her balance was disturbed, and her body leaned to one side.


She stretched her feet to the side to correct her balance.


Again this time, only Filina remained in her original place.
Shortly thereafter, Hugh returned to the original spot.


“D*mn it, I’m so frustrated.”


He ruffled his indigo hair back wildly, swallowing the swear words.
His pride was hurt. 


“…I think you should go find the ingredients for the potion by yourself.”


As Filina spoke with a resigned expression, Hugh’s face contorted even more ferociously.


“What the hell is wrong? I’ve never been like this before.”


 With a serious expression on his face, he grumbled quietly, then sighed.


“I guess I am not feeling well today.
Even if I move to a different place with you in this state, when I come back here, it will be dangerous if I can’t move, so I’ll just go there alone.”


Hugh’s expression wasn’t very good, so Filina nodded silently.


Filina walked to the dormitory with a sad face.


On the other hand, Hugh, who was left alone in his place, looked around and picked up a rabbit hiding in the grass.


And, like he did with Filina, he drew a pair of square doors with white rays of light in the air.


Hugh walked in there with a rabbit in his hands.
Then, the white light that lit up the darkness spread widely in all directions, and in an instant, it devoured Hugh and the rabbit.


Only a weak wind blew lonely through the empty space.




Today was a special training day.


The 1st and 2nd Order, as well as Lawrence and Carmen, were located in the training hall.
Filina turned her head to look at the 1st Order lined up on the other side, but Hugh was nowhere to be seen.
He didn’t usually go to class, but she was a little worried.


When the magic didn’t go his way, Hugh’s expression was bad, and she was concerned.


“Today, we will have time to form a team through cooperative training between the 1st and 2nd Order and carry out the task.” 


Lawrence came forward and pulled out two sheets of paper with the names of the cadets on them from the empty box.
In short, it was in the form of a lottery.


If possible, she wished that Lawrence would personally select the members, but there was no such consideration.


“Sir Argeny and Sir Leon in the 1st Order.”


Filina bit her lip quietly at the names that came out of Lawrence’s mouth.


‘Why the two of them stick together like that.’


“Sir Bessie and Sir Debussy in the 2nd Order.”


And then, at the names that followed, Filina distorted her impression tremendously.


“We’re on the same team.
I’m so happy.”


She could hear Bessie talking excitedly next to her, but Filina couldn’t laugh.


It wouldn’t be a coincidence.


How it wasn’t difficult to find the four names Lawrence called out of the many names in that box?


Of course, Bessie was a character whose name has never appeared in the original story, but she was like a magnet because she was involved with Filina.


Filina turned her head to find Leon, who was far away.


The black mask cast in the sunlight exuded loneliness.


… … Perhaps, the reason Leon was with her now was because of the influence of her past life.


According to the original story, Filina and Leon should have never had an indirect relationship like this.


“I will give you two weapons, a bow and a wooden sword.
Please note that if you use anything else at will, it will affect your team’s score.”


Carmen ordered the cadet in front of him to lay down the bows and wooden swords in the number of each team.


Then the cadets gathered and dispersed, and each began to take their place in the team that Lawrence had chosen.


Filina also took Bessie and moved quickly.


To get a weapon that was advantageous to them, they had to arrive before the other members.


Fortunately, no one was there yet.


Bessie picked up the bow without any hesitation.
On the other hand, Filina didn’t even look at the bow, and immediately reached out for the wooden sword.


However, a large hand protruding from somewhere took the wooden sword Filina was trying to grab.


She frowned and raised her head.


Gentle eyes were staring at Filina.


It was Henry.


She was speechless.
She couldn’t understand why he ignored the sword that was next to him and grabbed the one she was trying to take.


After a while, another dark shadow approached.
It was Leon, who looked at her and gave her a small smile.


Filina smiled awkwardly and lowered her head.


All that was left was a bow and a wooden sword.


In fact, compared to the bow, the wooden sword was lacking in many aspects to be used as an offensive weapon.
Since it was a wooden practice sword, it could only be used for defense purposes.


However, for Filina, the bow could not be used for defense as well as for attack.


The reason was simple.


Because she had no talent for bows.


In fact, it was vague to say that she didn’t have the talent because the practice time was shorter than the others.


Anyway, for now, the wooden sword was more advantageous to her.


However, when she saw Leon in front of him, she hesitated to take the wooden sword.


She had never seen him shoot a bow in her past life.
She didn’t really pay attention to Leon in the archery class, so she couldn’t tell what his skill level was.


However, what was certain was that a wooden sword suited Leon better. 


For Filina, the bow may be only a defensive weapon, but it would be more flexible for her.


Henry’s gaze was felt in front of her.
Without taking the wooden sword that was left in front of her, Filina only looked at Leon, and it seemed strange.


“Sir Debussy.”


Leon’s voice was heard as she was looking at him.

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