Jiang Chao Ge immediately said: “Let Tian Rong take us directly out of the imperial capital.
Other than that Fei, no one else can stop Tian Rong, but Tian Rong is much faster than him.”

“Alright.” Yu Ren Shu said dejectedly.

Jiang Chao Ge very much understood Yu Ren Shu’s current mood.
From a lofty Prince reduced to an escaped criminal forced to go into exile.
Not even mentioning the huge change in circumstances from now on, just the disparity in one’s heart would be hard for anyone to accept calmly.
He patted Yu Ren Shu’s shoulder, “Your Highness, I know you are not someone that craves wealth and honour.
Then just forget about this false reputation.
Didn’t you want to take Tian Rong to see the whole world? Right now you don’t bear any burdens, perhaps that is actually a good thing.”

Yu Ren Shu nodded, “Lets go.”

Jiang Chao Ge pushed open the door.
The guard looked at him nervously, “Sir, that was too long.
Hurry come with me.”

Jiang Chao Ge smiled: “Sure, but I’m taking someone with me.”


Jiang Chao Ge suddenly grabbed his collar and pulled it downwards, driving his knee ruthlessly into his stomach.
Simultaneously, he chipped the back of his neck with a flat hand.
The guard crumpled to the ground, suddenly motionless.

The other guard didn’t even have time to react and Jiang Chao Ge had already whipped out a dagger and pressed it at his throat, “Don’t move.”

Yu Ren Shu walked out and said surprised: “Isn’t that the dagger I collected?”

“Let me borrow it for a bit.” Jiang Chao Ge whispered to the terrified guard, “Which room is Tian Rong in?”

The guard looked at the blade held across his thoat and gulped, “Downstairs, the first room on the east.”

“After we leave, you have to do two things.
First, find a place to hide you and your companion’s gold coins.
You absolutely must not carry it on you.
Come back to retrieve it when there’s an opportunity in the future.
Second, hurt yourself.” Jiang Chao Ge kicked him away, and dragged Yu Ren Shu as they ran downstairs.

The two rushed downstairs.
As soon as the guards downstairs saw them, they turned pale with fright and shouted loudly: “Someone! Third Prince wants to….” Yu Ren Shu had already dashed in front of him, kicking him over with a flying kick.
At the same time his body turned around in midair in a strange posture and once again sent the other guard flying with a kick.

Jiang Chao Ge rushed back towards his own room.
The guard that took his gold coin was in an absolute panic.
In that moment of hesitation, he had already been knocked to the ground by him.
He pushed open the door, “Zhi….”

He had hardly finished speaking when someone slammed into his embrace.
He lowered his head and saw that it was Zhi Xuan in the appearance of a thirteen or fourteen year old youth, holding Zhi Xuan Sword in his hand.

Zhi Xuan frowned and said: “Too slow.
I only have enough spiritual power to turn into this.”

Jiang Chao Ge said supportively: “Good job.” He carried Zhi Xuan Sword on his back, grabbed Zhi Xuan’s hand and ran out.

On the other side, Yu Ren Shu had already met with Tian Rong.
Tian Rong regained the appearance of an adult.
He carried Yu Ren Shu and directly jumped out from the skylight.
His body transformed in the commanding appearance of the Zheng in midair.
Yu Ren Shu sat accurately on his back.

(Side note: I don’t think this was included in the novel but it’s too cute not to include so here’s something to satiate our inner fangirl/fanboy)

Jiang Chao Ge grabbed Zhi Xuan, stepped onto the railing and with a leap, jumped down from the skylight and also steadily landed on Tian Rong’s back.

At this moment, the entire Punishment Hall was ablaze with lights.
The movements of guards coming out in torrents could be heard.

Tian Rong said loudly: “Hold tight!”

With a bend of his hind legs, he suddenly leapt upwards, clearing the tens of metres tall top floor in a single move!

