Jiang Chao Ge was so moved by the heroic and calm phrase of ‘let’s face the enemy’ that tears streamed down his face.
He deserved to be called the heroic Prince Shu.
An expert in facing beasts, one could tell he was a leader from a glance.

“Hurry! Retreat towards the entrance!” Yu Ren Shu jumped atop Tian Rong’s head in a few steps, the long Jian in his hand, spiritual power flowing throughout his whole body.
His sleeves fluttered without wind, silver hair reflecting a luscious light in the gloomy cave.
He shot towards the group of snakes like an arrow.

At the same time, Tian Rong also opened his ferocious mouth, throwing himself forward and biting a long snake’s face.
That long snake was at least a dozen metres long and about as thick as an adults thigh.
Tian Rong and the long snake both rolled around on the ground.
The long snake hissed and wanted to constrict Tian Rong.
Tian Rong didn’t care and allowed the long snakes spine covered snake body constrict him, his own jaws continuing to bite ferociously.
His astonishing bite strength actually ripped off half the head of that long snake!

Yu Ren Shu gave a violent yell, waving Tian Rong Jian ferociously in midair.
Combined with powerful spiritual power, it sent an invisible blast force towards the group of snakes.
The vertebra of the three long snakes at the front became dislocated and twisted in many places as if it’d been snapped by a huge pair of hands.
The long snake bodies laid limply on the ground as if they’d pulled a muscle.
Not even a single drop of blood could be seen yet they were already completely disabled!

Everyone present was shocked by the impressive strength of Yu Ren Shu’s attack.
Originally when they were fighting Shan Quan Hui, Yu Ren Shu wasn’t seriously fighting at all.
This was the true strength of Yu Ren Shu, the famed level five spirit weapon user known across the Tian Ling continent.

After Yu Ren Shu landed on the ground, he charged back into the group of snakes immediately.
Tian Rong also stood up and shook himself fiercely.
A portion of the steel spikes embedded within his thick fur were shaken off, but there was still many piercing his body which seemed quite terrifying.

At this moment, Jiang Chao Ge and the rest were only a few steps away from the cave entrance.
However upon seeing that Yu Ren Shu and Tian Rong couldn’t stop a whole den of long snakes at all, they simply turned back and returned.

Ruan Qian Xiu said: “We have to lure the long snakes out of the cave, otherwise our rare beasts can’t fight here properly.
With just a few of us humans, we’ll be eaten sooner or later.”

Long Xiang said: “Zui You, you take them out first.
I’ll go lure the snakes.”

Zui You sighed: “Little idiot, can you run faster than me?” He shook his huge magnificent tails and dashed towards the group of snakes.

Ruan Qian Xiu said to Jiang Chao Ge: “You go out first.”

Jiang Chao Ge shook his head, “The cave is probably somewhat safer.”

Ruan Qian Xiu froze and turned her head to look.
Unbeknownst to them, many rare beasts had gathered at the cave entrance, peering at them, all producing strange movements.
They might be waiting.
Waiting for the long snakes to finish eating them and leave them some leftovers.
They really were stupid brutes, ignorant of the fact that snakes ate things whole.

Long Xiang and Zui You had already dashed into the group of snakes.
Zui You’s body of pure pale fur really made people feel unable to taint it.
Unfortunately long snakes didn’t show such pity and protective feelings, leaping at him wanting to bite.
Zui You’s figure was dexterous but within the cave it couldn’t be put to good use and he was attacked by biting long snakes.

Long Xiang faced a long snake whilst waving Zui You Halberd.
That long snake was more than ten times his size.
The size difference itself was alarming to people, making ones heart leap into their throat.
When the head of that long snake threw itself at Long Xiang, purple tongue flickering, Long Xiang dodged to the side in a flash with extreme speed.
Then he jumped powerfully, jumping onto the lowered head of the long snake! The head of the long snake was the only place on its entire body unprotected by steel spiny skin.
After Long Xiang jumped onto it, the long snakes reaction was also very fast, shaking its head wanting to throw him off.
Long Xiang sat on its head, holding onto its neck with his two legs, raising the Halberd up high about to stab down.

