Chapter 26.
He’s huge and firm.

Nadia’s eyes bulged at the sudden situation.
She hadn’t fully grasped what was going on.
Nadia’s body was pushed backwards as it couldn’t handle Altair, who urgently and roughly burrowed himself into her.
She tried hard not to fall but she couldn’t help but faltered a little.


While stepping back, Nadia tripped over something and fell backwards.
She closed her eyes tightly waiting for pain, but she felt nothing.
Instead, something warm wrapped around her.
Nadia, who opened her eyes wondering what had happened, found she was lying on the bed.
It turned out that as she was being pushed by Altair, she was pushed in the direction of the bed.
Altair was breathing heavily while locking Nadia between his arms.
Perhaps it was just Nadia’s imagination, but her lips felt redder than usual.
She couldn’t believe that her lips were in close contact with his until just a moment ago.
She couldn’t believe it.

Is this a dream?

It felt surreal.
It felt as if all of this was her own hallucination, that her drowsiness had vanished the minute Altair appeared, while in truth, she might still be dreaming, overpowered by the sleepiness that she was desperately trying to resist.
In an attempt to tell whether it was real, Nadia carefully stretched her hand to try touching Altair’s lips.
The second her fingers touched his lips, he flinched and then blocked the motion by firmly grabbing her hand. 

It’s real.

The moment she came to be aware of that fact, Altair opened his mouth.


His low, deep voice reached her ear. 

“Do you really understand what kind of situation you’re in right now?”

“If I hadn’t understood,… I wouldn’t have worn this and waited for you, my lord.”

She hesitated in shame as Altair’s gaze went down for a moment.
He blushed a little as soon as he saw her body only covered by the thin slip.

“Did you originally have these kinds of clothes?”

It’s not like that, but Marie…”

“Marie, so it’s the maid who served you since you were at the marquis’s estate.”

Altair gritted his teeth, reflecting on Marie’s name.
His jaw was clenching so tight that Nadia could clearly see it.

“Marie didn’t mean anything bad by doing this! She just wanted to help since I was so uneased.”

Nadia hurriedly defended Marie, thinking that Altair didn’t like the maid’s meddling with the Baron couple’s business. 

“So please don’t blame Marie.”

“Why do you think I am going to blame that maid?”

“Well that’s… You seem angry just now…”

“I’m not mad.”

“But your expression has become a little scary.”

When Nadia answered honestly,  Altair let out a small sigh.

“I know my reputation is not very good, so I am misunderstood a lot.
But I am not someone who gets angry all the time, especially at my wife.
So you don’t have to be scared.”

“I… I am not scared!”

Of course at first Nadia was scared.
The mere sight of him looking at Nadia made her shiver.
But now she knew that he was not a bad person, rather, Altair was a good being who valued what was his.

“You do realise that you’re shaking even now, right?”

The situation is a little different now… I understand the situation but I can’t help but feel nervous.”

Thanks to the conversation, Nadia relaxed a little but she was still lying under Altair.
Their distance was still close.

“So…it’s not scary?”

“If you don’t believe me… then how about this? If the situation turns frightening, I will give you a signal.
Let’s decided on a code in advance.”

“What code?”

“For example,… if I say cherry candy, it could be a really scary situation.”

“What? Why is it cherry candy of all things?”

“I thought it would be less scary if it was something sweet…cupcake or pudding also sounds good.”

When Nadia asked for Altair’s permission with twinkling eyes, he couldn’t help but laugh as if he couldn’t win against her.

“Then… let’s do cherry candy if that’s what you want.”


Cherry candy, cherry candy. As Nadia reflected on the code in her head, Altair gently put a kiss on the hand that he held.
When Nadia opened her eyes wide in surprise, he asked with calm eyes. 

“How about this?”


“Is it a cherry candy?”

Altair’s eyes were seriously examining Nadia’s expression for any sign of discomfort.
At that, she hurriedly shook her head in denial.


“Then… this?”

This time, Altair got a little closer and kissed her neck.


Nadia’s body flinched more than before, but she shook her head again this time. 

If I am afraid of this, I can’t play the role of a proper wife. 

“Then… a little lower?”

Altair’s gaze slowly swept throuugh Nadia’s chest and abdomen.
He was only looking, but she already felt like her body was going to twist. 

“Is it still not unsettling?”

It isn’t.”

Altair kissed her collarbone in response to her cautious answer.

“You smell good.”

“Marie prepared a nice perfume.
It must be that smell.”

“It isn’t that scent.
Just your smell… is very pleasant.”

Altair buried his face in her chest.
A strange sensation engulfed Nadia’s whole body for the first time in her life.
Even at that moment, she didn’t mention ‘cherry candy’.
And even when the whole night had passed completely, the two words ‘cherry candy’ were locked tightly away behind her lips as she shared everything with him.
That’s how the long night went by. 


Normally, Nadia would have been woken by the sound of Anna preparing the water for her to wash her face.
Somehow, there was no such a sound today.
Thanks to that, Nadia was able to sleep as much as she could.
Nadia stretched out in content as she opened her eyes in bed.
But the fresh feeling didn’t last long.


