Chapter 17: 他真的是皇上?

Is he really the Emperor?

“You may dispense with curtseying.”The man’s voice sounded behind her.

Her body trembled slightly as the shocking fact popped into her head. So the man she had just bitten was the Emperor?

He is actually the emperor?

How could he be the Emperor?

So who was that fat and greasy uncle she saw on the roof of Li Xia Palace a few days ago?

“Your Majesty! Someone from the Empress Dowager’s palace says there’s an urgent matter and asks you to come over.” The guard, with his head bowed and eyes unblinking, looked like a well-trained guard who knew what to look at and what not to look at, what to ask and what not to ask.

If it hadn’t been for urgent matters of the Empress Dowager (Queen mother),he wouldn’t have appeared in front of them at all.

“Got it! You can leave now.”


Is he really the Emperor?

Lu Yunluo was stunned!

A man who climbed on the roof in the middle of the night and bought the little yellow book from her was actually the Emperor?

What kind of magical plot is this?

Thinking about what she had done before, she wanted to hurry up and make herself disappear quietly.

Ji Wu Jue looked at Lu Yun Luo’s stunned look and was in a good mood, “Come back, take her to ‘the Hall of the Nurtured Heart’ ( Yang Xin Hall) first.
Remember! Don’t let her escape, or I’ll see you with your head!”


Ji Wu Jue deliberately looked back at her as he walked away.

That glance made Lu Yunluo’s heart alarmed and her body leaping. 

It’s over!

It’s over, it’s over!

Lu Yunluo felt as if she had stabbed a hole that was as big as the sky. 

With all the things she had done before, any one of them would be enough to split open her head. 

Lu Yunluo had a headache.

Why is she so unlucky that she had fallen into his hands?

Lu Yunluo’s head was still in turmoil when she followed that guard to the Hall of the Raising Heart.

She had to sort it out.

First of all, that guy was sure to be the bastard Ji Wu Jue who had sent her to the cold palace on the second day of her marriage.

Secondly, why did he let her stay?

He should not have known her true identity. 

Could it be that it was to punish her for selling little dirty books?

Spreading obscenity in the harem was a serious crime that would cost you your head!

The more Lu Yunluo thought about it, the more she thought it was possible.

There was also the fact that she had not only molested him just now, but also bitten him.

If he really wanted to pursue the matter, this head of hers would not be enough for him to chop.

No, it can’t!

It’s too dangerous here!

She had to get out of here quickly.

She only had to hide in the cold palace for more than ten days, and then she’d be completely safe when she got out of the palace!

Thinking this, she saw that no one was around so she threw the package into space, turning around to find that people were guarding under the windows all around here.

How can she get out of here?

“Ouch, my stomach hurts! No,I can’t stand it anymore, someone come here quickly, take me to the toilet.” Lu Yunluo bent down and covered her stomach, with a face that was holding in uncomfortable pain.

Because the emperor did not say exactly what to arrange for her, the palace maids also did not know exactly what the situation was, and seeing that Lu Yunluo’s stomach hurt so badly, however they did not get suspicious.
One palace maid came in and guided her towards the latrine.

Lu Yunluo walked extremely slowly on the way, distancing herself from the palace maids in front of her, and when she waited for the fork in the road, she took the opportunity to go the other way and then ran fast and wildly. 

By the time she returned to the Cold Palace, it was already very late at night.

Finally, she had escaped.

Only when Lu Yunluo had washed up and laid down on her own bed did her hanging heart finally let go.

The original owner was sent to the cold palace; it is said on the same day the late emperor died.
The third prince and the prime minister collaborated with each other, collaborated with the enemy also to commit treason, and were executed the next day.
On the second day of the new emperor’s enthronement, the original body was also sent to the cold palace since she is the daughter of the guilty minister. 

Lu Yunluo rolled over, “Yin Shuang, how is my father usually like?”

In the original owner’s memory, her father treated her extremely well, teaching her with great care from a young age, and hiring one of the best great masters in the capital to teach her everything from the lute-playing, chess, calligraphy, and painting—all the artistic accomplishments of a scholar of the old school. 

In the royal court, the way he conducts himself in society was always upright and plainspoken, never ganging up for personal interest. 

How could it be that on the day of the late emperor’s death, he colluded with foreign traitors and collaborated with the enemy to commit treason?

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