ow about Tianming.

Among all the foreign races in this continent, only two branches of the Wood race with mild and soft temperaments have defected to Arilance, the first of the five great powers.

How should a country’s power and mystery be expressed?

That is, the powerful being who does not want to submit to your country and even loathes humans but was willing to bow down to our emperor and willingly offer rare treasures only for the emperor to taste.

Though this matter is only talk.

But who made him a liar who was now fighting for his life? Of course, it will be bigger and bigger.
After seeing the “powerful” Zero, even if the other party knows that they are talking big, there will be some scruples inside.

What Qiao Xingnan wanted were mystery and fear.

His eyes fell on Ilir, and with a hint of arrogance on his delicate face, he whispered to the white-robed man, “Zero, see? We really have seen many shallow people this time.”

The white-robed man’s face was covered.
Ilir could not see his expression but could see the other man’s hood move up and down, “I have seen.”

This was not the first time Ilir had heard the other side say he was ill-informed.
A flash of harshness passed through his brown-black eyes, and then it was drowned in a deep gaze.

“Your Excellency has seen a lot of things, so why come to our poor place? Does your Excellency not know that guests follow their hosts1?”

Ilir would not easily believe Qiao Xingnan’s words.
His eyes stared straight at the dark-haired man as if he wanted to see clearly, the rotten and foul-smelling soul under this exquisite appearance.

This statement seemed to have poked the black-haired man’s sore spot.
His expression suddenly dropped and looked like dark clouds.

Ilir was stunned.
A white figure suddenly flashed in front of him, and when he returned to his senses, Zero was already standing before him.
The shadow of the hood covered the other’s face, making his whole person look extraordinarily gloomy.

The white-robed man raised his head slightly.
Ilir’s vision shifted, and it seemed that, at that moment, he saw the other party’s ancient black eyes without any emotion, only a boundless chill.

“The emperor said, you don’t deserve to know.”

Ilir felt a little strange for a moment.
The black-haired man obviously did not say anything.
How did the white-robed man know?

But then Ilir had no time to think, he subconsciously went to attack the sudden appearance of the white-robed man, but his fist did not have time to swing to the other side.
The white-robed man was like a sword back to the sheath and quickly retreated behind the black-haired man as if a loyal shadow quietly standing there.

This person was definitely strong.
Ilir was once again sure that even his big brother would have a momentary crack, but this person didn’t.
Ilir’s eyes flashed with a hint of fire.

And he did not know that at this moment, Qiao Xingnan’s hand behind his back was lightly tapping.
His face was cold and solemn, but his heart was sweating for himself.

He saw clearly that it was so close that the other’s hand was going to grab Zero, so close that the fact that Zero was not strong at all was about to be revealed.

Wealth and power are not obtained without taking risks.

Qiao Xingnan’s face was cold, and his golden eyes swept over Ilir.
Seeing the other party’s expression, he understood it in his heart.

Ilir was very concerned about Zero.

Qiao Xingnan understood the other side well.
Just as in his previous life when he was a small screenwriter who was not seen, he suddenly saw a big screenwriter who was particularly famous, and he could not help but pay attention and learn from the other side.

Although Zero was not really strong, Illir sees nothing wrong with Zero because he puts up a good front.

This was good news for them for the time being.


A Chinese idiom which means that the guest acts according to the convenience or arrangement of the host.
It also means to do as the Romans do.

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