lady too.”

In the part where she said that the Duchess had been with the young lady for a long time, she already had the idea that Lize would be there.
To be honest, she didn’t want to see Lise or Killian yet, but she was called by the Duchess and she couldn’t not go.
Besides, wasn’t it a ‘jewelry’?

If I think about the day I will run away at night, I have to rip it off beforehand when I can.’

Emotions would disappear someday.
It was foolish to miss the important things by being buried in emotions that would disappear.

“Okay, let’s go.”

She left the book with the librarian and followed Anna into the Duchess’ drawing room.
In the drawing room, not only the Duchess and Lise were present, but also Cliff and Killian.
They had already spread out the products brought by the jeweler and were picking out things that would suit Lize.
She was really reluctant to join the friendly atmosphere, but she smiled like it was nothing.

“You called, Mother.”

“Ah, Edith! Come on.”

Unlike the Duchess, who greeted her warmly, Killian’s gaze was still cold.
No, he looked at her as if it was a burthen that she had come.
It’s a huge improvement compared to the wedding day when he didn’t even turn his head in her direction.

“This is Mr.
Felix Eppard, the owner of , a jewelry store that has been dealing with our family for a long time.
It’s been a long time since good things came in, so if you like something, pick it up.”

“Thank you.”

On one sofa sat the Duchess, Lise, and Cliff, and on the other side were the jewelers Felix and Killian.
She had no choice but to sit next to Killian.
After a moment of awkwardness, they started playing princesses again, trying this and that on Lize.

“Doesn’t this sapphire match Lise’s eyes too well?”

“How about this pearl necklace?”

“Oh, that suits you too! The white pearl necklace I bought last time wasn’t bad either, but this one looks better because it’s cream colored.”

Lize continued to wave her hand, but the Duchess and Cliff seemed excited.
Killian couldn’t actively participate, probably because of Edith, and was only pointing at things that seemed fine between her.
Watching that scene reminded her of reading this episode in the original story.

‘Ah, that’s it! The jeweler episode where Edith was humiliated!’

Even in the original work, the people of the duchy only cared about Lise.
Lise, who couldn’t see that, offered Edith a small necklace, but Edith said, “Where would you recommend something like that?” and bitterly refused.
And sitting proudly, whenever someone placed jewelry on Lise, she didn’t even look at her and just spat out, “I’ll do that too.” The jeweler was at a loss and said, ‘Everything here has only one piece’, and Cliff buys all the jewels in this place with a blank check.
Leaving only the necklace Lise recommended to Edith.
And to Edith, who gets angry, Killian throws the necklace, saying that there was nothing left for her, so she couldn’t help it.

‘At the time, I thought it was exhilarating, but now that I’m in Edith’s position, I understand.
It must have hurt her pride.’

Of course, Edith’s attitude wasn’t right, but couldn’t she have been hurt so much that she had no choice but to take that attitude? No, why did they call someone in the first place and treat that person like a bag of barley? While she was blankly thinking about the original work, Lise pointed to one of the necklaces and said, as if it was embarrassing that people only recommended jewelry to her.

“I think this necklace would look good on Edith!”

Even if she didn’t mess around, the original episode progressed steadily.
The necklace Lise pointed to was a thin gold necklace with a small drop-shaped red jewel attached to it.

‘I thought Lise refused because she chose something strange, but it’s pretty! As expected, did you just hate it because Lise chose it?’

Although the size of the jewels was on the small side among the items that the jeweler spread out, honestly, from a modern perspective, she liked these better than couture-class accessories piled high with large jewels.

“Oh my, how pretty! This… Is it a ruby?”

She took it because she only knew ruby as a red jewel, but luckily ruby was right.

“You two are very discerning.
This is the highest grade ruby.
The filigree design and bezel setting were also done by our best artisans.”

There’s no way for her to know what’s great, but it must mean pretty and expensive anyway.
In fact, the vivid and transparent red ruby was pretty, so she looked into it for a while.

“Please try it on.”

“Yes, Edith.
It can be different from what you see once you put it on.”

The jeweler and Lise recommended it.
She smiled shyly and reached for the necklace.
However, there was someone who picked up the necklace before her.


He unlocked the necklace without a word.
She wondered why he was acting like this all of a sudden, but it caught her eye that the Duchess was watching with a proud face on the other side.

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