Jiang Chao Ge had long since been able to guess what Yu Ren Kui wanted him to do.
As expected, Yu Ren Kui wanted him to identify clues that Yu Ren Shu plotted to murder the State Preceptor and seize Heaven grade spirit weapons.

While they were talking about this, they didn’t shun Tian Rong at all.
In the eyes of many people, the relationship between a spirit weapon user and spirit weapon, is just one of using each other for their own ends.
It was a human and beast after all, feelings are non existent.
After a spirit weapon user dies, there would naturally be other spirit weapon users that could take their place.

Tian Rong didn’t utter a word at the side, yet his eyes became even gloomier.

Jiang Chao Ge didn’t agree, but he also didn’t openly refuse.
He only acted as if he was worried he that would be involved, going around in circles with Yu Ren Kui.

The two had already attempted to feel out each other.
As a result, the circle became bigger and bigger.
Yu Ren Kui discovered it was too tiring to talk to Jiang Chao Ge, yet he couldn’t openly be angry.
Just as he was about to suddenly turn hostile, his subordinate hurriedly ran in, “Your Highness, His Crown Prince Highness wants you to immediately bring the Other World person to Punishment Hall.”

Jiang Chao Ge smiled secretly in his heart.
They finally came.

Yu Ren Kui narrowed his eyes, “Going now.” He stood up, glaring at Jiang Chao Ge, “Other World person, I don’t know what type of evil plan you came up with but remember, your life is as small as an ant.
A bit of carelessness and you will be trampled to death by someone.
You should think carefully about what path you take.”

Jiang Chao Ge smiled: “Many thanks to Your Highness’ reminder.”

Yu Ren Kui brought them back to board the horse carriage again, heading towards Punishment Hall.

Punishment Hall was on the other side of the mountain.
The trip there was somewhat far.

In the horse carriage, Tian Rong who’d been silent for so long asked: “Jiang Chao Ge, what are you thinking?”

“What do you think?”

“If you betray Shu, the first one I kill will be you.”

Zhi Xuan said coldly: “Evil creature, if you speak so insolently again, I will be the one to kill you.”

Jiang Chao Ge patted Tian Rong’s head with a smile, yet the smile didn’t reach his eyes, “My goal is to return home.
Anyway who stands in my way is my enemy.
I have never pledged loyalty to anyone, how can I betray them?”

Town Rong glared at him fiercely.

Jiang Chao sighed with emotion and said: “Beasts are beasts after all.
In the end, they don’t understand humans.
Relax, the collaborative relationship between me and Yu Ren Shu is built on the big secret, Divine grade spirit weapons.
As long as this secret doesn’t collapse, our relationship also won’t collapse.”

Tian Rong gave a cold snort, “Humans make me sick.”

“Is that so? But I know you like this human Yu Ren Shu.”

Tian Rong curled his lip, “He is my only human friend.”

Zhi Xuan tugged Jiang Chao Ge’s collar and said: “He is also my only human servant.”

The horse carriage finally rocked to Punishment Hall.

Punishment Hall was made of pitch black lava lacquer.
The whole thing looked like a huge coffin, corners distinct, seeming very solemn and serious.
Jiang Chao Ge held two small rare beasts and walked into Punishment Hall, head held high.

In Punishment Hall, he saw Yu Ren Shu and Crown Prince Xiao as well as the State Preceptor’s successor———You Zhun.

This sixteen to seventeen year old youth was dressed completely in white, face extremely pale, appearing too weak to withstand even a gust of wind.
It was really hard to imagine how he would take on such a huge responsibility.
According to what Yu Ren Shu’s manager said, in the history of Tian Ling Nation, there had never been a State Preceptor that was murdered.
The successive State Preceptors had all been able to live very long.
It was obvious that this youth was not prepared at all.

In the short two days they didn’t meet, Yu Ren Shu seemed to have aged quite a bit.
Short stubble emerged from his chin, eyes bloodshot, exhaustion written all over his face.
His eyes lit up as he saw Tian Rong, slowly getting up and walking over, taking Tian Rong from Jiang Chao Ge’s hold.

Just as Tian Rong was about to open his mouth, Yu Ren Shu said: “Maintain this appearance for now.” He obviously hadn’t been excused yet and didn’t even touch Tian Rong Jian.

Jiang Chao Ge saw that although his freedom had been restricted, he didn’t receive disrespectful treatment and breathed a sigh of relief.
Although the State Preceptor was of noble character and high prestige, the Holy Emperor also naturally wasn’t willing to lose a son for this.
Though it Yu Ren Shu will definitely be faced with a trial but as long as the person with the highest power didn’t want him to die, he still had a chance to survive.

