Chapter 8.
It would be nice if they kissed

Contrary to the fact that her body had stiffened at Altair’s fierce eyes, her mind was stirred. 

According to Altair’s answers in the conversation, he seemed to be sleeping somewhere else these days.
It wasn’t because he was just busy, since he even set up a separate room, preparing to leave. 

She was relieved that Altair had not shown up for a few days, but she felt strange finding out that he had deliberately avoided her. 

Did he happen to be embarrassed on that day….? 

As she approached the window with that peculiar thought, he turned his head, frowning.
That was when she saw something Altair couldn’t see. 

Just looking at her face must have made his nape heated up with frustration. 

Well then… 

It must not have been that he cared about her, but he was seemingly tired of her stupidity that day and didn’t want to see her face.
She could not imagine how angrier he would possibly have been if he ended up sleeping uncomfortably that same night. 

Seeing Altair turn to her, the knights began to direct their attention at her too.
Pavel also coughed casually and quietly closed the door. 

“Don’t worry too much.
He’s grumbling for no reason.
He’s always grumpy like that.” 

She smiled at Pavel to signify that she was fine.
But seeing his troubled expression, her smile must not have looked that fine. 

“It’s because I made a mistake.
I was walking around naked, not knowing it was a shared room…” 

“No, that’s not it.
The Lord would not….pardon?!” 

When she confessed the solid cause of the whole tension, Pavel, who was reflexively trying to say a word of comfort, kept his mouth shut, belatedly trying to comprehend her words. 

He rolled his eyes agitatedly as he agonised over it.
He then asked her in a slightly higher pitch, perturbed. 

“Then…you were naked? Did the Lord see it?” 

One could obviously feel the seriousness of the situation when the man, who always had a strict face, unfazed by anything, asked with his eyes bulged, as if nearly popped out of the sockets. 

Any noble man would want a decent wife.
Walking around a shared room without dignity and clothes….which husband would be pleased with something like that? 

She promptly shook her head in a hurry, worried that even Pavel would call her an undignified Madame. 

“I didn’t mean to.
I thought it was Anna who came in….But the Lord must be angry at the unsightly appearance of his wife.” 

She had promised that she would play the of his wife well in front of Altair.
She thought that Altair was going to give her a chance after hearing that.
Now she had a great minus point right from the start because of a stupid mistake. 


Pavel scratched his head in trouble, not knowing what to say. 

She lost her strength and ended up keeping her head down, eyes glued to the floor, clutching her dress tight. 

There were times in life when everyone makes mistakes.
Mistakes themselves were not bad, but if one did not correct them or avoid them, their personality might be ruined in the long term, and become a horrible person. 

So don’t run away and fix it, Nadia! 

She took a deep breath and decided on the spot that she’d have to make the first move.
She had to go to the training ground and meet Altair. 

As soon as she hurried down the stairs and headed to the training ground, Altair was seen leaving.
His footsteps were quite quick, wiping his sweat with the shirt he was wearing. 

She widened her strides, putting more power into her walk, in case she failed to reach him.
Turned out he was not as fast as she thought.
But instead, her feet got twisted and she stepped on the hem of her dress. 


Altair turned his head to look at her, perhaps because he heard the short scream that came out reflexively. 

The moment she felt their eyes meet was also when her body leaned forward defenselessly. 

She closed her eyes tight, waiting for a quick crash.
She could injure her wrist at this rate, but it was better than banging her head against the ground. 

However, what followed was not the expected pain.
Instead, a strangely familiar sensation wrapped around her fingertips. 

Astounded, she opened her eyes, and for some reason, Altair was lying beneath her. 

I’m sure I saw him so far away, then how…? 

As she blinked in bewilderment, Altair, who was underneath her, groaned and touched his forehead. 

“Are you going to stay on top of me like this?” 

“Ah! I’m sorry!” 

She tried to get up in a hurry, but she was so surprised that it was hard to stand up properly. 

Altair sighed deeply and raised his upper body when she failed to get up several times. 

Her shoulders shrunk involuntarily as she felt Altair’s immense pressure as the distance drew closer in seconds. 

Altair’s body temperature, compared to his cold-blooded appearance, was surprisingly warm.
His body heat seemed to have risen because of the training a while ago. 

And his body is more…than I expected…

It was difficult to look straight into Altair’s eyes for some reason, when she smelled his sweat and the characteristic scent of his body. 

She couldn’t stand it.
As soon as she lowered her head, she heard Altair’s voice from above. 

“Tell me.” 


When she lifted her head, Altair’s face was already inches from hers.
He furrowed his brows as if he didn’t like the proximity, and gently tilted his head backward. 

“Didn’t you just come down here in a hurry to tell me something? Whatever you’re going to say, say it now.” 

It’s true that she came down because she had something to say, but her mouth didn’t open when his intense crimson eyes were staring. 

She finally parted her lips after reminding herself several times of her resolution – ‘don’t be a horrible person!’ 

“I will leave.” 

“What are you talking about?” 

“I’m the one who made a mistake, so it’s only right for me to leave.
The original owner of the room is also the Lord.
You don’t have to sleep in an uncomfortable place because of me.” 

“Mistake? What mistake?” 

Altair frowned.
As his scary face felt twice as terrifying as usual, her shoulders shrunk as she bit her lips. 

“That day, I…took off my clothes and walked around recklessly.” 

“What? Why is that your mistake?” 

Altair had a distorted smirk on his face when he swept his hair up. 

“If it were a mistake, it would have been Anna’s, who didn’t serve you properly.
If I dig deeper, it would be my fault that I’ve been keeping here all this time.
Why on earth did you think it was your fault?” 

