Chapter 53: Shangguan Yan, Bottomless Pit, Spending!

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“However, I did not expect that his body would be like a bottomless pit that continuously absorbed the spiritual qi in the spirit stones!”

“I asked Elder Zhang to specially check the situation.
That’s why I discovered this Seven-Orifice Spirit Spiral Divine Body that’s very likely to be a high-grade one in the ancient book!”

“With seven innate spirals, he can at least be seven times stronger than those of the same level!”

When he said this, Elder Guan’s expression was solemn.

The elders of the Profound Heaven Sect also understood why.

Shangguan Yan definitely had a Divine Body!

As for Lin Xiao, he clearly knew the situation and was definitely an outer sect disciple with incomparable potential!

Of course, there was also Gong Ziliang!

His cultivation speed during this period of time was too fast.
It was definitely not simple!

At this moment, Sect Master Xuan Guangzi finally spoke in a muffled voice, “Where is the outer sect disciple, Lin Xiao, now?”

“Sect Master, I’ve already browsed through it just now.
Lin Xiao reported to go down the mountain early in the morning and accepted the sect’s mission to go down the mountain to train.” Elder Zhang replied.

At this moment, a cold light flashed in First Elder Liu’s eyes.
He recalled the phenomenon in the sky that night and thought that it might be these two disciples.

There was hope for the Profound Heaven Sect! It would soar from now on!

“Elders, prepare the spirit stones first and let Shangguan Yan awaken his Divine Body!”

“As for Lin Xiao and the other outer sect disciple, Gong Ziliang, we’ll discuss it after they return to the sect and observe it!” Xuan Guangzi ordered.

As for why he mentioned Gong Ziliang, it was because he had already sensed it that night.

At this moment, the four elders of the sect quickly piled the spirit stones they had prepared on the jade bed.

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At this moment, under the nourishment of a large number of spirit stones, the seven spiritual spirals in Shangguan Yan’s body became brighter and brighter.

Above the Profound Snow Peak, seven large spiritual qi vortexes appeared a hundred days later and enveloped the entire Elder Pavilion!

The Profound Snow Peak was the main peak of the Profound Heaven Sect and was also the best mountain peak.
It occupied the highest point in the sect.

In the eyes of mortals, it was like an immortal mountain that stood in the sky.
Clouds and mist curled up, and they could not see the scene inside.

However, today…

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Some of the higher-ups of the Profound Snow Peak could sense that something was amiss!

On the main peak, spiritual qi suddenly increased in a hundred miles.
Seven large spiritual vortexes appeared and disappeared in the clouds, causing the spiritual qi today to increase greatly!

“Look over there, that’s…”

“What’s going on?”

“Eh? Has the sect activated the cultivation formation?”

“Little Junior Sister, deduce the situation.
Are we able to delve into the future sustainable development of mankind tonight?”

“There seems to be something strange mixed in…”

“However, speaking of which, this feels quite like a cultivation array.”

“This doesn’t look like a formation.
Those seven spiritual vortexes seem to have formed naturally.”

“Ah, this… I’m illiterate.
I don’t understand.”

Some inner sect disciples muttered.

Although they did not understand the situation, they knew that today’s cultivation was much faster than usual!

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In the Elder Pavilion, as Shangguan Yan absorbed more and more spiritual qi, his body also began to become crystal clear.

His meridians were like dazzling diamonds as they absorbed spiritual qi and transported it to the seven spiritual spirals in his body.





Oh goodness!

The ten thousand spirit stones that the elders of the Profound Heaven Sect had prepared were actually absorbed completely in a short period of time.
Moreover, they had spent another five thousand spirit stones!


Shangguan Yan still hadn’t woken up.
The only thing that he could determine was that the seven originally dust-sized spiritual spirals had already transformed into grains that were dazzling and resplendent.

“Didn’t… Didn’t he say that 10,000 spirit stones would be enough? Why…” Elder Guan paused for a moment and said in disbelief.

First Elder Liu’s eyes lit up.


“It’s really terrifying!”

“So this is the true high-grade Divine Body!”

“Disciple Lin Xiao is right.
Ten thousand spirit stones is enough to let Shangguan Yan break through to the Qi Refinement Realm, but this is only the beginning.”

“According to the records, every divine body requires a large amount of resources.
To obtain the most complete and best awakened state, ten thousand spirit stones are not enough!”

At this moment, all the elders in the Elder Pavilion could not help but come to a realization.

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Indeed, ten thousand spirit stones was only the beginning.
If the Divine Body only required ten thousand spirit stones, it would have long been commonplace.
Wouldn’t any random person have a Divine Body?

“Remember, if Disciple Shangguan Yan absorbs one million spirit stones today, even if I have to use up my total storage of spirit stones, we have to spend it!” Xuan Guangzi said in a low voice.

Originally, he only thought that there was one Divine Body.
He did not expect that there was actually a high-grade Seven-Orifice Spirit Spiral Divine Body like Shangguan Yan.

Indeed, the Profound Heaven Sect was about to undergo a huge change!

Therefore, even if he had to spend all the resources of the Profound Heaven Sect, he had to help him awaken perfectly!

As soon as Xuan Guangzi finished speaking, the eyes of all the elders present focused and they started to prepare.

The hope of the next generation of the Profound Heaven Sect had appeared.
Now was not the time to save spirit stones.

In Xuan Guangzi’s words, it was time to spend!

At the same time, in the outer sect courtyard of the Profound Heaven Sect.

Gong Ziliang sat cross-legged in the room and summoned the system interface.

Seeing the Qi Condensation on the Body Tempering interface, Gong Ziliang gasped.

500,000 copper coins could only let it level up once…

‘I still have 4.35 million copper coins.
Am I afraid of you?’

However, before this, Gong Ziliang still spent another 100,000 copper coins to raise Iron Bones to Level 13.
He did not hesitate to crazily increase the Qi Condensation attribute.
However, in an instant, his expression changed greatly.

An extremely hot human body flame was born from the depths of his body and began to burn everything in his body.

Be it his bones, spiritual qi, apertures, five viscera, or cells, they were all burned in this fiery summer heat.

Intense pain instantly spread throughout his entire body, and Gong Ziliang almost could not endure it and fainted.

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It was because he had gone too far!

Gong Ziliang could not help but think of all the people and things he had encountered in the past.
He also thought of the girl who had chased after his younger brother from the beginning.

However, not long after, the pain subsided.
This flame suddenly began to gradually become gentle and slowly tempered every part of his body.

At the same time, the spiritual qi in the outer sect courtyard automatically surged into the house and entered Gong Ziliang’s body.
It spread throughout his entire body and surged into one with this gentle feeling.

At this moment, Gong Ziliang gritted his teeth and opened the Body Tempering interface.

It turned out that he had already spent 2 million copper coins, going from the original Level 1 Qi Condensation Point to Level 5.

Good lord, again!

In an instant, a stream of human flames surged out from the depths of Gong Ziliang’s body again, and it actually transformed into magma that flowed in all directions!

A scorching hot kiln phantom slowly condensed behind Gong Ziliang while spitting out raging flames.

At this moment, the sun above the Profound Heaven Sect suddenly flashed, and endless sunlight began to gather.

It gradually transformed into a burning furnace that transformed into a phenomenon in the sky.

Profound Heaven Sect, Elder Pavilion.

“He… he has already absorbed 50,000 spirit stones, and it’s still not over?” First Elder Liu clicked his tongue in wonder.

He was a little surprised by this.

This was merely breaking through to the Qi Refinement Realm, but he had actually absorbed an entire 50,000 spirit stones..
This was simply absurd!


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