Chapter 72: What?! Worth Ten Thousand Spirit Stones?!

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However, the moment she finished speaking, sword lights carrying sharp spiritual qi trembled and flashed on the battlefield.
In the blink of an eye, the five escaping disciples of the Crimson Flame Sect were beheaded.

Only a group of White Cloud Kingdom soldiers remained.
They looked at the battlefield and revealed the joy of escaping death.

“Senior Sister, in other words, you were chased after because of this stone in the mineral vein?”

“They even spared no expense to enter White Rock City and seal the news?”

Gong Ziliang sized up the crystal stone in his hand that was emitting a purple light and emitted extremely dense spiritual qi and asked curiously.

Gong Ziliang could sense that the spiritual qi emitted from this crystal was different from other spirit stones.

In front of this crystal, he was curious like a firefly.

It looked like a treasure, but it did not seem to be serious enough for the Crimson Flame Sect to pursue it to this extent.

He had learned from Zhao Zhirou that there were already several inner sect disciples of the Profound Heaven Sect.
Because of this, they had been surrounded and disappeared, their fates unknown.

In the end, only Zhao Zhirou’s team was left.

“Gong Ziliang, do you know what this is?” Zhao Zhirou asked with a pale face.
Although she was still heavily injured, she had taken medicinal pills and was much better now.

Hearing this, Gong Ziliang shook his head.

Who knew what this was? The memories of his previous self did not have such content.

“This is a spirit crystal, a resource used for those above the Illusory Core Realm.”

“One spirit crystal can be worth 10,000 spirit stones directly!” Zhao Zhirou said silently.

Gong Ziliang was stunned.

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Good lord!

It turned out that such a spirit crystal could actually be worth 10,000 spirit stones?!


“But Senior Sister… this is only 10,000 spirit stones.
Why would the Crimson Flame Sect do this?”

Gong Ziliang was still puzzled.

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At this moment, a cold smile flashed across Zhao Zhirou’s face.
She whispered, “In the ruins of the Northern Region, other than exploring the spirit stone mine, we also discovered this spirit crystal in the depths.”

“Do you know what it means?”

“There’s probably a spirit crystal mine inside!”

When he heard this, Gong Ziliang finally understood.

Good lord!

No wonder the Crimson Flame Sect wanted to silence and seal the news!

A spirit crystal mine?

Regardless of the stockpile, it was enough for the Crimson Flame Sect to risk their lives!

“So, what can we do now?” Gong Ziliang asked.

After a moment of silence, Zhao Zhirou directly said, “Head to the side to guard the city.
Find the general, Ma Baoguo, first.
We must send troops to suppress the border!”

“Then, I’ll contact the sect and send people to reinforce us!”

When he heard this, Gong Ziliang smacked his lips and said, “There’s no need to go through so much trouble.
The sect has already mobilized with all their strength to rush to the Northern Region.”

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At the same time, on the road between Green Cloud City and White Rock City.

Bai Chuxia, Xu Fei, and the others from the Heavenly Path were still rushing to the Northern Region.

The distance between Green Cloud City and White Rock City was about the same as from Cloud Glow City to White Rock City.

However, they only had horses.
They had traveled about two-thirds of the way.

Xu Fei sneakily sized up Bai Chuxia.
In the end, he could not help but say, “Um… Xia, have you really thought it through?”

“Brother Fei, you’ve nagged me a hundred times along the way.
I’m really determined to go!” Bai Chuxia said firmly.

Looking at the trees along the way, she saw an unknown test waiting for her in the distance.

Even so, she understood that the enemy had invaded their territory.
As a member of the Heavenly Path and the leader, if she did not express her stance, would she really be able to suppress these brothers in the future?

Moreover, she would definitely go there.
Why not?

She might even encounter him.

Xu Fei sized her up from head to toe.
The corners of his mouth curled up slightly as he said, “In my opinion, someone is going for a man, right?”

When she heard this, Bai Chuxia’s heart beat wildly.
She hurriedly denied, “Brother Fei, what are you saying? I, Bai Chuxia, am only going to the front line to support them.
The matter of relationship is not suitable to be discussed at this time!”


What is Brother Fei talking about!

Am I, Bai Chuxia, here because of that man?

I! Am! Not!

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Xu Fei’s heart skipped a beat.
After all, this was the first time he had seen Bai Chuxia’s expression.

Could it be…

Tsk, tsk!

Could it be that this girl had really fallen in love with that stupid bastard?

I, Xu Fei, have no chance?

Just because I’m not the protagonist?


“Cough cough, Xia, what do you think Gong Ziliang’s current cultivation level is?”

Xu Fei was very curious about Gong Ziliang’s cultivation level and felt that it was very unbelievable.

After all, this was the first time he had seen someone raise their cultivation level several times in a few days.

He, Gong Ziliang, was the first!

Xu Fei had a guess in his mind.
This kid, Gong Ziliang, was probably already at the half Meridian Opening Realm.

“Him? He’s a man who’s continuously creating surprises.
I believe that after not seeing him these few days, his cultivation has definitely broken through by leaps and bounds.”

Bai Chuxia sat on the horse and looked up slightly.
She smiled and seemed to have something in her eyes.

When Xu Fei saw this, he had an answer in his heart: As expected, I have no chance!

“Yeah, he’s not ordinary at all!”

“Let’s go.
We’ll arrive at White Rock City not far from here.
Let’s stop there and rest.
We’ll be able to arrive at the border to guard the city tomorrow.”

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With that said, Xu Fei ordered everyone to speed up.
They had to leave this forest quickly before the sky turned dark.

The forest was one of the places where demon beasts appeared.
Along the way, they had already killed many Martial Body Realm demon beasts.

Although it was fine for a Qi Refinement Realm demon beast to appear, he was afraid that a Meridian Opening Realm demon beast would appear.

Although they could fight, they would definitely be injured after the battle.

It was better to try his best to escape from the forest!

Little did they know that not far behind them, there were almost ten black-robed men hiding and following them.

“Boss! The cultivation levels of these people ahead are so trash.
Why don’t…” One of the men suggested.

The leader nodded slightly and said, “Kill them!”

Looking at Bai Chuxia and the others’ clothes, it was obvious that they were children of rich families.
Their cultivation levels were not high and they were only at the Qi Refinement Realm.

Although they had a lot of people, they were still not the red-robed man’s match.

Take the cultivation level of the leader for example.
It was the third-stage Meridian Opening Realm!

He could fight many people alone.

Therefore, the leader did not even think before starting.

As a result, they locked onto Bai Chuxia and the others and directly jumped over.

However, before they could finish jumping, they suddenly felt their vision turn black!


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