The three grabbed onto his fur, body momentarily becoming perpendicular with the floor.
Jiang Chao Ge felt a burst of dizziness and once again slumped back into Tian Rong’s thick fur.
Tian Rong jumped down from Punishment Hall, running towards the mountain path of Tian Ao City.

Right now it was already nighttime, there weren’t many pedestrians.
However, there was still many people who saw Tian Rong’s huge body like a flash of amber lightning racing through the streets.

Jiang Chao Ge shouted: “Is this the way out of the city?”

“It’s the way down the mountain.” Yu Ren Shu said: “The path out of the city is too level, it’s easy to be blocked.
They won’t be able to catch up on this path unless they possess a spirit beast with strong jumping and balancing capabilities.”


A bit of insanity flashed across Yu Ren Shu’s greyish blue eyes, “You will know very soon.”

Jiang Chao Ge really did know very soon.
Because he saw that over a hundred metres away was a steep cliff! Beyond that steep cliff was pitch black, nothing could be seen at all.
It only seemed very deep.
Seeing Tian Rong dashing towards that steep cliff yet not showing any signs of slowing down, he yelled: “Fuck, what are you doing!”

Zhi Xuan bright golden pupils lit up in the dark, and began to laugh happily.

With a swift leap, Tian Rong leapt out of the steep cliff!

Jiang Chao Ge grabbed onto Tian Rong’s fur tightly yet still felt like his body was going to be shaken off.
He began yelling without any concern for his image, he didn’t want to fall to death!

Tian Rong’s huge body collided with the opposite edge of the cliff with a boom.
His claws gripped firmly onto the rock wall, huge body continuously sliding down.
His claws left multiple long deep gouges on the rock wall.

Zhi Xuan’s youth form obviously had a limit to its strength.
With such abrupt movements and collisions, his hands loosened, dropping down from Tian Rong’s body.

At this moment, both of Jiang Chao Ge’s arms were weak.
He was unable to look after himself much less others and also seemed about to lose his grip.

With a whip of Tian Rong’s five long thick tails, it directly dragged Zhi Xuan back.
Zhi Xuan once again grabbed onto his fur, cheeks red with excitement.

Yu Ren Shu also grabbed Jiang Chao Ge’s wrist, “Can you endure?”

Jiang Chao Ge gritted his teeth and said: “Yes.” He was so scared that even now his heart was beating fiercely.

Tian Rong’s body fell no less than a hundred metres, claws splattered with blood, only then stabilising their downwards trajectory.
He jumped onto a flattened ledge, and began to nimbly climb the cliff, finally climbing up the steep cliff on this side.

Looking back, countless flames flickered on the opposite cliff.
There were several large birds circling the sky, yet they didn’t fly over at all.
Perhaps they knew that even if they flew over, they wouldn’t be able to stop Tian Rong.
Yu Ren Shu stared blankly at Tian Ao City’s flaming stars, frustration and pain within his greyish blue pupils, making people unable to bear it.
He breathed out shakily, “I’ve said that I don’t have any attachments to Tian Ao City, but thinking that I might never return…..”

At this moment, Jiang Chao Ge could feel his emotions as if they were his.
He’d once complained that his own city was congested with traffic, environment was disgusting, always wanting to earn some money to move to good place to live leisurely.
But thinking that he would never return, his heart only held reluctance and sadness.
In the end, humans were an animal that required a sense of belonging.
That terror of wandering around without a home made people heartbroken.

Tian Rong rolled up his tail, the tip of it poking Yu Ren Shu’s face, silently stroking it.

Yu Ren Shu grabbed Tian Rong’s tail and said softly, “Tian Rong, thank you.”

Tian Rong twisted his head to look at him, “Weren’t you going to take me all over the world, and travel overseas? You originally needed to abandon this small Tian Ao City.
Abandon it.”

“Yes yes.” Yu Ren Shu took a deep breath, “The world is large.
Why would there not be a place where I, Yu Ren Shu can stay!”

