She stared blankly at their backs moving away, and it was only after they completely disappeared that she took out my cell phone and sent a text message.

-You said you worked overtime, so do you know the woman you hang out with is my boss at work? The two of them seemed to be working really hard.
Bury the bones in the rectum.
Do not contact me in the future.

Strangely, even when she witnessed her boyfriend cheating on her with her own two eyes, she didn’t feel like her hands were shaking or she was about to cry.
In fact, she wasn’t even angry.
She must have been subconsciously anticipating this breakup.

‘Because he was too much for me…’

He was a sincere man who grew up in a well-to-do family and worked for a fairly large company.
He was likable, handsome, moderately tall, friendly, and cultured.
He was the kind of man who, unlike her, who struggles not to show off his lack of money and not to be discovered as a mediocre family, could feel composure in even the smallest lifestyle.

While she was grateful that such a man treated her kindly and even pretended to die at her words, she couldn’t shake the thought of ‘how long will this last?’.
And that “when” was only until today.

‘Money is tight.
This weekend, I’ll pay for the romance novel that I put in my cart and read them.’

Thinking like that made her feel a little better.
It was her pleasure to read romance fantasy novels before going to bed, but if she didn’t have enough pocket money, she had to wait and read one episode a day for free.

She did, but when she thought that she could pay for the few books in the cart by saving money not meeting with a man that betrayed her, her steps on the way back became light in an instant.
It was because of the misunderstanding that today’s bad things ended there.

“What are you doing now? Hurry up, you girl!”

“Uh? Brother?”

Her older brother was waiting for her at the door of her studio next to the steep stairs in a shabby multi-family house.
Before she even got close, the smell of alcohol wafted in and her body stiffened.

“Hey, give me all the money you have.”

“Wat? Where is my money?”

“You have a card! Get a cash advance and give it to me! I will call soon and send it to you.”

“Brother, gambling again…!”

“Oh, fuck, talk a lot! Who is it that you are alive so far, but are you nagging me?”

Her brother suddenly shouted and her ears were deafened, but she was more anxious about whether there was someone next door or if he was listening.

‘I’ll eat that lifesaver excuse until I die, right?’

13 years ago, he gave her a bone marrow transplant when she was suffering from leukemia, so her brother always proudly demanded money.
Rather, how many times had she thought that if she had just died without a bone marrow transplant, she would have been more comfortable.

Even more so today.
She tend to forget bad things quickly, but now she was fed up with this repetitive situation.

Do you know how much money you borrowed from me? Pay them back yourself!”

“What? You damn bitch!”

She thought his mad eyes were glistening, but her brother slapped her on the cheek.
Lights flashed in front of her eyes and her ears were deafened, but more than that, it felt like she was floating in midair.

‘Ah, there were stairs behind me, oh…’

The moment she thought about it, she felt a great shock and pain soon after.
It was as if she hit her head hard on something at the end of a noisy roll down the stairs.

That was my last memory as Soo-na Choi, a woman in her 20s who was humble in Korea.

* * *

It felt like sleeping for a while.
Consciousness gradually dawned and she realized that she was not dead.
She opened her eyes wondering if it was a hospital, and she saw a landscape that could never be a hospital.

‘Princess room…?’

It was a room similar to the Palace of Versailles she saw on the Internet.
Besides, there was no pain in her body that should have been broken or at least badly bruised.
No, she even felt that she was much more energetic than usual.

‘What? How long have I been unconscious?’

As she slumped up from the bed, her reddish-brown hair, rich enough to feel the weight of it, flowed down from my shoulders.
After suffering from leukemia, her hair thinned out, so she had never dyed her hair.
She was dumbfounded with her fine hair in her hand when someone knocked on the door.

“This is Sophia, my lady.”


“I will go in.”

Then the door opened and a young woman with a slightly frightened appearance entered, carrying a copper washbasin on a sort of tray.
The clothes she was wearing were like maid uniforms that cosplayers often wear.
No, that couldn’t have been a maid outfit.


Translator Note:

In a first moment I was not going to translate this novel but once I started reading it… My, you will love it!!

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