, Killian.
I know all about you, so let’s get it done quickly.’

She was sincere.
Because she also wanted this uncomfortable and terrible time to pass quickly.
Two little kids approached with rings placed on small cushions.
The children who thought they were still seven years old were so cute.
Unlike the adults of both families who glared at each other as if they were going to eat each other, these children’s cheeks were flushed with excitement just being in charge of being part of a beautiful wedding ceremony.
She couldn’t help but smile at them like they were disarmed.

Killian looked down at her coldly and picked up the bridal ring.

She politely held out her left hand, and Killian… Really, barely touching her hand, he put the ring on the ring finger of her left hand.
He didn’t even support her left hand with his other hand.

‘Wow, he must really hate it.’

What followed was more spectacle.
He reached out and snatched the ring before she picked up the groom’s ring.
Then, after putting on the ring, he stood facing the priest as if he had finished his business.
She was the only one who was about to pick up the ring, but she ended up standing awkwardly facing him.

The groom’s side of the guest seat burst out with laughter, and the bride’s side of the guest seat felt anger that would rise at any moment.
It wasn’t that she was okay with it, but if she showed off that she was offended now, it would only make the situation worse.
She lightly kissed the children’s cheeks and stood facing the priest. 

And she thought as he felt the cold air gently spreading from Killian’s side.

‘Yeah, it’s okay if I don’t have men in my life.’

If she, who had nothing, got a healthy body in an affluent life, she should be satisfied.

‘A life of leisurely enjoying one’s hobbies without worrying about being hit by one’s father or older brother.
How good!’

If she was lucky, she might be able to sleep with that nice, handsome guy a few times, using the heir as an excuse.
If even that didn’t work and she was lonely, she would make a lover later.

Yeah, that’s enough.

She made up her mind once again to give up the ‘Ro’ of Romance and enjoy ‘Man’ to the fullest.

* * *

The reception, which was worried that it would be noisy and crowded, probably because they were not meant to hang out together, ended early in a rather chilly atmosphere.

‘I never thought I’d be so grateful that the two families weren’t on good terms!’

Lize seemed worried that she might be disappointed, but she was rather fortunate.
She had to keep her back straight all day because of the dress that cut her chest so much that it made her feel as if her spine was broken.
What about feet wearing uncomfortable high-heeled shoes and swollen calves? Just when she wanted to scream that this was torture, Lize, who had been asked by the Duchess, led her to the bride’s room.
And her maid, who was waiting for her, took off the embarrassingly uncomfortable dress and changed her into her bedclothes.

‘I thought I was going to die before the story even started.

Only then did she let out a sigh of relief that she was alive.
But Lize, who had sent the maid out, hesitated.

“Do you have anything to say, Miss Lize?”

“Ah, that…”

She could have passed by pretending not to know, but no matter how tired she was, she didn’t want to miss this opportunity to chat with the heroine.
Besides, wasn’t one of the rules of survival for romance novels possessed by the wicked woman “getting close with the good heroine”?

‘A kind and righteous Lize would never avoid my friendly approach.

Like a character hiding a ruse, she laughed inwardly, but it was hard for her to keep her mouth shut and she realized that Lize, who wiggled her hands, was beautiful.
Lize, who was wearing an ivory-colored plain but luxurious dress, was much more dazzling than she had been adorned with glittering jewels.
Rather, Lize was more suitable for the appearance of a chaste and shy bride.
Maybe that’s what the author was aiming for.

“Today… I apologize for Killian’s rude behavior towards Miss Edith.
We hope you don’t hate him too much.
Even though Killian looks cold and blunt on the outside, he is actually a deep-hearted person.”

Uh? She remembered this scene! Even in this scene in the original story, Edith talked to Lize first.
Then, she exploded in anger at Lize, who told her not to hate Killian, saying, ‘Why are you wearing a white dress to someone else’s wedding?

Honestly, as reader, she knew why she said that, but she didn’t know what’s going on inside Lize, and she thought that Edith, who should have heard such words, deserved to be angry.
But that was not her case, wasn’t she someone who read all the original books?

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