ry told me.”


His purple eyes stared at Filina.


“He said that Debussy was the one who found me collapsed in the training room and informed the infirmary.”


‘Why was it important? Is he trying to find the person who left the mark on his neck?’


But Filina wasn’t scared of him.
He was right, she was the one who had gone to the infirmary herself and told them about Henry’s condition.


Also, his current condition wasn’t that threatening.


Filina replied with a light shrug.


“I just happened to see it.
So I told the infirmary.”


It wasn’t much of a favor, which meant that he didn’t need to bother to come to see her like this.


“Did you see someone else, by any chance?”


“Someone else?”


Filina asked back suspiciously.
Then Henry, who had lowered his gaze slightly, said in a low voice, 


“When I collapsed, I felt a strange energy.
It wasn’t magic, it just felt a little different.”


So that meant he collapsed in the training room was not simply because he was sick, but that there was another cause?


She pondered for a moment, then said with one eyebrow crinkled.


“..I think Sir Argeny misunderstood that.
When I entered the training room building, there was no one there but you.”


Even when she walked in from the performance hall, she couldn’t find a single person.
It was just Henry in the training room.


“…I see.”


Henry said quietly, staring at her.
His silver hair gently fluttered in the light wind.


His face looked lifeless against his skin tone.
Nevertheless, it was emitting a devastating beauty around it.
His purple shimmering gaze became increasingly decadent.


“Is that all you have to say?”


At Filina’s question, Henry spoke in a faint voice.


‘Thank you for contacting the infirmary.
Thanks to you, I have regained my health.” 


‘Are you being sarcastic now?’


Filina wrinkled her brow and mumbled.


“You don’t look very healthy.”


“To be honest, the infirmary is not very helpful as it can only provide simple first aid.”


At the sound of Henry’s elaborate voice, she stared at him with a puzzled look on her face.


The time when the class started had already passed.


He told Bessie he would try not to be late.
……………… Initially, it seemed that he had no intention of keeping his words.


“Lord Argeny.”


Filina called him in an indifferent voice.
Then Henry’s gaze naturally followed her.
She felt good in sunny weather today.
The dazzling sunlight was beautifully shining on Filina’s red hair.


Then she spoke in a relaxed voice.


“The handprints on your neck are very pretty.”


Seeing Henry’s face sinking strangely, Filina turned around.




Weaver, who had received a report from the lab about the drug to be administered to the demons, hurried outside and opened the door, frowning when he saw the instructor coming in.




Normally he would have flinched at Weaver’s every expression, but he said with an anxious look on his face.


“I’m afraid you have to come to your office right now.”


“What’s all the fuss about?”


The instructor replied to Weaver’s question.


“The Crown Prince has paid us a visit!”


Weaver’s face twisted grimly at the news the instructor spat out.


“His Highness is here?”


“Yes! He’s in the office right now!”


Weaver quietly calculated the date.
There was always a certain day that Ian would visit the Swordsmanship Academy.


It was when an imperial event coincided with the academy, or when he was looking for someone to recruit for the Imperial Guard.


Or to fill the headcount of the Knights who needed for battle.


In fact, even this was often the case when other people from the Imperial Palace were sent separately.


In other words, unless it was important, Ian rarely visited the Swordsmanship Academy personally.


Also, there were no special events related to the Imperial Palace, as the new students were only just now starting the school.


Most of the days to scout for students were also set in winter.


So he wasn’t sure why Ian had come to visit so suddenly.


First, Weaver left the lab and immediately headed for his office.


Luckily, the distance was not too far.


When he entered the building where the office was located, Lawrence greeted him straight away.
Then he quietly signaled with his eyes to let Weaver know the Crown Prince’s location.
Carmen was absent.


Weaver arranged his clothes before opening the door to his office.


As if he was tired already, he sighed deeply and went inside.


It was a familiar space where he had been working for a long time.


The large room had sofas and tables for entertaining guests, and the walls were covered with various pictures to help soften the quiet atmosphere.


Of course, when it came to pictures, most of them had to do with the academy.


Naturally, the chair in front of his desk was where he sat most often in his office.
There was a pile of papers on the table that hadn’t been sorted out yet.


The large window next to it was emitting bright light.


“I’m seeing His Royal Highness the Crown Prince.”


Weaver walked over to the desk and bowed his head.
Ian, who had been sitting in his chair pondering something, looked up at him with golden eyes.

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