The long snake realised what he was about to do and ferociously threw its head towards the rock wall.
Long Xiang hurriedly leapt up, simultaneously slashing ferociously with Zui You Halberd, slicing a long gash on the long snake’s neck.
Long Xiang rolled on the ground, jumping up with a flip of his body and running behind the long snake.
That long snake didn’t even have time to turn its body and Long Xiang had already begun running up along its back.
He ran as if he was walking on ice, each step light so that the spiny steel skin didn’t injure him.
Leaping up with borrowed strength, in the instant that long snake turned its head, the sharp Zui You Halberd pierced its neck in one slice!

The long snake that was attacking Zui You had been controlled by Zui You’s bewitchment.
It’s movements had slowed considerably, continuously fighting with Zui You willpower, smashing its head ferociously into the rock wall.
Zui You took advantage of the opportunity to attack, biting onto its neck, stopping its breath in a few moments.

Ruan Qian Xiu’s Zheng Cheng Crescent blades also flew out.
Those two crescent blades seemed to have eyes.
Even if it was one of their own mixed within the group of snakes, it could still accurately not injure them.
It travelled back and forth within the group of snakes, spraying blood everywhere.
When Zheng Cheng Crescent Blades returned to Ruan Qian Xiu’s hands, she had already rushed into the group of snakes.
Her body was as light as a swallow, using the snakes and cave as footholds to leap and vault.
Sometimes, the pair of crescent blades were like swords attached to her arms, repelling the long snakes that got close to her.
Sometimes it transformed into bloodthirsty hidden weapons, dancing through the group of snakes, yet each time it would accurately return to her hands.
She was just like the female war gods in mythology, nimble, fierce, courageous and beautiful.

Watching his companions battling so brilliantly, Jiang Chao Ge blushed with shame somewhat.
Luckily he was someone that understood his capabilities and knew it was more important to remain alive not act as a hero.
He used the light from the cave entrance to observe his surroundings, immediately finding hollowed corner in the rock wall.
He decided to press his back against the hollow.
Perhaps this way he could guard against the snakes most powerful move—— constricting him.

A long snake had already fled in front of Jiang Chao Ge.
Zhi Xuan glared and bared his teeth, a dangerous growl emitting from his throat.
Only the voice was too young and didn’t seem to be very intimidating.
But that long snake still felt something and wandered about in the distance uneasily, wanting to approach over and over yet hesitating.

Jiang Chao Ge tightly gripped the sword, staring fixedly at the snake, waiting to slice it in half although he himself didn’t hold much certainty.

That long snake encircled Jiang Chao Ge and Zhi Xuan and screeched a few times.
In the end, extreme hunger triumphed over its uneasiness and it still rushed towards Jiang Chao Ge.

Zhi Xuan said urgently: “Don’t move! Wait until it’s closer to use the sword!”

F*ck how can this wait?!

Because Jiang Chao Ge’s back was against the wall, the long snake could only attack from the front.
He watched helplessly as that huge snake’s long body suddenly shot towards him, enormous mouth opening, sticky saliva dripping off of sharp hooked fangs.
It’s scarlet gums seemed extremely ferocious.

Jiang Chao Ge forcefully calmed his mind, waiting for the head to come closer and closer.
Close enough that it’s purplish red tongue could practically touch his face! Only then did he give a violent yell, gathering his spiritual power and stabbing.
This stab hit the artery on the snake’s lower jaw.
Blood gushed forth, covering Jiang Chao Ge’s face and body.
Jiang Chao Ge closed his eyes, forcefully slicing downwards with a yell.
Because he couldn’t open his eyes, he could only feel that solid thick skin and firm flesh being sliced open inch by inch.
The sword tip even scrapped past the spine.
That friction caused fear.
He frantically sliced through till the end.
The tip of the sword sliced into the rocky ground, emitting a heavy sound.
The collision directly broke him through the jaws of death.
Zhi Xuan sword dropped to the ground, triggering the entire cave to once again quake.
Only then did he stop.

Ha……” the stench of blood filled Jiang Chao Ge’s nose and mouth.
He felt almost short of breath.
This one attack had practically consumed half of his spiritual power, making him momentarily sluggish.
Only he knew that this wasn’t the time to rest at all and hurriedly used his sleeve to wipe off the blood on his face, forcefully opening his eyes.
His bloodstained eyelashes made him see the whole world in red.

In front of him, a huge long snake over twenty metres long with a body covered in steel spiny skin laid limply on the ground, head close to his feet.
That huge snake had been cleaved from its lower jaw all the way to its stomach from one strike.
It’s blood and internal organs spilled all over the ground.
The shape of its spine could clearly be seen.
It’s corpse was huge, making one unable to know where to step to leave.

