So this man talking about the fitness test that’s already over? About how Leon was ahead of him in the 1,000m race?


A sneer of disgust escaped her lips.


This man held grudges more than she thought.


Just as Filina was about to say something, she heard the instructor shouting from the performance hall.


“Good job, examinee 082! You’ve passed the third practical exam!”


It seemed that he had finally broken the spell.


Filina ignored the man who looked at her as if he was having fun and stood up.


“What is it? Have you finished? I’m sad, you should have attacked me some more.”


The man, who was staring at Filina getting up, muttered as he lay down on the floor again.


“You’re the first woman to ever treat me so roughly.
I think I’ll fall in love.”


‘Should I step on it….’ (*it=his private part)


Filina somehow managed to get past the man.


She ran toward the performance hall, pushing past the crowd of candidates.


She saw Leon walking slowly out of the examination hall.
He had a broken blade in his hand.


Filina’s expression darkened and sank as she watched him.


She was upset.


The fact that something so precious had been broken by someone else’s prank.


She quietly followed Leon’s shadow.


‘What should I say?’


The truth was, she had no intention of having anything to do with Leon again, but that didn’t mean she could just ignore the broken sword and pretend she didn’t know about it.


“Excuse me….”


As she continued to walk up to Leon, she gently spoke.


The black masked face slowly turned to her.
Deep dark eyes looked down at Filina.


She averted his gaze with an awkward expression and spoke.


“There’s a blacksmith I know who makes swords very well.
I’d be happy to introduce you to him if you’d like.”


Of course, it wasn’t someone she knew directly.


It was the words she spat out after learning that Enoch had visited the blacksmith in person the other day to take care of his sword.


According to his words, he was the best maker of swords in the Alvar Empire, although his prices were a bit high.


So she was sure that he would be able to put Leon’s broken sword back together again.


“Thank you for your kind offer, but I will have to decline.”


Leon’s firm voice made her open her mouth as if she couldn’t understand.


“Specifications don’t work at times like this.
The sword is broken.
Isn’t it precious?”


It didn’t matter that Leon looked at her strangely.


It was just frustrating.


She wanted to help him, but she didn’t know what to do.


“Of course, I understand that we just met and can’t be trusted, but I think you should try to fix it.
It’s a place that my escort knight used to go.
I’ll give you the location, so you can go there and decide.”


The price might be a bit high for him as a commoner, but some of that money could be given to the blacksmith in advance.


“You can fix it cheaply if you mention my family’s name.
So don’t feel burdened.


“No thanks.”


Leon spat out in a calm voice, cutting her off mid-sentence.


“I don’t know why you’re so concerned about me, but I really am fine.
The sword is not as important as you said, young lady.”


“…It’s not important?”


Filina laughed in vain, repeating his words quietly.


‘Who are you lying to? I’m the one who knows you the best.……’


She lowered her head and bit her lips.


‘I knew it.’


She knew that Leon never talked about himself to strangers.


Furthermore, he just met her today.


‘Why am I upset even though I know that?’


‘If I could just see you smile, I would be satisfied with that.’


‘I don’t know why I keep getting greedy.’




After a short answer, Filina turned around immediately.
It was because she couldn’t guarantee what she would say if she stood in front of him longer.


She could feel Leon’s eyes staring at her back, but she deliberately ignored them.


And so the examinations were all over.


The final successful candidates could not be confirmed until a week later


Filina returned to the Debussy’s residence with a tired look on her face.




The first person to greet her was Bruno.


She recited lightly as she walked past him.


“Thank you for the potions.”


It was a late thank you.
It couldn’t be helped, as the test took place shortly after he had gotten the potion from the Magic Tower.


“Are you injured?”


Bruno asked as he followed Filina.


Fillina, who was walking to her bedroom, stopped and looked back at Bruno.


“Why do you think that?”


He tilted his head with a funny look on his face.


Watching him silently, Filina wondered how long Bruno had been looking at her so tenderly.


If the story was true, he should have hated Filina very much.


It was how much Bruno hated her for being so mean to Ariel.


Filina had never been nice to Ariel.


Even recently, she left Ariel alone in the carriage as she stepped out for the first time into the social scene.
She also gave her a bouquet of flowers that came in Filina’s name and deliberately teased her, and more than once she had left the table when Ariel came to eat at the saw table.


Each time Bruno seemed very angry towards Filina, but that was all.
As soon as she turned around, his tenacious gaze followed her.


“We’ll talk tomorrow.
I’m tired.”


Bruno nodded reluctantly at Filina’s heavy voice.
She turned around.


His gaze followed Filina’s footsteps relentlessly.


The day went by quickly.


In the early morning, Filina heard the voice of the maid looking for her.


It was because a guest had arrived.


After she finished dressing up, she took troublesome steps.


Soon an absurd laugh escaped Filina’s lips.
It was for an unexpected person who was sitting proudly in the parlor.

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