spirit tools, are the people that can make and control spirit tools.
These people are the ones that have spiritual awareness.”

“Spiritual awareness?”

“Spiritual awareness is inborn, being inherited through blood relations has the highest probability.
Only those with spiritual awareness can cultivate spiritual power.
Those with spiritual power can make or control spirit tools.
In this world, those with spiritual awareness are superior.
These types of people only account for one thousandth of the total population.”


“So, I also have spiritual awareness?”

“Yes, that’s why you were brought here.”

Jiang Chao Ge was suddenly angry, “There are many people in this world that have spiritual awareness, why must they still drag in foreign aid?”

Meng Sheng shook his head, “It’s unclear, but some connection definitely exists between these two worlds.”

Jiang Chao Ge looked at his own hands, “Why can’t I feel that spiritual awareness you talked about?”

“Because you have never cultivated.
In itself spiritual power is very weak.
It’s only through cultivation and study that it can become strong.”

“Then what about that sword? Again what’s it’s connection?” Jiang Chao Ge looked at the sword that invited disaster, his mind complicated.

“This sword…..” Meng Sheng walked over and used a finger like a wizened tree branch to stroke the blade gently.
Within his turbulent gaze, a flash of brightness shone through.
He closed his eyes and seemed to be feeling something.
After a while, he opened his eyes, “Of all the spirit tools, the status of a spirit weapon is the highest.”

Jiang Chao Ge raised his eyebrows, “You can imagine.”

“A powerful spirit weapon user coupled with a powerful spirit weapon, can be as if facing ten thousand enemies.
Therefore spirit weapons are the most captivating thing in this world but also the most dangerous.”

“This sword, is a very powerful Spirit Weapon?”

“From the scenario you described to have seen it in as well as the attitude of the little prince towards it, this should be a Heaven grade Spirit Weapon.”

“Heaven grade?”

“Spirit weapons are divided into four grades: Heaven, Dark, Earth, Yellow.”

“What does it mean?”

“Yellow grade Spirit Weapons are made from ordinary beasts, mostly tigers, leopards, wolves etc.
Its the lowest grade of Spirit Weapon.
Ordinary people without spiritual power can also use it.
Earth grade spirit weapons are made from special beasts.
Many have additional properties, from toxicity and erosion to illusory attributes and cold and heat effects etc.
Dark grade spirit weapons are made from rare monsters and spirits.
You need superb spiritual power in order to control it and you can also summon the spirit of the beast in order to bring out its powerful strength.
Heaven grade spirit weapons are made from over millennium old rare beasts that have intelligence.
It can only form a contract with one spirit mage at any one time.
The condition of the contract is not how powerful their spiritual power is but rather how compatible their spiritual awareness is.
Spiritual power can be cultivated but spiritual awareness is something you are born with.
Heaven grade spirit weapons are rare, and the spirit mage that is compatible with it must have extremely strong spiritual power in order to have an effect or else it’ll backfire.
Spirit mages of Heaven grade spirit weapons can not only summon the spirit of the beast to fight but can also summon the human form of the rare beast.
It’s the lifelong pursuit of all spirit mages.
Before forming a contract with a Spirit Mage, a Heaven grade spirit weapon is as heavy as a thousand Jin.
The person that is able to pick it up is the person who’s spiritual awareness is compatible with it.”

Jiang Chao Ge broke out in a cold sweat as he listened.
If what he grabbed was really a Heaven grade spirit weapon, then it’s no wonder those people wanted to seize him.
Recalling the scene at the time, they were probably choosing a compatible spirit mage for this sword but the situation was disturbed by him and in addition, he even took away the sword.
But so what if he had the sword? He had absolutely no spiritual power to use.
However, after hearing how powerful this weapon was, he was still pretty proud of himself.
This was simply the arrangement of fate.
He just happened to pick up a first class Spirit Weapon that was compatible with his own spiritual awareness as soon as he crossed worlds.
This can also be considered a good beginning.
At least by having a powerful force, he can have the hope of returning to his own original world.
He said excitedly, “This means, I grabbed the world’s most awesome weapon.”


Meng Sheng stroked his beard, “Actually, above Heaven grade, there’s still a type of spirit weapon that exists.
It’s a legend though.”

“Oh, what legend?”

Meng Sheng’s eyes were filled with yearning, “Legend has it, that above Heaven grade there’s still Divine grade spirit weapons.
They are spirit weapons made from ancient rare beasts that are unique in between the heaven and earth.
They hold formidable power, enough to destroy the heavens and exterminate the earth.
These are Spirit beasts that are born from the essence of the world and life.
Even summoning wind and rain, moving mountains and seas are not difficult.
No one should be able to control this kind of spirit weapon.
There’s a prophecy that mentions Divine grade spirit weapons are connected the destruction of the world.
If Divine grade spirit weapons really exist in this world, mankind will possibly met its end.”