Zhi Xuan walked over and tugged at Jiang Chao Ge’s sleeve.

Still badly shaken, Jiang Chao Ge lowered his head to look at him.

“You did pretty well.” Zhi Xuan said: “No wonder you’re my servant, you have some skill.”

Jiang Chao Ge forced a smile: “ I really can’t defend against another one.
Let’s hurry and run.”

There was no knowing how many snakes were actually in this den.
In any case the numbers didn’t seem to be dropping after killing so much.
Jiang Chao Ge followed the others, killing whilst retreating and at last left the swaying cave.

It was an expanse of brilliant white snow outside.
Their eyes were assaulted with this sudden brightness, becoming almost unable to open them.
Those rare beasts that originally encircled the cave entrance had already escaped without a trace upon seeing the long snakes come out.
Only those that could fly like the Xiao, circled the skies screeching.

That black cave was like a spout, the long snakes continuously rushed out of it.
How to describe this scene….
It was like pouring worms out of a glass jar.
A group of huge snakes slithered out of the cave attempting to outdo one another, bodies entangled together, practically in a knot.
Countless snake heads writhed in the wind and snow.
It was as frightening as a tentacle monster.
Obviously they were really extremely hungry.
There were several pressed together, blocking off the cave altogether.

They certainly didn’t have time admire a group of snakes coming out of the cave, each jumping on rare beasts and escaping the way they’d come.
But before they’d run even a few steps, a huge sound travelled from behind, shaking the entire Gemini Peaks!

They looked back and saw that cave shake violently.
The long snakes blocking the entrance immediately spurted out.
There seemed be a tremendous power within the cave, continuously throwing long snakes out.
Suddenly, dozens of snakes were ejected from the cave, landing heavily on the snowy ground.

F*ck it’s raining snakes now! Jiang Chao Ge cursed inwardly.

However he thought the worst case scenario was no worse than this.
But what happened in the next second proved that his understanding of this world was too shallow.

He saw the layer of snow collapse, the earth split open, the cave destroyed before their eyes.
Then the earth in front of them bulged at a speed perceptible to the human eye.
Everyone followed the bulge on the ground, collectively looking up.
They watched helplessly as a snake head as big as a carriage emerged from the depths……

Jiang Chao Ge trembled, almost biting off his tongue, “Run….
Hurry RUN!”

At this moment, the Gemini Peaks couldn’t bear the quaking, the accumulated snow at the top beginning to slide.
Half of the body of the huge long snake emerged from the ground.
As if greeting an emperor, the smaller long snakes bent, prostrating themselves, automatically leaving a path for it.

“Run! An avalanche is coming!” Ruan Qian Xiu yelled.

Everyone turned around and immediately ran.

That huge snake lifted its head and looked at the pouring snow.
Even if it had an impenetrable defence, if it was caught in it, it would also definitely be pounded into mince meat.
Thus it also lead the long snakes forward to escape.

Thus in the valley between the towering Gemini Peaks, pure white snow piled high across the earth, concealing this scene—— Three rare beasts carrying five humans running wildly for their lives.
Following close behind them was a huge long snake over fifty metres long with a diameter of over a metre, bringing dozens of smaller long snakes.
Chunks of snow atop the Gemini Peaks fell like huge rocks, shaking the whole mountain.
The more it quaked, the more powerful the avalanche on the mountain peak.
It completely turned into a vicious cycle.
The chunks of snow originally raining behind them began to randomly fall in front and around them.
Many smaller long snakes were hit by a chunk of snow, spurting blood and dying on the spot.

The sensitivity of the three rare beasts displayed the largest effect.
They dodged chunks of snow, running wildly all the way at their fastest speeds.

Jiang Chao Ge looked up to see chunks of snow continuously raining down.
Even someone like him, an atheist that didn’t mix water with oil, began to pray to ancestors, no, to gods, please don’t let it land on his head.
At this moment, the huge snake behind them didn’t seem so scary anymore.
This process of fleeing was definitely many times more stimulating than anything he’d experienced in his life.
Even American blockbuster films couldn’t capture this moment of shock and desperation, because they were truly racing against death.

They ran like this, gambling with their lives for more than ten minutes, finally running out of the range of Gemini Peaks.
The speed of the three rare beasts all began to slow, because the spirit weapon users supporting their extreme running speed with spiritual power were already tired and unable to bear it.

