After dark, Jiang Chao Ge summoned his bighead carp Na Wu Pouch in the widest part of the living room and took out a pot of alcohol and several gold coins.

He placed the alcohol in front of Zhi Xuan and said with a smile: “Little Zuzong, want to drink?”

Zhi Xuan’s eyes lit up but didn’t take the bait, “What do you want?”

“I have to think of a way to go out in a moment but it’s not convenient to bring you.
Can you wait in the room for me?”

Zhi Xuan gave him a glare, “No.”

“But it’s not convenient to bring you.”

“What if you die in a place I can’t see?”

“How could I?”

“Why not? Insignificant humans, weak and short lived.
Who knows when you will die.”

“At least I won’t die now.” Jiang Chao Ge patted his head, “I promise you.”

Zhi Xuan’s golden pupils looked at him unblinkingly for a moment and then said with reluctance: “Ok then, but you must return.”

“I will definitely return.” Jiang Chao Ge gave the alcohol pot to him.

Zhi Xuan pushed the alcohol pot to one side, “I won’t drink.
I’ll wait till you get back.”

Jiang Chao Ge looked at Zhi Xuan’s bright and piercing eyes, and for a moment was somewhat dazed, indescribable feelings rising in his heart.
In his own world, there wasn’t even someone waiting for his return, yet there was someone willing to wait for him here…… for a split second, he didn’t know what he insisted on returning for.

He shook his head, putting the gold coins under his clothes and walking out the door.

The two guards outside the door blocked him and said relatively politely: “Sir, you can’t leave.”

Jiang Chao Ge said: “I only want to see His Third Prince Highness.
His Highness didn’t treat me poorly.
If after three days, the public trial judges that our lives can be disposed of, then I’m afraid I won’t even have a chance to say goodbye to him.”

“Sir, it’s the Crown Prince Highness’ orders.
You can only stay in your own room, you can’t go anywhere.”

“Crown Prince Highness also said he wanted to spare no effort to help his younger brother to clear away his injustice.”

The guards glanced at each other, “This…..
we aren’t clear about.”

“You must at least be sure that Crown Prince Highness is quite close with Third Prince Highness right?”

The two nodded.

“In front of other people, of course His Crown Prince Highness has to handle it strictly.
But Third Highness is his little brother after all.
How can he unfeelingly watch him stand trial? Me going to find Third Highness this time, is actually also Crown Prince Highness’ private suggestion.
Only he wouldn’t tell you.”

“Sir, if we let you go without orders, we’ll be committing a huge crime.”

“I only want to speak to Third Highness for a moment and say farewell.
I only need half an hour.” Jiang Chao Ge fished out two gold coins from his clothes, “No one can enter Third Highness’ room.
As long as you don’t say anything, no one will know.”

The two guards became temporarily dumbfounded as soon as they saw the gold coins.
For normal people, it was hard to earn a gold coin in their entire lifetime.
Jiang Chao Ge converted according to the currency of his own world, a gold coin was approximately a million.
This was extremely tempting.

Jiang Chao Ge drew them in step by step: “If you help Third Highness overcome the hardship this time, you will definitely enjoy untold wealth and high honour later.
Even if you can’t, this gold coin is enough to cover the living expenses of your entire family and I only want to speak a few words with Third Highness.”

The two guards glanced at each other, eyes hesitant.
Neither of them opened their mouths first.

Jiang Chao Ge said: “Are you still guarding tomorrow?”

The two shook their heads.

“Do you think that the guards tomorrow will be able to resist temptation? What about the day after?”

The two heard this and suddenly their psychological barriers collapsed.
They thought that even if they didn’t want it themselves, other people may not be able to resist.
Then why let others get the bargain? However they were still apprehensive, “But there are also guards where Third Prince Highness is.
They might not….”

Jiang Chao Ge smiled: “After you take me over, they only have two choices.
Cooperate with you and everyone receives a gold coin and is satisfied or report you or else failing to report what one knows is also a huge crime.
Will they dare report you?”

The two shook their heads uncertainly.

“They won’t.
People all have group psychology.
Why would they choose not to accept a gold coin when they can get it and form a bitter and deep seated hatred with someone?”

The two quietly discussed a few sentences.
In the end, they couldn’t resist the temptation of the gold coin and secretly took Jiang Chao Ge out.

Sure enough, when the guards outside Yu Ren Shu’s door first saw them, they were originally very agitated.
But lured with the promise of a gold coin and pressured with the group sharing the crime, they opened the door for Jiang Chao Ge.

Yu Ren Shu saw Jiang Chao Ge and was not the least bit surprised, “I knew you would come.”

“Oh? How did you know?”

“You’re very intelligent.”

“Many thanks Your Highness.”

Yu Ren Shu smiled wryly, “Soon, I won’t be a Highness.”

“Tell me what really happened that day.
Who framed you?”

Yu Ren Shu shook his head, “I don’t know.
I suspect Yu Ren Kui or You Zhun but I know have any evidence for either.
What I told you that day is all I know.”

“How much do you understand You Zhun?”

“Not much.
You Zhun has always been one of few words, as if he is not good with words.
He always stays by the State Preceptor’s side, very few people notice him.”

“But he is the State Preceptor’s successor.
He shouldn’t be a normal person.”

The State Preceptor’s successor must have a distinctive talent for the Great Sorcery.
Legend has it that the blood of ancient sorcerers flow within them.
As to how the State Preceptor chooses a successor, no one knows.
I only know that the State Preceptor carried him back when You Zhun was still very small.”