“You haven’t come since you left that day…And you didn’t want to see me just a moment ago…” 


Altair, who was shouting, shut his mouth as he saw her flinched. 

“…Don’t determine a mistake based on the attitude of others.
You didn’t make a mistake that day.” 

Altair’s voice, which continued after a sigh, was very firm but not as scary. 

She blinked at the strange feeling and looked at Altair, dazed.
He got up right after, picking her up lightly with a frown on his face. 

It was already the second time that she had been lifted by him.
From the way he effortlessly carried her in his arms, she was like a straw doll. 

“The reason I slept somewhere else is that I’m afraid that I would cause inconvenience.
Well, looking back at it, it is my fault.
Anyhow, it’s not your mistake.
Got it?” 


“Are you sure you understand?” 

“Yes, I understand for sure…Achoo!” 

Altair’s forehead wrinkled when a sneeze broke out before she could even finish answering.

“Why are you sneezing? Did you catch a cold?” 

Even before she replied again, Altair brought his hand onto her forehead.
After seriously measuring her body temperature with a crumpled face for quite some time, he finally withdrew his hand. 

“You’re having a fever right now.
I’ll send a doctor, so wait in the room.” 

“No! I’m just nervous, that’s why I’m sneezing…I don’t have a cold at all.” 

“You sneeze when you’re nervous?” 

“….Yes, I do.” 

“You really possess many mysterious abilities.” 

While Altair was observing her like a strange animal, she felt someone’s presence behind them.
As she turned her head, Pavel was seen catching his breath.
It seemed he had run after her not long after she left. 

“Were you looking around the castle with Pavel?” 

Altair glanced at Pavel and asked. 

I was just learning my ways around the castle.” 

“Then tell me when you want to tour outside the castle.” 

I will look around only when you give your permission, so don’t worry!” 

“No, I’m not telling you to ask for my permission…” 

What else does that mean then? 

As she tilted her head, not knowing what he meant, he sighed and motioned his hands.
It seemed to mean ‘just go’. 

Pavel, who recognised his gesture, quickly approached them. 

“Madame, I’ll take you to a place you haven’t seen yet.” 

“Yes, thank you.” 

Following Pavel’s guidance, she stole a glance at Altair and saw that he was whispering to Blan, who had just appeared. 

Their expressions were so serious that she guessed they were talking about something very important. 

I should not disturb them. 

She walked away as quietly as she could.


“My Lord….” 

Blan looked at Nadia moving away with gentle gaits, and sighed as her figure grew further. 

“You said you used a separate room because you can’t stand it and you’re afraid some accident might occur.
What does that even mean?! Please make the accident happen! Isn’t that why you got married?!” 

Blan slapped Altair on the chest, frustrated.
Altair glanced at Nadia’s back, kicking his shin lightly as if to say ‘don’t say something unnecessary.’ 

“There’s no law stating that one is forced to do it just because they are married.
No matter how urgent my situation is, I don’t want to force her to do it.” 

“That’s true…If that’s what you think, you should try harder.
Like a *peacock dancing a courtship dance with his tail wide open.”

T/n: *To attract a mate, peacocks perform an elaborate dance to show off their tail feathers to a peahen. 

When Blan pretended to dance in front of him, Altair’s face crumpled considerably. 

“Didn’t you see it? She’s scared to death whenever I open my mouth.” 

“So speak softly and make your face look softer.
It’s not that hard to smile, right?” 


Like this!” 

Along with it, Blan’s lips drew a curve. 

The bright blonde knight smiled dazzlingly and his surroundings seemed to brighten up.
Altair shook his head as if he had seen something he shouldn’t have seen.

“…I feel like throwing up.” 

“No, what? Do you think I want to put on a bright smile like this for a dark guy like you? I was just demonstrating.” 

Blan grumbled at the injustice. 

“Still, women like this kind of smile.” 

Blan was certainly popular with women.
If a decent-looking knight came towards them with gentleness, anyone would be swayed. 

“Well! Now that you have seen it, my Lord, try it! Raise the corners of your mouth and widen it! Smile!” 

Altair hesitated, but as Blan said, he reluctantly moved the corners of his hardened mouth.
But the more Altair tried to smile, the more distraught Blan looked. 

“Do you feel like throwing up, too?” 

“No…It’s not like that… It’s just really scary.
Why are you getting scarier when you’re smiling?” 

“How am I supposed to know that?”

Altair relaxed the corners of his mouth, which he had been forced up just for negative feedback.
He returned to his usual emotionless face, and kicked Blan’s shin. 

“Ack! Is it not enough to break my nose? That you have to break my leg too?!” 

“Well, if your leg gets broken just like that, then you don’t deserve to be a knight.” 

“No but, you could typically crush rocks by a kick.
I mean, how is that even possible?” 

Blan protested fiercely, but Altair just snorted and turned away. 

It was not of any help anyway.  


That night. 

The Knights of Aylesford gathered in secret around Blan. 

“As you’ve all seen, the future of Aylesford is at risk.
We need to step forward.” 

The knights nodded with a serious look at Blan’s words. 

“Look at what he’s doing.
The Lord has no future.”

“They will not be able to kiss, let alone have a child.” 

“It would be nice if they kissed each other.
And hold hands, too.” 

Once they had started on the topic, there was no stopping.
Rather, the talk about him began to flow more and more negatively. 

“Well then, everybody, be quiet!” 

Blan, who stood in the center of the commotion, calmed the buzzing knights and solemnly declared.

“Now, let the first countermeasure meeting begin!”


Pavel, who sat unnoticed in the corner of the knights pouring out cheers and applause, shook his head and sighed.

“Haizz, why am I stuck in this stupid place…” 

It was very irritatable.
And it did not help that his brother was the most stupid amidst all of this bunch. 

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