Yet behind them, the huge snake began to catch up along with a group of followers.

Jiang Chao Ge said with lingering fear: “Why is this thing so big? This is definitely a Heaven grade rare beast right?”

Zui You said whilst running: “This long snake has at least three thousand years of cultivation.
Heaven grade rare beasts are just generalisation of millennium old rare beasts.
But this long snake’s cultivation is way higher than mine and it’s also leading a den of snakes.
We aren’t it’s match.”

Only until now could Yu Ren Shu take a full breath.
He’d killed many long snakes and was wounded in many places, spiritual power half depleted.
He said through gritted teeth: “If we can’t outrun them, we can only fight for our lives.”

The slithering speed of long snakes on snow was not at all inferior to four legged beasts.
So much so that because their drag was small in addition to the fact they had enormous upper body strength, they were gradually about to overtake them.

Long Xiang said ruthlessly: “Can’t avoid them anymore, lets fight.”

With a wave of both arms, Ruan Qian Xiu’s Zheng Cheng crescent blades flew out at full speed, launching an attack toward the group of snakes.
This time, it didn’t go as smoothly as she’d imagined.
With a wave of of its huge tail, because it’s size was large, the enormous long snake directly swatted one of the Zheng Cheng crescent blades awry!

Ruan Qian Xiu looked at the lone crescent blade that returned to her hand, expression becoming extremely grave.

Yu Ren Shu pulled Tian Rong’s neck fur, yelling loudly: “Tian Rong, follow me into battle!”

Tian Rong carved a giant arc in the ground as he turned around without hesitation, leaping towards the huge snake.

Long Xiang jumped down from Zui You’s body, the knee height snow almost submerging half of his lower body.
The youth’s red hair was like a flame within this world of ice and snow, the red attracting ones eye.
He stood, facing the draught between the two mountain peaks, sleeves rustling in the wind.
He lifted the Zui You halberd that was practically as tall as him towards the sky.
Then slowly, slowly he aimed it at the huge snake.

Jiang Chao Ge knew, life or death depended on just a moment.
It was very possible that today all of them would be buried on this snow capped mountain.
As it entered spring the next year and the snow melted, who would recognise a pile of white bones?

Jiang Chao Ge placed Zhi Xuan on the snowy ground, standing with the sword raised, already prepared for death.

Zhi Xuan’s small body was almost submerged by the accumulated snow.
He looked at the group of snakes through gritted teeth and then looked at Jiang Chao Ge.
This was repeated several times, his eyes filled with conflict.

Jiang Chao Ge said heavily: “Little Zuzong, this time it might really be the end of me.
I hope you can find a more powerful spirit weapon user, not a good for nothing like me.”

Zhi Xuan said angrily: “Shut up.”

Jiang Chao Ge smiled wryly: “There’s not much more I can say, let’s at least bid farewell.
Although you are quite hard to serve, you are sometimes quite cute.”

Zhi Xuan glared at him, “There’s still another way.”

“Hm? What way?”

“Form a contract.” Zhi Xuan clenched his small fist, “When we form a contract, you can temporarily summon my true form.”

Jiang Chao Ge said in surprise: “Really?!” That could be their only opportunity to save their lives.

“However…..” Zhi Xuan began to hesitate.

Jiang Chao Ge thought that he was unwilling to form a contract with him and hurriedly urged: “Zuzong, do you have the heart to watch so many people die.
I promised I’ll cultivate properly, and I guarantee to let you….”

“With your current spiritual power, you can only summon my true form, you can’t battle.
Once you battle, it’s very possible you’ll drain your spiritual power, exploding your body.” Zhi Xuan said speedily.

Jiang Chao Ge froze.

“Because it originally isn’t summoned using your own spiritual power, but rather the moment the contract is formed, the spiritual power within me and yours will connect, thus giving you the spiritual power to temporarily summon my true form.
But you have no way of controlling my spiritual power.” Zhi Xuan looked at him, “If you summon me but can’t scare away the group of snakes, you’ll meet your end anyway.”

Jiang Chao Ge gulped, momentarily frozen.

Nearby, Yu Ren Shu, Long Xiang and Ruan Qian Xiu brought their respective rare beasts to join the battleground.

