Chapter 7.
The Night Will Naturally Come

Anna, who came to inform her that the meal was ready, almost fainted when she saw Nadia wet, with Altair’s coat draping over her. 

It seemed that she had just belatedly realised her mistake of not having prepared a towel beforehand.

After drying her body with the towel that Anna had brought in haste and changing into dry clothes, she could finally look decent.
She also took the chance to ask about the confusing situation she was facing. 

“Anna, do couples share bedrooms in the east?” 

“Of course.
A couple would definitely share a room.” 

Anna tilted her head as if she was asking something obvious. 

“I see.
I had no idea.” 

“Is it different in the capital?” 

“It’s completely different.
Sharing a bedroom as a couple… I have never thought of it.
Besides, the lord hasn’t been here for two days, so I thought this room was for myself only.” 

“On the first day, Madame collapsed because of fatigue, and yesterday you were very drunk, so I’m sure he left you to rest comfortably.
He will probably be sleeping here from today onwards.” 

“F-f-from today?” 

She could not believe she had to sleep in the same bed with Altair starting today.
It felt like the sky was falling. 

I have a bad sleeping habit though… 

It would probably annoy him.
And he might flash his homicidal red eyes open in the middle of the night, and shout, ‘You! Go sleep on the floor right now!’ 

Fortunately, there was a sofa in the room.
Even if she was kicked out of bed, she wouldn’t have to sleep on the cold stone floor.
It was not that big of a sofa, but if she could squeeze her body a little bit, she would be fine. 

“Is there something strange about the sofa?” 

Anna tilted her head, puzzled at the weird sight of her gluing her eyes to the sofa, quietly measuring the size of the sofa in solemn. 

She shook her head hurriedly and took her eyes off the sofa. 

“Oh right.
Did you call the butler?” 

He will see you soon.
But he said something quite odd.” 

“What do you mean?” 

“There’s still five hours left.” 

“Five hours…?” 

She stared at Anna, one of her eyebrows arched up, signifying if there was a hidden meaning that she didn’t know.
But Anna shook her head since she didn’t know either. 

“It’s probably some nonsense.
Don’t worry about it and have your meal first, Madame!” 


Pavel, the butler of Aylesford Castle, appeared exactly five hours later, as he had foretold. 

“Greetings to you, Madame.
I am Pavel.” 

Pavel was a man with blond hair and purple eyes.
Holding a pile of documents piled high enough to touch the bottom of his chin.
He wore glasses, which made him look quite strict. 

She didn’t think he would tolerate any mistake, even the smallest.
In addition, his austere outlook made him seem like a taciturn and unapproachable person. 

But his face is oddly familiar to me. 

As Pavel put the pile of papers down on the table.
She stared at his face with a strange hint of deja vu. 

“I’m his younger brother.” 


“Didn’t you keep looking at me because I looked like Blan?” 

“Oh! The knight who acted as the groom’s representative?” 

I am his brother.
Feel free to call me Pavel because the Lord does the same.” 

In the presence of the younger brother of a kind person who helped her in a difficult situation, she felt a little more relaxed.
Initially, she was a little nervous from his stern impression. 

“First of all, I thought today you would want to learn about the state of our castle, so I have brought the documents from the past three years.
I do have the warehouse key, but they don’t have any…” 

Pavel lightly shook his head as he talked, embarrassed. 

“Things aren’t very good, are they?” 

“A look around and you shall find out soon.
As you know, Aylesford is a barren land, it is difficult to farm, so we have to depend on ancillary sources of income.” 

“If it’s an ancillary source of income…” 

“It’s beast hunting.
Goblins and griffins often come down from the Dragon Mountains that block the eastern part of the Empire.
If a beast appears in a nearby territory, our knights will take care of it and receive a reward.
I would say we are kind of similar to mercenaries.” 

Getting income mostly from the Knights.
That was a fact the noble knights of the capital would never understand.
Nevertheless, since she was not a knight nor did she know much about their pride, she just kept that to herself. 

“But that must not be a regular source of income, I suppose? It’s not like beasts will show up every time we need them to.” 

“Yes, that would be correct.
That’s why the land is in a bad situation.
Would you like to look around the castle first? As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.” 

“Well… First, I want to take a look at the ledger.
The castle tour should be for later.” 

“Sure, if you need any guidance, feel free to come to me.
Do you have any other questions?” 

“I don’t have one right now.

She took a deep breath, hugging tight one of the thick files piled up on the table in her arms. 

“I got married without knowing what Aylesford is like or who the Lord was, but I want to do well.
I will work really hard, so I hope I will be able to receive a lot of help from you.
I look forward to your kind cooperation.” 

The words that came out took a lot of courage, but in response, there was only silence. 

She glanced at Pavel’s face and saw that he was just blinking absent-mindedly, as if he had heard something completely unexpected 

Should she have not said that? 

Just when her cheeks started to burn from the embarrassment…

“Honestly… That’s supposed to be my line, Madame.” 

Before she knew it, a smile was hung around Pavel’s mouth.
But it lasted for a very short time.  

