It was Sunday, so the employees were probably not working.
On weekdays, this parking lot is probably full.

Feeling a little nervous, I followed the adults inside.

Looking around the entrance, the first thing I noticed was the unique sense of freshness typical of a newly built building.

Similar to the exterior of the building, the interior was simple and formal, with a rustic appearance.

”Good morning! Please fill out the form. ”

The woman at the reception desk greeted us with a cheerful welcome so early in the morning.

My father and the rest of us greeted her in a friendly manner as we received forms.

Taking a peek at the documents, we learn that we are supposed to fill out an application for admission to the training area and a responsibility waiver form.

This is the kind of form you fill out before doing something dangerous, like bungee jumping.

It ’s a natural process considering what we are about to do, but I wonder if I should get used to filling out such forms.

”Okay, I have confirmed it.
Please be careful when using this facility…
Good luck. ”

I guess she knows what my dad is going to do now, so she sent him off with her personal encouragement.

After completing the formalities, I thought we were going to continue on to the training grounds, but it seemed there were still other locations where we needed to drop by.

We returned to Momi-san ’s car and drove up the mountain road.

As the density of the trees increased, the signs of people began to disappear, and we saw fewer and fewer man-made objects.

This building, like one of the Abe ’s houses, is also simple and solid, ……
and although it is as large as the Abe ’s house, it is not as glamorous as the Abe ’s house.
In addition, there is no Japanese garden.

The building next to it is an old dojo-like building, which shows the character of the head of this family.

”You have come, Tsuyoshi-san! We ’ve been waiting for you! ”

An old man emerged with a loud voice from a magnificent building that appeared to be a dojo.

He was dressed in a dark blue kendo suit and held a sword sheathed in his right hand.
His skinny head reflected the morning sun, making his chiseled face look even more grave.

Although he looks like he is already retired, his body radiates vitality, and even from this distance, one can tell that he is still quite active.

”At last! ”

”Yes, we have prepared the battlefield, thanks to you.
All with the cooperation of Goken-sama. ”

”All right, concentrate on the battle at hand.
I only wanted to send encouragement to my friend who is going to engage in a decisive battle.
I ’m sure you ’ve been thinking about it a lot and have grown stiff.
Relax your shoulders! ”

Yes. ”

I saw something unusual.

My dad, who has a default Buddha face, looks embarrassed.

His shoulders were slapped, and he is ……
someone who is not good at this kind of thing.

”You ’ll be the observer this time as well.
Needless to say, you must not miscalculate the timing. ”

”It ’s been a while, since he seems to be serious; I will keep an eye on him until the time comes. ”

”That ’s good. ”

Momi-san seems to know the old man as well.

Listening to the conversation up to this point, I can guess who this old man is.

He must be my father ’s former boss, the previous head of the Goken family, and an ultimate warrior who fights on the front lines even though he has given up his position as the head of the family, Goken Enbu-sama.

”Oh, is this the child you are so proud of? I see.
I see that it is not an exaggeration.
I ’ll give him a lesson next time.
Bring him to me when you have time. ”

”Nice to meet you, I ’m Kyobe Hijiri.
I look forward to having the pleasure of speaking with you. ”

Oh, hell, no.

I won ’t get along with this person.

I don ’t like the way he pushes matters that he wants to talk about.

He is reliable as a boss who leads his subordinates, but I would prefer not to have a personal relationship with him.

It would definitely be way tougher if I say I wanted to practice martial arts, so instead of doing that, I ’m going to continue to practice Onmyojutsu…….

”Yes, sir.
I will bring him back when he is more composed. ”

Of course – how could anyone refuse an offer from his or her boss?

I was unexpectedly made to feel comfortable at my father ’s workplace.
Normally, the chairman of the company would not pay attention to the son of one of his employees.

If a job ad says, ”A homelike workplace, ” most people would think it is a black company.
If you factor in the possibility of death, my father ’s workplace could definitely be considered as a black company.

But it seems they pay well, and if you can build trust with them as a comrade-in-arms, maybe it ’s not so bad after all.

”Forget about anything else that ’s not about your battle.
Go on a rampage. ”

”Yes, sir. ”

After finishing what he had to say, Goken-sama returned to the building.

He was like a raging storm, wasn ’t he?

I didn ’t even have a proper conversation with him, but his words and actions themselves showed his character.

While the head of the Abe family had an intimidating aura of standing above others, Goken-sama had the aura of a strong man who has fought many battles in his life pushing forward, bringing those around him along with him.

Either way, I, an ordinary person, felt myself shrinking just by being around them.

”Let ’s go. ”

This seemed to be the end of the formalities and greetings.

Finally, it was time for the decisive battle, and my father strode forward with a determined look on his face.

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