r as much as Filina.


On the other hand, Bessie smiled quietly and looked at Henry who was next to Leon.
Then she turned her gaze and whispered to Filina.


“Sir Debussy, ask Sir Argeny how the weather is.”




Filina frowned and looked back at Bessie.


At her reaction, Leon and Henry, who were walking at a distance behind them, looked at Filina.
Bessie spoke again in a low voice in her ear.


“It’s cooperative training.
It’s good to get to know each other.
I spoke to Sir Leon first, so this time Sir Filina should ask Sir Argeny.”


Then Bessie asked with a puzzled face as if she had remembered something.


“Oh, didn’t Sir Filina and Sir Argeny know each other?”


Her voice rang louder than expected.


Turning into the narrow path, Henry paused slightly and turned his head to scan the grass indifferently.


“I don’t know….”


As Filina frowned and mumbled her words, Bessie spoke with a puzzled look.


“Before, Sir Argeny came up to Sir Filina and talked to you directly, didn’t he? He even asked me to leave first… ”


Filina, who couldn’t pretend she didn’t know anymore, sighed and said.


“We’re not that close.”


“Then, let’s take this opportunity to get to know each other!”


Bessie smiled brightly with a friendly face and tapped Filina’s shoulder.


“You know that team members’ cooperation is the most important thing in this training, right? No one knows where the vice commander’s bird will be.
It is said that if we make it suspicious, it will also affect the score of each team, so let’s try.”


Bessie glanced back and spoke quietly to Filina so that Henry and Leon could not hear.


“According to the seniors’ records so far, the 1st Order doesn’t score well in cooperative training.
So this time, we have to get more points than the 1st Order.”


Bessie looked at Filina with a face full of enthusiasm.
At the same time she gestured her chin towards Henry.


Filina looked at Henry with a completely unwilling face.


Henry was still looking around with a bored face.
Filina, who had glanced at Henry, whispered to Bessie with her lips twisted.


“It would have been better for me to ask Sir Leon.”


Sir Leon is a commoner like me.
Sir Argeny is a nobleman.”


The calculations in Bessie’s mind had already been completed.


It seemed that the decision was made under the judgment that Filina would be able to get to know Henry more quickly as she was noble as well.


But Filina still muttered with a dissatisfied face.


“Still, it’s a cooperative training, so you can’t judge people by their origins.”


Even as she said it, her conscience was stabbed.
The person who was reluctant to talk was Filina herself.


“There are stages in relationships, right? First of all, we try to get to know the people we can get to know, and then we naturally get to know each other through training.”


Bessie raised her chin and opened her mouth with a know- it- all face.


Filina had nothing more to say, so she had no choice but to quietly nod her head.


Bessie poked her in the side and said.


“Speak to Sir Argeny.”


Bessie looked at Filina with twinkling eyes.
It showed great determination that this was just business.


Filina sighed and looked at Henry.


“….Hey, Sir Argeny.”


Henry’s purple eyes, which were looking around, turned to look at Filina when he heard her voice.


Filina asked with a slight smile.


“Isn’t it a nice day?”


Henry’s face, who was looking at her quietly, was slightly distorted.
He said to Filina.


“It doesn’t look like a very good day to me.”


As Henry said, the further into the forest, the darker the sky.
However, with Bessie’s pressure, Filina didn’t look at her surroundings before she asked Henry.


Filina, somewhat embarrassed, bit her lips and exhaled in annoyance.


“I asked because it was nice earlier.” (Filina)


“Is that so? But it’s bad weather right now, so I’m not sure how to respond.” (Henry)


“Do you really have to say something like that to embarrass people? Can’t you just roughly agree?” (Filina)


Filina became angry and stopped walking and turned to look at him.


Then Henry, who had been staring at her quietly, answered, raising the corners of his lips slightly.


“Yes, the weather is very sunny.
Sir Debussy.” 


The sarcastic voice was clear.
As if it was late at night because the thick trees now covered the sky.


The surroundings were dark and dreary.


As Filina glared at him, Bessie hurriedly grabbed her and said:


“No, why are you fighting?”


When Bessie forcibly dragged Filina, she couldn’t help but swear inwardly at Henry for a long time.


Henry’s face, following Filina, was not very good either.
Leon, who looked at them alternately, raised his eyes sharply at the sound of the wind blowing through the bushes.


Then, suddenly, something rushed over Filina’s head.


Leon hurriedly wrapped his arms around her face, and Henry quickly swung the wooden sword in his hand over the air.


Then a large bird with a strange shape fell to the ground.


“Ah, run away!”


At that moment, someone was running towards them and shouting.
A cold energy rushed through the quiet forest.


Numerous flocks of  birds were flying in from the thickets of darkness.

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