At this moment.
Everyone was quickly calculating the value of the items Gu chengfeng had taken out.
400 million spirit stones for spirit pills and medicinal plants.
Weapons and magical treasures, 800 million spirit stones.
The three people behind him took out 700000 spiritual crystals, which was 700 million spiritual stones.
Gu Dong’s tens of thousands of spiritual crystals were equivalent to one billion spiritual stones.
Just this alone would cost 9.2 billion spirit stones! In addition, there were the 200000 crystals that Gu chengfeng had taken out earlier and the 150000 crystals in the storage ring that contained the elixir! 350,000 spiritual crystals were equivalent to 18000000 spiritual stones! Not counting Gu chengfeng’s supreme class precious artifact, the rest of the resources added together were extremely valuable.
12.7 billion spirit stones! Holy F * ck! Was this the foundation of an aristocratic family? A few people just took out a few storage rings and more than 10 billion spirit stones were given out just like that? Gu chengfeng, in particular, had taken out 350000 crystals by himself! For some of the cultivators who came from the superior sects, even the sect Masters of several generations might not be able to save up so many spiritual crystals! At this moment, everyone on the first level of the mystic gold Pavilion felt like they were going crazy.
The resources worth 12.7 billion spirit stones were right in front of him.
Everyone couldn’t help but have the desire to go over and take a share.
Immediately after, four auras of the spiritual ocean tier, with a strong sense of warning, rose from the four people behind Gu Lian.
Wherever it passed, those people who were blinded by greed immediately quivered.
She suddenly realized that the people who had taken out these resources were from the Gu family! Even if they all swarmed up, it was impossible for Gu chengfeng and the others to stop all of them.
However, with the Gu family’s power, if they were pursued after the matter, they would definitely be caught and beaten to death even if they were to hide at the ends of the earth! After they woke up, everyone was still scared, but their eyes were still fanatical as they looked at Gu chengfeng.
His gaze seemed to be asking if the Gu family had any intention of recruiting.
If the Gu family didn’t recruit him, he could be Gu chengfeng’s tea runner.
It wasn’t that these cultivators didn’t have a backbone.
Gu chengfeng really had too many spirit crystals! If he could get close to such a powerful person, he would not have to worry about cultivation resources for a few lifetimes.
One can’t just give up spirit stones for the sake of having a backbone, right? Gu chengfeng did not pay any attention to those people.
His eyes were looking down at gongzi Liang with a mocking expression.
In order to take out enough spirit stones, he had exposed all his trump cards.
Although he had been in the Gu family for a long time, he had only managed to save up 200000 spiritual crystals over the years.
As for the 150000 spiritual crystals that were taken out together with the spiritual pills and medicinal plants, it was the reward that the bi Fang dynasty’s heavenly God Realm patriarch had sent over.
Gu chengfeng had already made up his mind.
If gongzi Liang dared to ask for another spirit stone, he would immediately turn hostile.
As for Dong Tianbao … The latter was backed by the sky treasure Pavilion, but in the southeast Region, the Gu family was the local tyrant.
They were not to be trifled with.
At this point, if Dong Tianbao still jumped out to cause trouble, then he would have to demand an explanation.
He was thinking.
“It’s not enough,” He still spoke in an extremely calm tone.
These two simple words came out of Gong Ziliang’s mouth.
After it floated out, it landed in the ears of the cultivators who were still looking at Gu chengfeng.
The fanatical look in their eyes quickly faded away.
All of them looked at Gong Ziliang in shock.
In their eyes.
Gu chengfeng had already taken out 12 billion spiritual stones.
There was no longer any suspense to the outcome of this bet.
Unless young master Liang was still not willing to give up and wanted to make a fuss out of the spirit pills, medicinal plants, weapons, and magic treasures that Gu chengfeng had taken out.
They insisted that these resources were not worth the spiritual stones that Gu chengfeng had mentioned.
But whether it was worth it or not, gongzi Liang did not have the final say.
There was still a professional like Dong Tianbao here! “The fish dies and the net breaks when the dagger is revealed,” “However, in front of the Gu family, even an old dragon can only be obedient.” Someone muttered in a low voice.
Gu chengfeng shot a glance at the person who spoke, but did not say anything.
Suddenly, he saw gongzi Liang smile at him.
Eh? You can still laugh at a time like this? Very good.
I hope you won’t cry too badly later.
As Gu chengfeng was thinking, he was about to speak when he heard Gong Ziliang say,””When I said not enough, I didn’t mean you didn’t have enough spirit stones.” “These things of yours can only be used to buy my supreme class precious artifact.” “But since we’re betting, you have to take out another bet.” After Gong Ziliang’s words, everyone seemed to wake up from a dream and realized the problem that they had been neglecting.
That was, the two of them were not making a deal, but a bet! However, according to Gu chengfeng, if gongzi Liang could produce 60 Supreme realm relics, he would use the resources that were worth two billion spirit stones to buy them.
This sounded very fair.
But the problem was, if Gong Ziliang couldn ‘t, he would have to kowtow to Gu chengfeng 60 times.
This was very unfair! This was because Gu chengfeng would not suffer any losses regardless of whether young master Liang was able to take out his extreme grade precious artifact.
Only gongzi Liang alone bore the risk of having to kowtow to Gu chengfeng if he lost the bet.
The things involved in this were actually very simple.
It was just that everyone’s minds had been completely led away by Gu chengfeng and had fallen into the trap of their thoughts.
After coming back to their senses, everyone’s gazes towards Gu chengfeng instantly turned into one of disdain.
From their point of view, Gu chengfeng, as a member of the Gu family, did not have the bearing of an aristocratic family at all.
Gu chengfeng instantly felt a prickling sensation on his back when everyone looked at him in such a way.
But he also knew that since young master Liang had brought up the issue of the bet, he had to make his stand clear.
Of course, in front of everyone, Gu chengfeng could never say that if he lost the bet, he would kowtow to the other party.
Otherwise, if news of this got back to the Gu family, he would probably be kicked out of the house for embarrassing the Gu family before the ancient ancestor fell.
However, Gu chengfeng couldn’t think of anything to bet on at the moment.
All the resources on him had been taken away.
Even those that couldn’t be exposed were brought out.
Gu chengfeng looked at the spiritual crystals on the ground and said,””Good! If you can take out 60 supreme class precious artifacts, then not only will I buy them all at the same price, I’ll also eat up the extra spirit crystals on the spot!” Hearing Gu chengfeng’s bet.
The first thought that came to Gong Ziliang’s mind was that this old man had actually come to cheat for food and drinks! The second thought was accompanied by a bgm from a long time ago.
Fresh ingredients usually only required the simplest cooking method.
Master Gu, who had been busy for the whole day … PAH! After clearing his mind of those distracting thoughts, gongzi Liang glanced at the mountains of spiritual crystals and other things in front of Gu chengfeng.
After quickly estimating the value of the resources with his Yin-level divine sense, Gu chengfeng should be left with about 700 million spirit stones after deducting 12 billion spirit stones.
That was 70000 spiritual crystals.
Even though Gu chengfeng was in the sea of consciousness realm, it was still difficult for him to swallow 70000 spiritual crystals at once.
However, this was not what Gong Ziliang wanted.

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