Tian Rong patted his cheeks.
Although no words were said, the two nodded to each other, seeming to have understood something only they could understand.

Yu Ren Kui cupped his hands, “Crown Prince Highness, I have brought the Other World person here.” He glanced at Yu Ren Shu and said dissatisfied: “Your Highness, how could you let him meet with Tian Rong?”

Yu Ren Xiao sighed: “His Majesty the Holy Emperor ordered me to supervise this case.
Although Prince Shu is heavily suspected of murdering the State Preceptor, but I also have to maintain the dignity of the royal family.
I can’t just lock him in prison.”

Yu Ren Kui narrowed his eyes and said no more.

Yu Ren Shu said calmly, “Crown Prince Highness, the person has already been brought here.
How do you want to investigate?”

Yu Ren Xiao paced back and forth, “After three days, this case will be handed to the Presbyterian church and will be publicly tried.
Shu, now is my last opportunity to help you, you must tell me the truth.”

“Crown Prince Highness….
Big Brother, I already said, I didn’t kill the State Preceptor.
I have been framed.”

“Rumour circulates that that you colluded with the Other World person to kill the State Preceptor.
Although I don’t believe it, you really have been too intimate with the Other World person.
He is even living in your sleeping quarters right now.” Yu Ren Xiao glanced at Jiang Chao Ge, “And also, the Other World person has always been hostile towards the State Preceptor and already has a precedent for assassinating the State Preceptor.
How can people not be suspicious at this point?”

Jiang Chao Ge said: “Crown Prince Highness, although I am a Other World person, it has not been more than half a year since I came to this world.
My spiritual power is weak, and also don’t have any special skills.
How could I persuade His Third Highness to assassinate the State Preceptor together? The State Preceptor is always revered by people and also has a very sincere, personal friendship with Third Highness.
How could His Third Highness risk universal condemnation, plotting to murder the State Preceptor on Heaven Worship Day and also allowing himself to be the most suspicious person just for me who’s practically a stranger? Also, the State Preceptor is a level seven spirit weapon user, even in a situation where both of them don’t have spirit weapons on hand, His Third Highness is still not the State Preceptor’s match at all.
Crown Prince Highness, unusual circumstances must have unusual reasons.
No matter how many suspicious points and difficult to explain parts there are, is the explanation of Third Highness being framed not enough?”

Yu Ren Kui gave Jiang Chao Ge a cold glare, fists unconsciously tightening.

Yu Ren Xiao nodded and hesitated: “To be honest, I also think that this matter is too fishy.
Only the evidence is irrefutable…..”

“Crown Prince Highness, what is the so-called irrefutable evidence? How about we let His Third Highness say what happened that day?”

After Yu Ren Shu obtained a nod of approval, he gave a soft cough, “That day, I was waiting for Great Sacrifical ceremony to begin.
You Zhun found me and said that the State Preceptor had something to discuss with me.
At that time, the State Preceptor should be changing into sacrificial clothes in the change room in Sacrifical Hall so I went to find him.
But when I arrived at the change room, it was empty.
Just as I was about to leave, I caught scent of a strange smell.
When I realised that it could be an incapacitating agent, it was too late.
That incapacitating agent was quite strong, I lost consciousness before I took even two steps.
When I awakened, I was still in the change room, and the State Preceptor was in front of me, a dagger stabbed through his heart from behind.
That dagger was one of the Dark grade spirit weapons I collected.
I don’t know why it would appear there.” Yu Ren Shu sighed, eye dull, “Just when I was at a loss, someone came looking for the State Preceptor.

After Jiang Chao Ge heard the whole story, it really was full of holes.
Unfortunately, there weren’t any modern criminal investigation techniques here, there was only law as a right.
So even if he awakened instincts like Conan, and was able to clear Yu Ren Shu’s injustice, it would still be useless.
The person that wanted him to bear the crime of murder only needs enough right and they’ll be able to let him bear it for the rest of his life.
He straightened out his train of thought and thought that he should first feel out the reactions of the people who were at the scene.
Perhaps he could find some valuable things.
He said: “Your Highness, this kind of framing really shouldn’t amount to a good trick.
As long as you investigate carefully, you will definitely discover a careless mistake.
I think that this matter should be investigated from its source.”


Only the one who benefits the most from the death of the State Preceptor can possibly be the real culprit.” Jiang Chao Ge swept his gaze over You Zhun and Yu Ren Kui.

You Zhun stiffened, a sheen of water rising to his eyes.
He said shakily: “Yes it was Sir Father that sent me to find Third Highness.
But what I know of what happened after, is no more than what Third Highness knows.”

