Chapter 10.
Does this also count as something we did?

“Where the hell are they?”

Altair stared angrily at the back of Blan and Cain’s heads.

“Oh, they were definitely here though.
Weren’t they, Cain?” 

“Yes, yes.
Apparently, a bunch of goblins showed up here, Blan.”

Dumbfounded, Altair smirked at the ridiculous sight of the two in perfect harmony.
…Anyone could tell they were acting.

I thought it was strange from the beginning.

He already found it suspicious when he heard the report of a horde of goblins appearing on the shores of the lake.

The Aylesford estate had more defense against beasts than any other territory.
And yet, goblins appeared in hordes?

It was nonsense, but when the two of them insisted strongly, he pretended to be deceived and went with it, but…

“Stop playing silly and tell me what you’re plotting.”

As Altair sighed and glared at them coldly, the two, who were passionately acting, exchanged glances hesitantly and shut their mouths.

“Why did you lure me here? Who’s going to give me some explanation? Blan? Or Cain?”

Altair’s stingy eyes stared at Blan and Cain alternately.
The two returned to their disciplined postures and rolled their eyes sideways anxiously, suspiciously even.

Aren’t you going to answer me?”

Altair, standing crookedly, with arms crossed, looked at the two with narrowed eyes.

“Seeing you this carefree, is the training these days too comfortable? In that case, I would have to increase the intensity of your training.
Or maybe, with this kind of courage and audacity, I think I will fight the two of you myself…”

Blan and Cain’s faces turned pale when Altair said that he was going to fight them.

The Knights of Aylesford were all equipped with excellent skills.

As they dealt directly with the beasts, those with clumsy skills could not hold on for long, and as time passed, only the elite among the elite remained.

However, even those elites were quite different from Altair in terms of skills.
It meant that Altair was an invincible warrior.
He could be said to be an out-of-standards powerful talent.

So the battle against Altair was always one-sided.
It was common for the knights to exert all their strength and effort unilaterally, just to be beaten miserably afterward.
It was only referred to as ‘training’ for disguise, while in real life, it was rather a dead-or-alive battle.

No fricking hell way!

Blan and Cain both looked at Altair, sharing the same thought.
Altair, who had seemingly read their thoughts, nodded with a more relaxed face.

“The first person to be honest will be excluded from this special training.
Now, who will speak first?”

As soon as the words came out of his mouth, both Blan and Cain raised their hands at once.

“Me! I’ll tell you first, my Lord!”

“No! I’m first! This was all Cain’s suggestion!”

“But it was Blan who was excited to come up with this plan!”

There was no need for Altair to say anything, the two of them were going to pour out the details on their own.

Altair listened to the two of them with a relaxed attitude.
Now, if he just waited, he would soon find out what the two of them were up to.

But before that could happen, a voice close to screaming not far away turned the whole situation upside down.


It was Anna’s voice calling out to Nadia.


Altair, possessed by a strangely ominous feeling, turned his head toward the voice’s direction.
His eyes widened at the shocking sight that just emerged.

Nadia was floundering in the water, about to drown.
No, her movements were too passive to be called flounder.
She was simply sinking at this point.

“What is this…”

Blan and Cain were the same, all were taken aback by the situation.
Initially, their plan was to bring Nadia and Altair to the lake, but the scenario where Nadia fell into the water was unpredictable.

That day, the plan set at the first meeting of countermeasures was as follows.

1. With Anna’s help, she will persuade Nadia to go boating.

2. When the boat comes to the middle of the lake, Anna will throw the oar away and pretend it’s a mistake.

3. Around the time Nadia turns uneasy, believing that she is stuck in the lake, Blan and Cain will lure Altair to the lake.

4. Seeing Nadia in a difficult situation, Altair will help her.

5. Nadia will then take a liking to Altair who has helped her!

The plan, which they thought was perfect in its own way, did not involve Nadia drowning.

But it was not the time to think about the plan.
It was an emergency that seemed like something grim would happen if there was even a slight delay.

Realising that, the two knights ran towards the lake at the same time.

But before the two could get drenched, a strong breath of wind rushed past them.
Altair had jumped into the lake before them.

Altair swam skillfully to the middle of the lake.
Fortunately, thanks to his haste, Nadia was able to be pulled up before she completely drowned.
But she had already lost consciousness.

“Hey! Wake up!”

Altair got out of the lake, laid Nadia on the ground and patted her on the cheek.

He would have to hit harder to wake her up, but he couldn’t, because even the slightest bit of force would bruise her white face.

At that, Altair bit his lips, not knowing what to do.
Cain’s trembling voice could be heard near him.


“Are you just going to stand there? Call the doctor!”

“But-, but, I don’t think she is breathing.”


Altair, who responded irkedly, was startled and checked Nadia.

He could not see properly because he was distracted by her pale face.
Nadia’s chest did not rise and fall, it was rather calm.
It meant she was not breathing.