Jiang Chao Ge patted Yu Ren Shu’s shoulder, “Let’s go!”

“Tian Rong!” Yu Ren Shu turned his body away resolutely and said loudly: “Take us away!”

Tian Rong unfolded his body without hesitation and dashed into the distance, very quickly leaving Tian Ao City’s flickering flames behind them.
With regards to battle strength, perhaps it was hard to determine the winner and loser between a Zheng and a Fei but with regards to speed, there is not a single rare beast in the entire Tian Ao City that could chase after Tian Rong.

Jiang Chao Ge had the feeling of being as swift as the wind and as quick as lightning.
Sitting on Tian Rong’s back, he felt the wind that whistled past cut his face painfully and also right now it was precisely severe winter.
Jiang Chao Ge only wore a thin Ao, and felt that he was about to freeze into an ice sculpture.

Zhi Xuan twisted his head to look at him, “Oi, are you about to freeze to death?”

Jiang Chao Ge gave a rigid smile.

“Humans really are useless.” Zhi Xuan opened his arms, “Come, my body is warm.”

Jiang Chao Ge also didn’t hesitate and stretched out his arms to hug Zhi Xuan.
The skeleton of a thirteen to fourteen year old youth had just developed.
It was not as soft as a child but also not as strong and healthy as that of an adult.
There was a type of delicate fragility but the body was still as warm as ever, allowing Jiang Chao Ge’s numb body regain some warmth.

He looked back to see the steadily dimming flames of Tian Ao City, and thought that several months ago he escaped from here in confusion.
When he once again returned, he thought that this time he would be able to grandly leave with the prince.
He didn’t expect the ending to actually be the same, giving him no choice but to sigh at fate.
However, while fate played with him in every possible way, at the same time it also always give him a gleam of hope.
The first time he escaped, he had the assistance of Meng Sheng.
The second time he escaped, he kidnapped a powerful spirit weapon user and Heaven grade spirit weapon.
As expected, Heaven never seals off all exits.
So long as he, Jiang Chao Ge had a breath of air left in him, he would definitely stand up and revolt!

Tian Rong ran from dusk till dawn in one breath, leaving the limits of imperial capital far behind.

Jiang Chao Ge felt his own waist about to collapse, skin about to be ripped apart by the cold wind.
Yu Ren Shu also wasn’t that comfortable.
They found a concealed area to rest for a bit.

Zhi Xuan long since felt uncomfortable, turning into the form of a child and falling asleep nestled in his embrace.
Jumping down from Tian Rong’s back, Zhi Xuan awoke, rubbing his eyes and said: “Arrived?”

Jiang Chao Ge laughed in spite of himself, “Arrive where?”

Zhi Xuan shook his head, “Don’t know, where are we going?”

This sentence stumped them all.
Jiang Chao Ge and Yu Ren Shu glanced at each other, both somewhat helpless.
Yeah, where are they going?

Yu Ren Shu said: “The three leads the State Preceptor gave me is in the east or the north.”

“Lets go north then.” Jiang Chao Ge said: “Before Old Meng died, he let me go north to find an Other World person, saying that they would be able to help me.
Since right now we also can’t determine where we need to go, why not go north?”

Yu Ren Shu nodded: “I’ve only been to the north when I was very small.
Qi Clan of the north also has a friend of mine.”

“Qi Clan, its that big clan of the north right?”

Qi Clan people have bold and uninhibited personalities, each brave and battle wise.
Perhaps they’ll be able to help us.”

Jiang Chao Ge was silent for a moment, and said softly: “Hey, do you think You Zhun can inherit the State Preceptor’s capabilities?”

“You Zhun is too young…..” Yu Ren Shu looked at him, “The world is large.
The State Preceptor may not be the only one that knows how to return to your own world.
Old Meng told you to go find the Other World person.
Perhaps they know something.”

Jiang Chao Ge nodded, “I hope so.
Otherwise one day I will have to return.”

