Chapter 83: Opening of the Myriad Spirit Ruins!

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When Gong Ziliang heard this, he looked over and saw that there was a winding path that led straight up to the five peaks ahead!

Around the small path were also seated various cultivators.

Almost all the cultivators were top experts from the various large sects!

There were almost a large number of Qi Refinement Realm cultivators.

Meridian Opening cultivators were quite common!

It was even to the extent that there were occasionally one or two old fellows at the Illusory Core Realm who walked around and scouted their surroundings.

Seeing this, Gong Ziliang directly put away the eye-catching Green Fire Divine Husky.

“Looks like the Myriad Spirit Ruins opened here!”

Gong Ziliang and Lin Xiao looked at each other and nodded.

“Then where will the spirit crystal mine be in the Myriad Spirit Ruins?”

As Gong Ziliang spoke, he looked at Lin Xiao.

“This… I don’t know either…”

Looking at Gong Ziliang’s gaze, Lin Xiao spread his hands helplessly.

He continued, “In my previous life, I was not qualified to participate at all, so I did not see anything.”

“On the other hand, there are some proud disciples who have participated in the Myriad Spirit Ruins who have entered for us.”

As he spoke, Lin Xiao looked at the five mountains in front of him and said, “This Myriad Spirit Ruins is the former site of the Myriad Spirit Sect.”

“This place is divided into the five peaks of Heaven, Earth, Profound, Yellow, and Human.”

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“Among them, the Heaven Peak is the best.
The thing we’re looking for is probably there.”


Gong Ziliang nodded when he heard this.

He knew that the thing Lin Xiao was talking about was the mainstream cultivation technique of the Myriad Spirit Sect a thousand years ago, the Myriad Spirit Technique.

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According to rumor, this Myriad Spirit Technique had the foundation to mend deficiencies, causing everyone who had this precious technique to be qualified to become a True Martial cultivator.

Apart from the spirit crystal mine, they had also come here for the Myriad Spirit Technique.

At the same time, in front of the Myriad Spirit Ruins, two forces were confronting each other!

On their side was the Profound Heaven Sect with First Elder Liu as the leader, guarding one side.
It was as stable as an abyss!

On the other side, led by an elder with a red beard and handsome appearance, they were people of the Crimson Flame Sect!

Behind them, the people of the small factions under the two sects were shockingly included!

Both parties were staring at each other at this moment and did not take a step back.
The atmosphere was almost frozen!

“Hahaha! I didn’t expect that the Crimson Flame Sect would actually send an old bastard like you here!”

“Chi Song, you’re too old.
Someone else should do it!”

First Elder Liu looked at the Red Hair Elder of the Crimson Flame Sect in front of him and laughed loudly, his tone very disdainful.

“The Profound Heaven Sect is only so-so! They actually sent you to die!”

Chi Song, who was called an old bastard by First Elder Liu, also replied in disdain when he heard this.

Both sides fell silent again.
No one spoke again.

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“The Crimson Flame Sect’s Chi Song has come.
I believe he’s determined to obtain this spirit crystal mine!”

First Elder Liu turned around and nodded at the young disciples behind him.

Chi Song was the First Elder of the Crimson Flame Sect.

Be it strength or status, they were not far from First Elder Liu!

The two of them had also fought dozens of times, but almost every time, it was a draw!

Therefore, although the Myriad Spirit Ruins had not opened yet, First Elder Liu had already begun to plan how to fight.

“Li Dan, your cultivation level is the highest in the younger generation for this mission!”

At the same time, First Elder Liu looked at the young man standing beside him and could not help but nod.

Li Dan was his disciple.

The strength of a ninth-stage Meridian Opening Realm cultivator could suppress all other disciples!

He could also be considered the number one genius in the Profound Heaven Sect!

In this mission, Li Dan was entrusted with an important mission.

He hoped to lead the disciples to the spirit crystal mine inside!

“Your opponent this time is mainly Chi Huo.” First Elder Liu looked at Chi Song and said.

Similarly, beside Chi Song stood a young man with an average figure and wore black clothes.

This young man had his eyes closed, but in a range of ten meters, only Chi Song stood there without a problem.

It was as if she could still feel the terrifying temperature on his body despite being so far away!

This young man was Chi Huo!

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A famous genius of the Crimson Flame Sect!

His strength was also at the ninth-stage Meridian Opening Realm, and he was also the number one genius in the Crimson Flame Sect!

This time, both sides could be said to have brought all the elite disciples of the sect here!

Everyone knew that this was probably the most intense battle between the two sects in recent years!

Boom! Boom!

Finally, there was a bang.

Everyone looked up!

The originally collapsed black building actually emitted a golden bang at this moment.

At the same time, a golden sacred hall appeared in everyone’s eyes!

The sacred hall towered into the clouds.
Many cultivators stood below and felt as small as ants!

At the same time, a suppressive aura spread.

At this moment, no matter if it was the Qi Refinement Realm, Meridian Opening Realm, or even Illusory Core Realm experts present, without exception, they all felt an irresistible force suppressing their bodies!

At this moment, under the suppression of the sacred hall, their realms had all become Martial Body Realm!

“What… what power is this?!”

A few Illusory Core Realm elders looked at their hands in disbelief.

They could clearly sense that they could only unleash the strength of the Martial Body Realm!

Fortunately, this force came and went quickly.

Soon, they all disappeared!

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It was as if this was just a small warning from the Myriad Spirit Sect!

Even if the Myriad Spirit Sect had been destroyed for a thousand years, even if this place had already become ruins, it still could not tolerate their insolence here!

“Gasp… This is the extremely prosperous Myriad Spirit Sect from a thousand years ago!”

Seeing this scene, everyone present was a little stunned.

At the same time, they understood.

The Myriad Spirit Ruins was finally going to open!


A loud bang sounded from the golden sacred hall.

The entire golden sacred hall began to sublimate, flying into the sky!

At the same time, a circular transparent defense covered the entire Myriad Spirit Ruins with the sacred hall as the center!

Only the winding path at the foot of the mountain opened up a path, indicating that everyone could only go up from here.

“Let’s go!”

Chi Song looked at the small path as his eyes flickered.

Then, without saying anything, he brought the other elders of the Crimson Flame Sect and a few disciples to fly towards the small path, wanting to seize the initiative!


However, before they could enter.

When Chi Song and the other Illusory Core Realm elders arrived at the small path, they were directly sent flying!

“This… this is a barrier that doesn’t allow cultivators above the Illusory Core Realm to enter!”

Looking at the barrier on the small path, the expressions of Chi Song and the other elders of the Crimson Flame Sect changed.
They felt that things had exceeded their expectations!

Their Crimson Flame Sect could be said to be bent on taking down this Myriad Spirit Ruins!

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