As she tried to move her body, she felt pain everywhere and groaned.

“Is it because I used a lot of muscles that I don’t normally use?’

As she figured out the cause, her face heated up while recalling the previous night.
She now knew well what an intimate night for a man and woman was like.
Unlike ordinary women in this world, she was confident that she would not be embarrassed since she was a possessing soul that originally lived in a modern world full of all kinds of information. 

But… this is completely different.

The man who overlapped her body was huge and firm.
It was hard for her to accept him whole without thinking about anything else.
Of course, Altair tried his best to be considerate.
Even in the midst of difficulties, Nadia could feel that for sure.

But mid way through, Altair lost control completely….

Nadia cried under him until exhausted and eventually passed out.

H-how embarrassing! I did something that made me embarrassed just by thinking about it! Do couples do this every day?

Nadia thought she could finally understand why couples were said to be the closest relationship in the world.
Her confidence that she understood everything was just a bluff.
It was even more embarrassing to think that she had confidently declared she was well aware of everything.
As Nadia struggled with shame, she felt something firm yet soft at her fingertips.
When she turned her head in surprise, Altair was seen looking back at her, wide awake.


Startled, her lips was instantly zipped tight as her eyes widened.
At the sight, Altair smirked and caressed her hair.

“Why are you so surprised?”

“I didn’t think that you would still be next to me.”

“I am not some douche who would leave my wife who spent the night with me alone.”

Altair sighed a little then looked at Nadia with meticulous observation.

“How is your body?”

It’s okay.”

Altair’s eyes narrowed after a vague delay.

“We don’t have to be polite anymore, do we? Tell me honestly.”

“It hurts..
a little.
It feels like I’ve been beaten up.”

As the person who made her like that was right in front of her, she couldn’t help but sound a bit bitter.
As Nadia looked at Altair sullenly, he briefly hesitated before soothing her back.

“If you are in that much pain, then we should call the doctor?”


“Yeah, since it hurts like you’ve been beaten up, we should call the doctor.”

Altair spoke seriously, not in an attempt to tease Nadia, but as if he really thought they should call for a check.

“There’s no need for a doctor!”

Nadia urgently shouted.
Were the doctor to come, he would definitely ask for the cause of the pain… 

I can’t say it’s because I had a passionate and vigorous night with my husband yesterday!

However, Altair did not agree with her readily since he was sincere when it came to her pain.

“Well…Something may have gone wrong yesterday.
Let’s call a doctor to ask for his opinion.”

“No! It’s really all right! It’s a little embarrassing to ask a doctor about this kind of problem…”

“Oh, if that’s the case…”

Altair’s eyebrows wrinkled and blurred at the end of his words.
He seemed to understand Nadia’s concern at last.
While she secretly breathed a sigh of relief on the inside, Altair patted her on the back and climbed out of the bed first.
His body, which was wrapped in a blanket, filled her vision.
Altair was in very good shape, it was the same when he was dressed.
Thanks to his swordsmanship training, everything was as hard as steel.
Nadia could feel it even without touching it.
Feeling embarrassed from watching him, she pulled the blanket over her eyes, but it was not long before Altair pulled it down again.

“You’ve already seen it all.
Why are you embarrassed now?”

“It was night yesterday, it was a little dark…”

It wasn’t this clear!

Altair smirked at Nadia who was desperately avoiding his gaze.

“It would be good to get used to it.
From now on, we’ll see each other all the time.”

“A-all the time?”

“You said you wanted to have children, too.
If we want to increase the probability, then we’ll have to keep trying, so of course you’ll see this all the time.”


Repeating his words, Nadia’s eyes unwittingly turned to one specific direction.
Altair, who perhaps felt the gaze, touched her forehead lightly with his finger.

“You pretend you aren’t, but you’re a very sly woman.”

“It’s not like that…”

How could one not notice when something that stands out like this is right in front of them?

Nadia felt it was unfair and pouted her lips out sulkily as Altair started to look for clothes.

“Today the tailor is going to bring the clothes for a fitting.”

“Oh, so we will order Altair’s clothes as well?”

Since they had agreed on ordering Altair’s clothes on the day the tailor brought Nadia’s attires.
Even though it wasn’t wrong, Altair sighed deeply.

“Do we have to order for me? I don’t care what I wear.
I am not used to dressing up nicely.”

Altair’s voice was low and indifferent.
In the past, Nadia would have been startled by this and backed down, but now she had gained a little courage.
She tightened her grips on the blanket and spoke firmly. 

“Don’t give up on enjoying the luxuries just because you’re not used to it.
You have to value yourself.
And I… I want to have some fun.”


“The kind of fun from dressing up my husband in nice clothes.”

“…If you say so…”

The words were cut off there but it seemed like he had given her his green light.
Thinking that Altair had followed her will, Nadia grinned happily.
And for some reason the smile seemed to have caught onto Altair as he dressed.
Though, Nadia thought it must have just been her imagination.

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