The east was suffused in white.
The sun was about to rise.
The outline of a city appeared indistinctly in the distance.

Yu Ren Shu said: “That’s Jin Liang City.
Let’s go into the city to buy some food and clothes.
It’s a long way to the north.
Every year there is a bitter cold every eight months.
Its the coldest right now.
With our current clothes, we’ll freeze to death.”

Tian Rong said: “But did you bring money?”

Yu Ren Shu’s body stiffened, confusion flashing across his face.
From childhood till now, he’d never personally brought money himself.
Every time he went out, a subordinate would follow.
Such a real issue, he’d never thought about before.

Jiang Chao Ge fished out Na Wu Pouch from his clothes, “Now do you realise my foresight?” That time he mistakenly went to the auction, he only thought that this item was quite interesting and bid on it.
He never thought that it’d be of such importance so quickly.
He summoned the stomach of the bigheaded carp.
A giant white fish swim bladder appeared in front of them.

Yu Ren Shu stuck his head into the swim bladder to look and said in shock: “This….
isn’t this the gold embroidered clothes I collected? Isn’t this my gold hawk sculpture ? This also looks very familiar…..”

Jiang Chao Ge smiled: “I guessed that we would probably need to escape so I took several items from your quarters that are valuable but doesn’t take up space.
Look, I even brought your armour.”

Yu Ren Shu looked at him with a complicated expression.

Jiang Chao Ge patted the dagger at his waist, “This dagger also isn’t bad.
What rare beast is it?”

Yu Ren Shu said helplessly, “Its just a normal Earth grade dagger, only the craftsmanship on the handle is quite beautiful.
I only bought it because it seemed interesting.”

Jiang Chao Ge said bluntly: “Oh.
Then let me borrow it first.
I’ll return it to you when I find a better one.”

Zhi Xuan stepped into the swim bladder to look, “Jiang Chao Ge, where’s all the alcohol you promised to put in?!”

“Aiya, maybe it’s pushed to the very back.”

“You liar.
I can only see two pots.”

“It’s definitely been pushed to the very back.
I’ll buy you more when we reach the next city.”

Zhi Xuan gave Jiang Chao Ge a kick, “You’re always lying to me! There are no servants like you!”

Jiang Chao Ge and said with a smile: “I was wrong.
I was taking into consideration the overall situation.
As long as we have enough gold coins, you can have as much alcohol you want.
Isn’t that right?”

Zhi Xuan gave him a glare.

Jiang Chao Ge bumped his forehead with his, “From now on, we once again have to rely on each other for survival.”

Zhi Xuan tugged at his hair and gave a soft snort: “I’m used to it anyway.
It’s my fault I ran into you.”

“Looks like we don’t need to go to Jin Liang City anymore.
There’s even food in here.” Yu Ren Shu picked up a piece of dried beef and narrowed his eyes at Jiang Chao Ge, “You are a bit too prepared.
You’ve practically moved half of what was valuable from my quarters.
How did you guess we would definitely escape?”

“Without this much foresight, how can I dare take Your Highness away.”

Yu Ren Shu’s expression stiffened, “Don’t call me Highness anymore.” He took out a piece of clothing from the swim bladder and with a forceful pull, pulled off the sleeve.
Then he bundled up his head of silvery head, revealing his smooth forehead, unswerving determination written in that pair of greyish blue pupils, “From today onwards, there is no longer a Third Prince, only Yu Ren Shu.”

Jiang Chao Ge said with a smile: “Shu, I have a premonition that we’ll do something great.”

Yu Ren Shu looked at Zhi Xuan, “At least right now, we are currently facing something great.”

Tian Rong said: “Lets not enter the city.
This is still too close to the imperial capital.
Wait until I’ve run for a day and night and completely thrown them off, then we can find a place to properly rest.”

Yu Ren Shu said heroically: “Ok, lets go!”

Translator’s Corner

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Oh yes I’m also attending a convention this Saturday after the exams are over.
So looking forward to that XD.
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