Jiang Chao Ge said coldly: “The one who assassinated the State Preceptor, must be able to benefit from the death of the State Preceptor.
They must also be able to come close to the State Preceptor at any time and is also someone the State Preceptor trusts deeply.
Or else with the strength of the State Preceptor, he definitely wouldn’t be killed without precautions.
There are actually very few people that fulfil these three conditions Crown Prince Xiao.”

Yu Ren Xiao frowned deeply, and didn’t even speak after thinking for a while.

Yu Ren Kui said loudly: “Big Brother, don’t listen to this Other World person spout nonsense anymore.
He is trying to mislead you.
Whether or not Shu is actually guilty, will be judged by the Presbyterian church.
There is no place for him to interrupt.
Other World people all hide ulterior motives towards the State Preceptor.
Doesn’t he benefit from the death of the State Preceptor too?”

Jiang Chao Ge gave a cold laugh, “Second Highness, if you say that I benefit from this, then what does Third Highness gain killing the State Preceptor? Clues of Heaven grade spirit weapons? The State Preceptor has already told us about those.”

Yu Ren Xiao said surprised: “Really?”

Yu Ren Shu nodded and said: “It’s true.”

Yu Ren Xiao was lost in thought only speaking after a while: “Jiang Chao Ge, from now on, you must stay in Punishment Hall until the public trial.”

Jiang Chao Ge shook his head and smiled: “I don’t have a choice do I?”

“Shu and Tian Rong must also be separated.
You both can’t see each other at all for these three days.”

Zhi Xuan hugged Jiang Chao Ge’s neck and glared fiercely at Yu Ren Xiao, “We won’t be separated.”

Yu Ren Xiao didn’t comment and only said wearily: “Third Brother, I also think that it’s very chaotic right now.
Punishment Hall is currently investigating what happened that day.
If there are more clues, it’s also easier for me to help you absolve your injustice.
At the moment, just based on a few words, I really can’t help you.
Before the day of the public trial, I will definitely spare no effort to return your innocence.”

Yu Ren Shu sighed and said: “Thank you Big Brother.”

Jiang Chao Ge said: “Crown Prince Highness, could I ask, what is the Presbyterian church and how will the public trial proceed?”

Yu Ren Xiao paused, and said: “The Presbyterian church is made up of representatives sent from the powerful influential families of Tian Ling continent.
Normally, it’ll only happen when a weighty resolution must be reached.
The royal family has violated the law.
In order to avoid favouring, the trial will be held by the Presbyterian church.
As soon as you’re in the Presbyterian church, it’ll be very hard for us to exert power.”

Yu Ren Shu lowered his eyelids and did not utter a word.

They were separated and brought into an individual room within Punishment Hall.
The environment here was very good.
It didn’t have the feeling of a prison cell at all.
Only the guards outside allowed the people inside to be very clear about their plight.

As soon as the door closed, Zhi Xuan began to complain: “A bunch of ambiguous, greedy and ignorant humans.”

Jiang Chao Ge smiled and said: “These words I agree with.”

“What now? I don’t want to stay here.”

“There’s still three days time…..” Jiang Chao Ge said: “I need to think of a way to speak with Yu Ren Shu.
Some things he can’t say in front of those people.
I need to know the whole truth and then decide whether to attend the public trial, or think of a way to escape.”

“Then won’t it be better to go immediately?”

Jiang Chao Ge shook his head, “Yu Ren Shu may not be willing.
Honour and dignity to more important than his life for an ambitious and proud person like him.
If he avoided the problem by walking away from it, even if we manage to safely escape from the imperial capital, he also has to bear the accusation of having murdered the State Preceptor for the rest of his life.
I think he won’t be

“Then the public trial?”

Jiang Chao Ge shook his head again, “There are two results of the public trial, life or death.
I just need to analyse what’s the probability of living with Yu Ren Shu.
If the probability to too low, we’ll have to escape in the end anyway.
Then wouldn’t it be better to escape before the public trial?”

“What if he still persists in attending the trial even if the probability of living is too low?”

Jiang Chao Ge stroked his chin, “Then we can only force him to leave.
I won’t stay here and court death with him.”

Zhi Xuan said unhappily: “We can just go ourselves.
Why do we still have to bring that burden?”

“He is not a burden.
Even without the title of the Third Prince of Tian Ling nation, he is still a level five spirit weapon user with a Heaven grade spirit weapon.
With the death of the State Preceptor, a lot of things all need to be thought about in more depth.
He is my biggest benefactor right now.
I can’t abandon him.”

Zhi Xuan said discontentedly: “I’m your biggest benefactor.”

Jiang Chao Ge said with a smile: “I misspoke, you are my biggest benefactor.”

“What do we do now?”

“Wait until it’s dark….” Jiang Chao Ge looked outside the window, dense thoughts seething behind his eyes.

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