Jiang Chao Ge had no interest towards legends that had no meaning, “If mine is really a Heaven grade spirit weapon, that is to say, I can possibly summon the spirit beast and can possibly even summon its human form?”

“Of course, millenniums of rare beasts before it can all change into a human form.”

Jiang Chao Ge was suddenly interested.
He rubbed his hands together, “How should I summon it?”

Meng Sheng gave a mysterious smile, “You want to summon it?”

“Since I’m… compatible with him, don’t tell me I can’t summon it?”

“You can.
I can give you a hand with my spiritual power, but only once.
Lending spiritual power can ruin my cultivation base.

Jiang Chao Ge suddenly became guarded, “Why are you helping me?”

Meng Sheng smiled, “Because I also want to see what type of rare beast is in this Heaven grade spirit weapon.”

Jiang Chao Ge thought for a bit and gritted his teeth, “Let’s do it.” He also didn’t know if his fate could get more terrible.
He might has well try it, just in case the thing he summons is particularly powerful, it would be equivalent to finding himself a bodyguard.

A fleeting glimmer of cunning flashed across the eyes of Meng Sheng.
He grabbed Jiang Chao Ge’s wrist, both eyes shut tight, muttering incantations under his breath.

Jiang Chao Ge could soon feel his body grow hot.
A warm current flowed through the place where their arms connected and came pouring into his body.
That sensation felt very real.
He seemed to be able to see the way the spiritual power flowed within his body.

In less than a minute, Meng Sheng released his hand, his whole face beaded with sweat.

Jiang Chao Ge shook his arm and didn’t feel anything special.

“Try it, hold this sword and think about wanting to meet him.”

Jiang Chao Ge was originally an atheist who didn’t mix oil and salt. He only believed in money all his life but every that happened today overturned his three views too much.
After listening to such an idealistic theory, his eyebrows didn’t even crease and he really grabbed the sword and started fantasising in his head.

This sword… what type of spirit beast was in it? Will it be a powerful spirit beast? What does it’s human form look like? Is it male or female?

Thinking this way, he once again felt the weak spiritual power within his body, flow into the blade of the sword melodiously.
The sword blade gave out a faint light.
Very quickly, a humanoid shadow appeared in front of the two!

Suddenly, brilliant rays of light lit up the inside of the house, as bright as if it were daytime.
The two were suddenly pushed out by some sort of force and only after staggering many steps were they able to stabilise their body.
They felt an indescribable feeling of oppression in their heart, as if a giant had filled up this room causing their hearts to fill with fear and dread.
Goosebumps had not only appeared on their body, but even their backs were trembling.

That empty shadow finally materialised and a young child appeared in front of them.


The two were both stupefied.

The child was about three or four years old.
His face was as fair as porcelain, hair as black as ink.
A golden black hairpin was used to sweep part of the hair into a cap on top of the head.
The long hair that draped down reached his ankles.
Both his pupils were a bright golden that sparkled in the dim light.
The child looked extremely beautiful with a beauty unlike ordinary people.
He wore a black patterned robe with golden threading.
He was so young, but there was a noble temperament that couldn’t be ignored.

While Jiang Chao Ge knew what he was going to do from the beginning, the person he summoned also gave him a scare.
But… hey, why was it a child? He looked towards Meng Sheng.

Meng Sheng’s face was full of innocence, “It must be because your spiritual power is too weak.”

Unexpectedly, the child spoke up with a voice so cold ice shards could drop, “Foolish people, trash, who allowed you to summon me?!”

Jiang Chao Ge raised an eyebrow.

The child looked very angry, little black eyebrows tightened into a frown, face full of disdain, “To actually let me be disgraced in this sort of form, trash!”

Jiang Chao Ge took a deep breath and once again looked towards Meng Sheng.

Meng Sheng scratched his head, taking a bit of pleasure over other people’s misfortune, “To be looked down upon by a spirit weapon because the spiritual power is too weak, it’s really my first time seeing it…..”

Panada cooked flour paste/面糊-yep it kinda looks and probably tastes as unappetising as it sounds.
It’s basically cooked flour paste? From what I’ve seen from images that’s basically what it is.
I think it’s usually used as like glue for other dishes and stuff but in this case… it’s eaten directly

Spirit Weapon User/魂兵使- I’m using the literal translation here but u could think of it as something along the lines of a spirit mage of sorts?

Heaven, Dark, Earth, Yellow/天玄地黄/Tian, Xuan, Di, Huang- literal translations of the grades.
It sounds a lot smoother and cooler in Chinese.

Didn’t mix oil and salt/油盐不进- basically means he’s a clear cut atheist since like oil and salt don’t mix.
You kinda get the idea

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