“Then what about his abilities?”

“Different from the State Preceptor’s.
He’s a spirit priest.”

“Then he shouldn’t have too much of an attachment to Divine grade spirit weapons right?”

Yu Ren Shu shook his head, “Being a spirit priest doesn’t mean you can’t summon spirit weapons.
They also have spiritual power.
Only they wouldn’t be able to make good use of it even if they summoned it.”

“So that’s how it is.
During the day, I already said that the person who killed the State Preceptor must also be able to benefit from it or else they won’t take such a dangerous risk.
The most suspicious people are You Zhun, Yu Ren Kui and Yu Ren Xiao……”

Yu Ren Shu was shocked, “You…..
said my Big Brother?”

Jiang Chao Ge said: “What? Does shifting the blame of the State Preceptor’s death on you not benefit him? You also saw it that day.
The State Preceptor is not very supportive of Yu Ren Xiao.
To the State Preceptor, it’s not important who becomes the Holy Emperor.
His mission is to ensure that Tian Ling Nation has good weather for crops, but he must also wish for the nation to be lead by someone stronger and prestigious.
Based on this point, you fit the bill more than Yu Ren Xiao.”

Yu Ren Shu hung his head.
After a long time, he shook his head, “Impossible.
He won’t harm me.
He’s known from childhood that I have no interest in the throne and has always wished for me to help him.
What benefit would it bring him to lose my assistance?”

“Your harm is greater than your assistance.”

Yu Ren Shu said through gritted teeth: “My Second Brother is more suspicious.”

“Of course.
He is even more suspicious than Crown Prince Xiao.
Unfortunately we don’t have time to investigate anymore, otherwise the traitor that stole the dagger from your private quarters, the culprit that assassinated the State Preceptor and the person who framed you should all be uncovered one by one.
At the moment, we must only worry about one thing, what we should do next.”

Yu Ren Shu said coldly: “The truth will speak for itself.
I’m not afraid of the public trial.”

“Seriously Your Highness, clear your head a little.
As soon as you’re in the public trial, perhaps not even the Holy Emperor can protect you.”

“You’re saying the person who framed me even has the ability to influence the judgement of the Elder’s Assembly?”

“Perhaps he does, perhaps he doesn’t, but your situation right now is extremely unfavourable.
There are no other suspects and you are most suspicious.
We don’t have any way to prove your innocence.
How will the Elder’s Assembly return your innocence?”

Yu Ren Shu’s face became clouded, “Then what do you say we do?”


Yu Ren Shu said angrily: “Impossible.
I, Yu Ren Shu is innocent and upright.
I definitely can’t bear the injustice of running away.
I’m going to stay……”

“Stay behind and prove you have no sin? How? Right now, all the evidence points towards you being the perpetrator.
You think other people will believe you just because you shout about injustice?”

Yu Ren Shu’s lips trembled and said stiffly, “The public trial may not judge me as guilty, but if I run away, I’m definitely guilty.”

“Your fate is likely to be death at the public trial.
Only by running away do you have a slim chance of survival.”

Yu Ren Shu glared at him, “I’m a prince.
How can I personally trample on the honour of the imperial family and become an escaped criminal?” He paused and turned his body to look at the bright moon outside, tone almost calm, “If the public trial judges that they can’t prove my innocence, I’ll prove it to myself through death.”

Jiang Chao Ge gave a scornful glance.
He cleared his throat and said clearly and loudly: “Dare I ask Third Highness, is your own life and innocence more important compared to the lives of people on Tian Ling continent and the fate of Tian Ling nation?”

Yu Ren Shu froze.

“Have you forgotten what the State Preceptor told us when he was alive? Have you forgotten Divine grade spirit weapons, forgotten the arrival of catastrophe, forgotten that you should value your family and country more than yourself as a Prince?!”

Yu Ren Shu clenched his fists, unable to say a single word.

“The State Preceptor is already dead.
Right now, the only ones left who know about the secret of Divine grade spirit weapons is us.
Oh, and also Ming Yin Associaton that evil power.
Unless you want Divine grade spirit weapons to fall into the hands of Ming Yin Association? Looking at Divine grade spirit weapons appearing, destroying Tian Ling nation’s thousands of years of prosperity, allowing countless innocent people to fall into hell?” Jiang Chao Ge saw that Yu Ren Shu was already deathly pale from pressure and decisively knelt with a thump, every word sincere, “I urge Third Highness to prioritise the world, your country.
Just you receiving injustice in exchange for thousands of people working and living in peace.
Even if no one knows, the heavens know, the earth knows, the gods know.
Doesn’t this help achieve your honour more than death?!”

Yu Ren Shu’s body swayed, powerlessly sitting in a chair.
That head of silvery hair was like a rivulet under the soft moonlight, flowing down in torrents.
That type of cold and noble lustre paired with his tired yet beautiful appearance, somewhat increased his similarity to a tragic hero.

Jiang Chao Ge thought, why haven’t you told me to get up yet, these tiles are very hard.

Yu Ren Shu was stiff for no less than a minute.
Then he stood and grabbed Jiang Chao Ge’s arm, pulling him up from the ground.
His grip was extremely tight, squeezing pain from Jiang Chao Ge’s wrist.

Jiang Chao Ge looked at him and quietly waited.

Yu Ren Shu took a deep breath, a hint of resolution mixed among the pain within his eyes.
He said heavily: “How to escape?”

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