That huge snake had the strength to match a thousand men.
Never mind everyone attacking it, they couldn’t even get close to it.
Zui You wanted to jump onto its head several times and was always swatted away with its tail, sending him flying dozens of metres away.
Blood streamed, staining his pale fur immediately.
He laid on the snowy ground for a while unmoving.

Long Xiang’s eyes became bloodshot, yelling: “Zui You——“

Zui You forcefully propped himself up and said weakly: “Don’t worry about me.
I can’t die anyway.”

Although he said that, seeing the companion that fought by your side dripping with blood, who could remain calm?

Yu Ren Shu used that strange footwork to wander about in midair.
Because his body was somewhat smaller, the huge snake temporarily found it very difficult to catch him.
However, the smaller snakes wouldn’t let him go so easily.
Several snake heads chased him biting and tearing.
He obviously couldn’t match the snakes in speed and very quickly, a bloody mouth was about to bite his neck.

Tian Rong suddenly leapt up, knocking Yu Ren Shu out of the way in midair.
That long snake bit onto Tian Rong’s arm, simultaneously tightening its tail, constricting Tian Rong’s entire body at a terrifying speed.
Tian Rong finally gave a pained yell.

Yu Ren Shu was thrown onto the snow and although he wasn’t injured, he was still disorientated.
The first thing he did upon regain his senses was to return Tian Rong to the Jian.
A long snake made a surprise attack.
He forcefully crawled up, running towards the side while yelling: “No! You can’t come out!”

Ruan Qian Xiu’s situation was slightly better.
She rode Zheng Cheng and flew in the air, only she kept wanting to retrieve the other crescent blade.
However after that crescent blade fell in the snow, it had long since disappeared within the jostling snakes.
Attacking with a lone crescent blade was much less effective.
In addition, she had consumed much of her spiritual power and was unable to allow Zheng Cheng to take everyone and run.
Although she could escape by herself, seeing Yu Ren Shu and Long Xiang fighting a bloody battle below as well as Jiang Chao Ge prepared for battle, in the end she didn’t leave.

Jiang Chao Ge looked at Zhi Xuan with completely red eyes and said with incomparable resolution, “Zhi Xuan, form a contract with me.”

“I already said, if we can’t….”

“We have to try at least.
It’d be great if we could scare the snakes into retreating.
If not…..” Jiang Chao Ge looked at Yu Ren Shu and Long Xiang, “At least you guys might live.”

Zhi Xuan frowned: “You’re not allowed to die.”

“If we don’t form a contract, I’ll die anyway!”

Zhi Xuan bit his small teeth and unwilling to agree.

Jiang Chao Ge squeezed his shoulder and shouted: “Zhi Xuan, help me, just like last time!” He pulled out a dagger, resolutely slicing across his forearm.
Fresh blood suddenly oozed out, dripping onto the snow, incomparably attracting to the eyes.

He, Jiang Chao Ge had always been a selfish individualistic person from childhood to adulthood.
But in this world, this world that he detested, feared and felt lonely in, he’d gained what he couldn’t gain in his own world.
Like, Zhi Xuan’s reliance on him and need of him.
Like the boldness to fight at the side of the ones who helped him and whom he admired in his heart.
The incomparably heroic Yu Ren Shu, the one with tremendous courage and foresight Long Xiang, the woman who could match any man Ruan Qian Xiu or their rare beasts Tian Rong, Zui You and Zheng Cheng.
They all helped him see the moment of brilliance of fearless and dauntless fighters.
He felt that even if they died here, they would still fulfil a man’s heroic dream of dying in battle.

If it was possible, of course he’d like it if everyone could survive.
But if not, and if by sacrificing himself these people could live, he was also willing.
After all, he didn’t belong to this world in the first place.

Zhi Xuan looked at his bleeding forearm, bit his teeth and lifted his small forearm towards the edge of the dagger.

Just at this moment of imminent peril, a resounding roar suddenly reverberated from atop the Gemini Peaks.
The sound pierced the skies and sunk into the the depths of the underworld, jolting in all directions, directly attacking ones heart.
It made one feel like trembling and at the same time feel a sense of deep veneration, only wanting to kneel down and prostrate oneself in worship.

Jiang Chao Ge’s heart pounded.
He remembered this feeling.
It was the same as when Zhi Xuan first appeared in the world.
Could it be——!

Zhi Xuan raised his small head and exclaimed in surprise: “Ren Wang!”

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