He felt blood draining out of his every single cell.

Instinctively, he began the surest treatment he could do to someone who lost their breath from drowning.
He tilted her head gently and lifted her chin up.
Subsequently, he sealed his mouth over hers, pinched her nose, and blew steadily.
Throughout the whole process, he did not forget to press her chest with regular beats.

He did the same thing over and over again,


Water spewed out of Nadia’s mouth and her breathing returned to normal.
Perhaps because of the harsh coughs, slight blush seemed to have returned to her overly pale complexion.

“You’re-, you’re back…”

Cain, who was pretty much on edge, lost all strength in his legs and crumpled on the spot.
Fortunately, Blan was in good spirits.

“Doctor… I will bring a doctor!”


Altair urged Blan and lifted Nadia up.
Seeing Nadia, who had barely regained her breath but was still droopy, his heart throbbed with anxiety.
Her body temperature was too low at his touch.

When he was young, at the time he lost his parents in a fire accident, his heart also raced like this.

This is different from back then.

First, he needed to raise her body temperature.

Having decided what to do, Altair’s steps began to quicken.


Uh…it’s hot… 

As soon as she regain a little consciousness, she could feel the heat.

Before she went unconscious, she must have been shivering from the cold.
But it was so hot at the moment that she was sweating profusely.
Yet, it was even stranger that her body was still shaking.

She instinctively kicked the blanket off her body to escape from the heat.
Actually, more like she tried to kick it.

The doctor said you need to warm up your body.”

If it hadn’t been for the tight grips on the blanket with the resolute voice, she definitely would have done that.

Who is it?

It was a familiar voice, but she could not think properly because she was overheated.

It’s hot… 

Why couldn’t she remove the blanket? Was it a new kind of torture? If that’s the case, it was really bad.

She wasn’t sure whether the other person noticed her murmur under her breath or it was just the right timing, but the firm voice continued.

“You may feel hot, but your body temperature is actually low right now.
You are being illusional.
So stay calm.”

When she was this hot? She couldn’t believe it was an illusion.

No, even if that’s true, she thought she was going to die from the heat this instant, so why did that matter? She wanted to protest, but only the sound of moan came out of her mouth.

“It’s quite serious.
You would have to take the medicine to raise your body temperature once you are conscious…”

Something cool touched her forehead along the muttering.

Trapped in the blanket, the coolness was like sweet rain in the middle of a desert to her.
At that, she slightly rubbed her face against the energy source and desperately clung to it.
Then the object could be felt flinching and it moved away from her.

She was sad that the coolness had disappeared, so she unwittingly let out a whimper.
At the same time, a groan, suffering from a different feeling, was heard above her head.

“Haah…I’m going crazy.”

After that, the surroundings went quiet for a while.
She was still moaning, and her body continued to tremble.

“Well, I can’t wait any longer.
The doctor said if you don’t regain consciousness after an hour, I would have to force you to take medicine, so don’t get me wrong.

A strangely clear voice continued through her faint consciousness.

“…You are not even conscious anyway, so once you wake up, you won’t even remember what I’m saying.”

A cool touch was felt on her lips along with a grunt that had no meaning to it.
It was unfamiliar, but the soft touch was not that bad.

However, as if to ridicule that thought, an oddly bitter liquid ran down her throat, making her want to spit it out.
But it was hard to resist as something was blocking her lips and she was forced to down it.

She did not know what kind of liquid it was, but as soon as she swallowed it, her body drooped and the tremors subsided, and it all became hazy again.
As her consciousness faded, the cool touch on her lips also withdrew.


Altair made sure that Nadia’s chest was comfortable and slipped out of the bedroom.
The bitter taste of the medicine still remained in his mouth.

In the hallway, Blan and Cain were kneeling with their hands raised above their heads.
It was quite an insult to punish an adult, much more a knight, with the method that would usually be given to a child.

It would have been more comfortable if Altair had beaten them up in the guise of training.
But there was no way Altair would allow the two of them to have the burdens lifted off their hearts just like that.

Of course, Altair also knew that the two did not have any bad intentions.
They wouldn’t have known that something like this would happen either.

How foolish I must have been for letting these guys do something like this!

He punished the two of them, but in fact, he felt like punishing himself.

“My Lord.”

As Altair was looking at Blan and Cain with mixed feelings, Pavel approached from the end of the hallway with an urgent voice.

“An unpleasant guest has arrived.”

Perhaps thinking of Nadia, who was sick in the bedroom, his voice was as small as a whisper.


“It is the one person who was expected to come.
Balhail has come.”

The day had arrived.

Not only Altair, but also the two knights who were kneeling in punishment with sullen faces  were triggered at that name.

Since there was no news from the assassin he sent, I guess he has come to check the situation himself.”

Recalling Balhail’s annoying face, Altair said sarcastically.
He glanced at the bedroom door for a moment, then nodded at Pavel.

“Let’s go.
Let’s see what the heck he has to say.”

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