ill earn again if the money is gone.

“Master.” Zero mumbled, his black eyes filled with bewilderment, “Zero, really, upgraded?”

Qiao Xingnan looked at Zero, who looked like he was overjoyed and silly.
The little bit of discomfort in his heart also disappeared instantly, and he let out a laugh, “Yes, you have been upgraded to R grade.
Don’t worry.
As long as we can survive from under the tyrant, one day I can raise you to the highest grade!”

Of course, when saying this, Qiao Xingnan did not forget his Uncle Ster: “And Uncle Ster, I will still upgrade you!”

Ster couldn’t say what was on his mind right now.
He just subconsciously put on a gentle smile again and said, “Thank you, my kind master.”

Qiao Xingnan chuckled a little and did not continue talking big but looked at the other data of Zero on the panel.
Although the beneficiary of the upgrade was Zero, when he asked Zero about the additional skill on his screen, Zero did not know what his additional skill was.

Qiao Xingnan had to ignore Zero’s additional skill for now and turned to the [Skin] property at the very end.

The [Skin] was the same as the unknown [Additional Skill], both of which were new properties that came out after the upgrade.

He thought about it and tapped the ‘Skin (Replaceable)’ button on the card interface, and the next second he saw two pictures appear on the screen.

The first was an original 3D picture of Zero’s appearance, black eyes, black hair, and black robes.
Apart from his firm, handsome face and good figure, there was nothing remarkable about his appearance.


When he saw the second picture, Qiao Xingnan’s eyes lit up, and he immediately raised his hand and clicked on this picture, followed by a new change in Zero beside him.

The clothing on Zero’s body was still the white robe with a hood given to him by Qiao Xingnan.
But after removing the hood, you will see that his handsome face has an additional pattern, a mysterious red pattern extending from the end of his eyes to his temples and then intersecting in his forehead, shaped like some kind of ancient writing.
When staring for a long time, you will be dazzled, and your head will tingle.


Almost at the same time, Qiao Xingnan realized how powerful it would be to act with this skin.
He smiled and immediately decided, “Zero, let’s use this skin.”

The upgraded appearance was a gift from the system.

This was the first time Zero had received an upgraded skin, and his angular face was a little stiff.
Hearing his master’s words, he nodded nervously, seemingly liking his new skin.

Seeing this scene, not to mention Qiao Xingnan, even a hint of laughter emerged in Ster’s eyes.

As night fell, on the other side of the manor, the sound of a hissing snake circled the feet of the blond man sitting on a chair.

“Have all been taken care of?”

Asrit reached out and let the golden python climb up.
His eyelashes drooped slightly as he casually spoke.

Half kneeling on the ground, Howard did not look up: “Yes, the people have confessed.
It’s the remnants of the former Pope’s forces.”

When the words fell, the atmosphere was a little odd for a moment.
The person sitting softly hmmed, with a hint of coolness in his voice: “What about that group of fools there?”

Howard knew that the fools referred to the group of people involved with the royal family and the successor.
That group of fools was always thinking of pulling the emperor out of power so that the prince could succeed to the throne.

Howard reported calmly: “For the time being, they are not involved with the previous ambush on the manor road.”

That said, it’s just not involved for the time being, and everything is still inconclusive.

Just then, the steward knocked gently on the door and came in.
He approached Asrit and said something quietly and then retreated again.

Without looking up, Howard heard the golden python scurrying above, making a rustling sound, and the young emperor laughed softly: “Howard, you go probe the white-robed man tomorrow.”

Howard was stunned but nodded to comply with the order and did not bother to ask why.

When everyone retreated, the blond man’s hand brushed over the snake.
He leaned on his chin, seemingly muttering to himself: “Eighteen boxes are empty ah.”

Was it because it was used to refine magic scrolls, or was it transferred?

Asrit was getting more and more interested.

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