After erasing his smile, Pavel, who reverted back to his stoic expression, bowed politely. 

“We, the Aylesford and the Lord will be in your care as well.”


What time is it? 

She looked out the window, rubbing her tensed eyes from reading the files. 

It was still in bright daylight when Pavel handed over the files, but before she knew it, the world was already engulfed in pitch darkness.
She was too eager to finish with the documents as soon as possible.
That’s why time must gone by so quickly. 

Ugh… My body feels so stiff…

She always liked settling down in one place and enjoy a good read, but again, working and reading were very different. 

She got up from her seat and stretched.
She then came across a big coat hanging on the wall. 

(Gasp)! That’s…! 

The coat in question was the one Altair used to cover her. 

The moment she saw it, she was reminded of Anna’s words. 

I think he is going to sleep here from today onwards. 

She was so distracted by the records that she had completely forgotten that important fact! 

The sun had already set, so she would never know when Altair would strike.
She glanced at the door anxiously and sat quietly, motionlessly in her chair. 

When in Rome, do as the Romans do. As for her case, this was the east, so it was natural to follow Eastern culture.
She had made up her mind in that sense, but she still couldn’t help but be nervous. 

She was an adult, and she was now a man’s wife.
It was normal to spend the night with one’s husband. 

When I chose to marry as a way to leave the capital, wasn’t I already determined to be willing to accept it? 

Of course, it was unplanned that her husband would be the scary villain that she wanted to get away from… 

She gulped down as she looked at Altair’s coat, feeling unsettled.
The size of the coat that wrapped her body depicted Altair’s physique. 

Altair was an intimidating man.
Not only was he big in physique, but his whole body looked as hard as steel. 

What would it be like to accept such a person with her whole body? The more she thought about it, the more she became afraid. 

She lay on the bed with her eyes wide open and willpower burning in order not to be overcome by fear. 

Whatever comes will come! It’s not a big deal! 


Perhaps due to the pointless bluff, the sneeze broke out quickly.  


Well, that was just how determined I was… 

To her surprise, nothing happened that night.
Far from happening, Altair didn’t even show up. 

It was the same after that.
One day, two days, three days had passed, but Altair, who sarcastically said, ‘Are you saying I have to be wary of and avoid my own wife?!’ did not show up. 

As time went by, her tension decreased day by day. 

Maybe it’s true.

Melissa had informed her of some rumours before she married Baron Aylesford.
Among them, there were rumours that Baron Aylesford was a eunuch. 

Although most of Melissa’s words were false, the story of the Beggar Baron and the man’s problem might have been true. 

“This is the knights’ quarters.” 

She let go of her thoughts at the sound of the voice next to her. 

After reviewing the documents for the past three days, she decided to take a look around the castle starting today.
Her guide was obviously Pavel. 

Pavel meticulously guided her through the Aylesford Castle with his signature stoic expression. 

He wasn’t talkative, but he was a good guide who gave the necessary information.
Thanks to his helpful guidance, she was able to quickly grasp the structure of Aylesford Castle. 

The combination of the castle’s appearance and the information obtained from the pile of papers allowed her to determine what she had to prioritise first. 

The first thing to do is to increase the income.

There were a lot of places that needed repairation, but the budget was insufficient.
The remuneration received by subjugating beasts was not very large, and it was not a regular income, so they could not rely solely on it. 

I’ll have to think more about how to make money.

It would be a great harvest just to have something to do. 

Now she had at least known what to do, she looked out the window with a lighter heart.
She could see the knights training through the blurry glass.
Among them was Altair. 

He walked among the knights, pointed out their errors, adjusting their postures, and led the training by giving direct demonstrations.
Even the smallest movement was so sharp and precise that even an outsider could tell that he was excellent. 

“… Pavel.” 

She pondered for a moment before asking Pavel. 

“That… Do you know where the Lord is sleeping these days?” 

“My Lord? Isn’t he sleeping in this room?” 

“He hasn’t been in this room for days.
So, I ask just in case.” 


Pavel’s eyes widened as if it was his first time hearing it. 

He frowned as he fell into deep thoughts, touching his chin.
Subsequently, he moved forward and opened the window that had been closed.
Then with his head out, he called out to Altair in a loud voice. 

“My Lord!” 

His voice was so loud that he caught the attention of all the knights. 

“A few days ago, you told me to clean up a room so you could get some sleep? Do you sleep there these days?” 

“Pavel, can’t you see I’m training right now?” 

Altair replied irritably to Pavel’s question.
The low growling voice gave her goosebumps, but Pavel was not intimidated at all. 

“You’re not really sleeping there, are you? Tell me you did not seriously tell me to lay out a bed only for you to sleep on it!” 

“Don’t nag me! It doesn’t matter where I sleep!” 

“Geez, you really must be sleeping there.
Why did you leave your room and went to sleep there? Huh?” 

“And why are you so curious about that!” 

“I’m not curious.
I asked you because Madame was curious!”


Altair’s gaze, which was looking at Pavel, moved sideways and stopped on her, who was standing a step behind. 

The moment his red eyes landed on her, Altair’s face hardened.

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